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[ARCHIVED] Jama Connect Self-Hosted Environment Requirements and Supported Software for v8.X - 8.36

By Kristina King posted 04-29-2016 12:45


Note: for Supported Software after version 8.36, see individual documents under the Supported Software landing page here.


Note that browser zoom is supported only at 100%. Use of browser extensions/add-ons or the enablement of Compatibility View is not supported while using Jama. To prevent session issues, the application should be used in a single browser window. Jama is designed for a minimum of 1024 × 768 screen resolution. Javascript MUST be enabled.
  • Internet Explorer 11* 
  • Edge (as of Jama 8.14)
  • Firefox**
  • Firefox ESR as of Jama 8.10
  • Google Chrome**
  • Safari**

*Note that IE is not supported with the Admin Console in self-hosted installations of Jama 8.x using versions of Replicated < 2.4.0.
**We will support versions released over the past 12 months.
Supported Word Processor and Spreadsheet Programs for Exports and Reports

  • Office for Mac 2016
  • Office 365 for Mac
  • Office 365 for Windows
  • Office 2016 for Windows (effective with Jama 8.10.1)

Server Components

Jama does not support high availability configurations. We recommend using snapshotting via your VM or taking nightly database backups in order to manually restore the application. We do not support making changes to Replicated outside of the replicated admin console web-UI.

Required System Specifications

See this Estimate Application Server Size tool in our help guide to determine data size thresholds and scale adjustments to your environments accordingly.

Operating Systems

Jama Connect can be installed on the following Linux distributions: 
  • Ubuntu
  • Red Hat 7
  • CentOS 7
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Raspbian
We regression-test against the following distros:
  • 8.31.x: RHEL 7.1+ and Ubuntu 16.04.3 
  • 8.36: Ubuntu 16.04.6 and Red Hat 7.6

Database Servers

The database must be hosted on a server separate from the Jama application. This server can host other databases, but we do not support other applications running on the same server as the database.
  • MySQL 5.6 and 5.7 
  • MariaDB 10.2 and 10.3
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (as of 8.20). We do not support the use of the Azure database, as this is not tested. 
We do not support custom configurations of Jama databases. Customizations such as query optimization and additional indexes that are not shipped with Jama Connect will not be supported. We do not expect any difference in customers’ database configuration, setting, indexes, triggers and etc. from what we regression test.


Note: The Replicated release notes contain a mix of information targeted at end users and developers. Please note that all features or updates described in the release notes may not be available or may require development by Jama.
  • Jama 8.36
    • The versions of Replicated that were used during regression testing of 8.36 are Replicated 2.32.2, Replicated- 2.32.2 and replicated-operator 2.32.2
      • These versions are not the newest available

  • Jama 8.31
    • The versions of Replicated that were used during regression testing of 8.31 are Replicated 2.25.2, Replicated- 2.25.2 and replicated-operator 2.25.2
      • These versions are not the newest available

  • Jama 8.25
    • The versions of Replicated that were used during regression testing of 8.25 are Replicated 2.13.2, Replicated- 2.13.2 and replicated-operator 2.13.2
      • These versions are not the newest available

  • Jama 8.20
    • The versions of Replicated that were used during regression testing of 8.20 are Replicated 2.9.3, Replicated- 2.9.3 and replicated-operator 2.9.3
      • We additionally validated against Replicated 2.6.0, Replicated- 2.6.0 and Replicated-operator 2.6.0
        • These versions are not the newest available; read this article in order to ensure the best versions are installed

  • Jama 8.14.x
    • This version was regression-tested against Replicated version 2.2.0, Replicated- version 2.2.0 and Replicated-operator version 2.2.0

  • Jama 8.4
    • Effective with Jama 8.4 utilizing Replicated 2.0.x, Jama can be installed on any Linux distribution supported by Docker
      • It needs to be a 64-bit distro with a kernel version of at least 3.10

  • Jama 8.10
    • Replicated 2.2.x+

  • Jama 8.4+
    • Replicated 2.0.x+

  • Jama 8.1
    • Replicated 1.2.x


If you are using Docker Enterprise Edition, you must:

The installation script provided by Jama in the Release Notes and Help Guide automatically installs the Docker version supported within that Replicated release. 

