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Ask Jama Software: Getting Information In and Out of Jama

By Adrian Rolufs posted 08-28-2015 20:00


Here is the material that I showed today during Ask Jama Software: Getting Information In and Out of Jama Software

Import Articles

Export Examples — See
Document Library for the Following:

Please note that the documents provided in this article are provided as-is; Jama Software Support will not be able to assist with the use or modification of these templates and macros.

The Visual Basic macro has been verified in Word for Mac 2016 and Word for Windows 2013, both with the language set to English (US).

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07-15-2019 03:21

Adrian, thanks for this great info video. I am always learning something new every time I search for something on the Jama Community website.

Could you please send me an email with the documents associated with this "Ask Jama" webinar?


05-09-2017 12:37

Ryan - Thanks for bringing the size of the video to my attention.  I've updated the size and added the full screen button, which should make it much easier to view.

05-09-2017 09:09

Currently when I view this page in Chrome, the video is displayed in an app called Wistia, but it is extremely small, and doesn't provide any obvious control to make the video bigger.

The small size makes it difficult to see the video content. Is there a way to make the video bigger?

06-07-2016 17:30

I just sent you an email. Let me know if it doesn't show up!

06-07-2016 14:07

Could I please get copies of the documents sent via email?  Thank you!

03-07-2016 11:14

thanks, Adrian, very helpful and I like the Video

03-04-2016 11:23

Katja, the files are located on Box, which your IT department is most likely blocking.  I'll send you the files directly via email.  Please let me know if you don't receive them.

03-04-2016 10:18

could you please update the links. at least those for the examples are not leading to anywhere

09-02-2015 21:48

Thank you for the great feedback!  It is great to see people finding the material helpful.

08-31-2015 14:07

Hi Jennifer, thanks for the feedback on Ask Jama. We've sent you a copy of the documents via email, please let me know if you have any issues receiving them. 

08-31-2015 14:07

Hi Felix, we've sent you a copy of the documents via email. Please let us know if you have any trouble accessing them. 

08-31-2015 10:14

Thank you so much Adrian! I told Angie this was a great session for us - the content was the most aligned with some of our practices here at Jackson.

I don't have access to the box, and Angie is taking a bit of vacation (sorta, we couldn't pry her phone away), so would also appreciate an email of the docs.

Again, thank you so very much!

08-31-2015 08:35

Hi Adrian,

could you please send me the four documents via E-Mail? Our corporate IT security policies doesn't allow access to

Thank you

Kind regards

08-28-2015 20:47


I like to congratulate on what a wonderful job you did. You delivered all the topics clearly, concisely, and comprehensively. You were prepared to answers all of the questions. Always very cool and professional. You were patient and explained and re-explained some concepts clearly.

Adrian,  you did a great job. Congratulations. Looking forward to learning more from you in future opportunities. I also hope this session was recorded and will be posted in the Community so many more people can benefit from your expertise and teaching. Have a great weekend.

Thanks for sharing all the templates, and especially the Word VBA macros. I always enjoy learning from others and leveraging existing macro's.