Steps to take before an upgrade in Jama 8+

By Iris Blackburn posted 06-23-2016 11:49


Note: This article was written for versions 8.0 and above. For steps on upgrading a version prior to 8.0, please see this article.

Start by reading our system requirements and supported software guides. If, after reading our upgrade guide, you are unsure of how to proceed, you can schedule a pre-upgrade consultation with support by logging a ticket. For best availability from Support, log the ticket at least a week prior to your planned upgrade.

The recommended steps to take are outlined below.

Before upgrading any environment

  1. Verify if any critical severity bugs in the release will affect your workflow.
  2. Take a Snapshot of your application server.
  3. Back up your database using the native tools included with your database type.
  4. Back up the entire content of your application's /data/ folder

Upgrade in a non-production first
Note: If you do not have a test license, contact your Account Manager for one.

  1. Follow the instructions in this community article to set up your test server.
  2. Once the test server has been configured, test Jama's functionality using the guidelines in this community article.

Upgrade in production
If everything appears to be working on the test server, you are ready to upgrade your production instance. It is best to reach out to support with your planned upgrade date and time. This will give them extra context should you encounter any issues during the upgrade. Keep in mind that support will only be able to help with upgrade issues during your regular support hours as outlined in your license agreement.

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