Jama for Creators: Recommended Tutorials

By Kristina King posted 12-12-2016 16:28


Users with Creator licenses have access to full Jama functionality. This license is for users who create, edit, and manage the tasks and items involved in delivering projects. This includes mostly product managers, business analysts and project/program managers, but can also include developers and testers (mostly when tests are being managed and/or executed in Jama).

Video Tutorials

The Creator playlist will show the following videos in the recommended order. If your company does not allow access to YouTube, there are links to view the individual videos on Wistia.
Navigating Jama  view on Wistia
Understanding Items  view on Wistia
Searching & Filtering Overview  view on Wistia
Adding New Items view on Wistia
Making Changes   view on Wistia
Importing Word & Excel Documents view on Wistia
Navigating Review Center  view on Wistia
Moderating a Review view on Wistia
Providing Feedback in a Review view on Wistia
Understanding Review Baselines & Stats  view on Wistia
Using the Collaboration Stream view on Wistia

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