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Jama for Reviewers: Recommended Tutorials

By Kristina King posted 12-12-2016 16:10


Users with Reviewer licenses get invited to review and/or sign-off on project work or requirements, as well as to chime-in on pending decisions.  Since these users aren’t in Jama all the time, the Review Center offers a simplified user interface, combining the feel of a Word doc with the real-time conversation flows found in social media apps. Reviewers have visibility into only what matters to them.

Video Tutorials

The Reviewers playlist will show the following videos in the recommended order. If your company does not allow access to YouTube, there are links to view the individual videos on Wistia.
Navigating Review Center  view on Wistia
Providing Feedback in a Review view on Wistia
Using the Collaboration Stream view on Wistia

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