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What Does "Make Test Runs Current" Do?

By Carmen Santos posted 09-02-2016 09:02


Make Test Runs Current allows a user to replace existing test runs with a new (NOT RUN) test run, based on two conditions:

  1. The user has permissions to perform the change
  2. The sourced test case has been edited

When a test case is edited, a pen and paper icon is displayed next to corresponding test runs.

Only test runs showing the pen and paper icon will be ‘reset’ when the Make Test Runs Current is actioned. Please note that, due to defect SOS-DEF-513, the browser’s page has to be refreshed after editing a test case so the icon is displayed.

Using the Make Test Runs Current, the eligible test runs will be replaced. Newly-created test runs will differ from previous runs:

  • Will have a new ID
  • Be in 'Not Run' status
  • Have empty test results, comments, attachments, relationships, and tags
  • Name and Description filled according to the source test case
  • Will keep the same assignee as the test run being replaced

        Located under Test Plans > Test Runs > Actions menu, the feature can be used for single or multiple test runs by selecting the test runs in the table.

        Note that this action cannot be reverted.

        If the feature is used unintentionally, the lost test runs information may still be tracked in the Activity Stream. The Make Test Runs Current action will not generate an activity entry.

        You may be able to confirm when/who did the change if the predefined modifiedDate and modifiedBy fields are added to the test run items.