If you are using Airgap and need to install Docker prior to Replicated installation, please find the supported Docker versions here. Contact Support if you have any questions.

For a list of recommend storage drivers, please see Docker's documentation. For best performance of Jama Connect, we recommend avoiding devicemapper. In the past, for customers on RHEL-based systems (RHEL, CentOS, Fedora), we supported in loopback mode. However, with updates to Docker our recommendations changed. If you have concerns about the default storage driver configuration, please contact Support.


Note: It may be necessary to run legacy connectors concurrently with the Jama Integrations Hub (JIH) when migrating from one tool to the other. In these situations, you must not sync the data. If you are running this configuration, Jama Support may ask you to stop syncing one of the connectors as a troubleshooting step.

Legacy Connectors

  • Atlassian JIRA version 7.1-7.6 and current On Demand version
  • Rally API version 1.43 and above
  • Atlassian Crowd Connector versions 2.9 - 2.11.x only
  • Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server) versions 2012 and 2013
  • IBM DOORS 9.3
  • Enterprise Architect Connector 4.1.0 with Enterprise Architect 9.3.935
  • HP Quality Center 11.52

Jama Integrations Hub/Tasktop Integrations Hub

JIH versions are supported for 12 months after release. System Recommendations and supported integrations for the JIH can be found here.

The Tasktop Integration Hub details can be found here.

​​MathType Equations Editor​

Supported Version: and


  • Crowd 3.3
  • LDAP
  • SAML
See Authentication Options for Self-Hosted and Cloud Users (LDAP, AD, Crowd, SSO, SAML) for more information. 



04-17-2019 00:22

I guess this page needs an update for 8.36 - we were affected by the incompatibility to Ubuntu 16.04.5 and it seems that the prerequisites still match to the older versions of Jama and not 8.36
Also the supported replicated versions are missing here and in the release notes.

02-15-2019 07:38

Regarding the statement
MySQL 5.6 and 5.7 (and same major versions for Percona and MariaDB)​
I note that MariaDB does not have a version 5.6 or 5.7 and instead suggests the 10.x versions however these have diverged from the original MySQL codebase somewhat.  Is there a version of MariaDB that is acceptable and also used in the Jama validation or has it now been deprecated?

01-20-2017 11:28

Yes, 2.4.2 is backwards-compatible with 8.10.

01-20-2017 01:37


we did a fresh install of Jama 8.10 today per the instructions provided by Jama.
The replicated version that is being pulled is 2.4.2 - and not a 2.2.x+ version.
Is that an issue or can we assume that there is downward compatibility?

Thank you,

09-15-2016 13:30

That's helpful—thanks, Sarah. I was just discussing this particular support with Product yesterday, and was going to start a poll on the community to try to gauge customer needs. I'll let you know when I know more!

09-15-2016 09:32

IFX standard will be:
  • Microsoft Office 2016 64 bit
  • Browser = Edge
Please note that as of the moment other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and co. are "tolerated" but not recommenced nor supported in IFX because of security compliancy. These browsers will be ramped-down and will be marked as "blocked" applications in the future. This is the longterm plan for our client standard.

09-14-2016 19:43

We don't formally support the end-users' operating systems, so we have no plan to specify support for Windows 10. However, we do need to consider the components it contains. We currently support IE 11 and are testing for Edge. The other consideration is what version of MS Office we support—we don't yet support 2016 for Windows. What browser and version of MS Office do you plan to have the userbase utilize?

09-14-2016 10:46

Hi Christina,
What is the plan for Windows10? IFX is now migrating to Windows10 and we would like to know if this is supported or not.
Thank you!

05-27-2016 14:37

It's now available!

05-24-2016 13:51

Please note that as of 2016/05/24 the Standard release is not yet available for download, however, I wanted to share this list ahead of time.