Do you need airgap for on-premises installation of Jama?

By Kristina King posted 11-16-2016 15:29


With the release of Jama 8.4 Standard, we made available a new airgap installation option for on-premises subscription customers. Jama's Standard edition can be installed on physically isolated networks with the airgap option. This means the Jama server does not need to be connected to the internet during installation. (When an environment is up and running, the Jama application will still call out to the internet for a number of calls—see below.)

Jama on-premises installations make use of an internet connection in a handful of ways, which can all be blocked via proxy or firewall configuration:

  • checking for Jama updates or downloading Jama updates (this is the only difference between airgap and regular Standard)
  • loading the "What's New" video content from Wistia
  • enabling New Relic monitoring
  • validating license

What does it take to install Jama via airgap?
The process is quite similar to the regular installation, but there are about a dozen steps you'll need to add to the beginning. You'll need to download, transfer, and install the dependencies like Docker. You'll need to download the Docker containers for Jama, put them on removable media, and then transfer them to your isolated server. You will want to inspect our installation script to make sure you're comfortable running it. Once you put all the files in the right places, the installation process should proceed the same as a regular Jama install. The process is not difficult, but the greater number of manual steps introduce a greater possibility of error. For this reason, we recommend the regular installation over airgap. Most institutions do not require airgap for security.

How do I run updates?
When Jama announces an update, you'll be able to go to your personal download URL, download updated Docker and Replicated versions if necessary, transfer them to removable media, and then move them to your isolated server. Once you've put them in the defined path, you will see an update available as an option in the Jama Admin Console, and you can run the update from there. If you have lost your personal download URL, contact your account manager.