Let's share report templates or code examples—the smartest one of us is all of us, after all

By Kristina posted 12-01-2015 20:19


I am excited to let you know that you are now easily able to share files via the community. 
Here is the process:
1. If you have a file you would like to share with the community, navigate to the resource library. Note that some less common filetypes (.vm, .rpt) will need to be zipped before upload.
2. A Jama support engineer will run the file through a virus scan.
3. (Optional) Create a new post sharing the link, description, instructions, uses, etc. of the file. We'll add it to the list of available community-created downloads.
Please note that Jama will not be thoroughly testing what is shared, so we cannot guarantee the performance, stability or safety of any shared files. As with any publicly available support forum, Jama permits customers, partners and other third parties to post information, answers and files with the intent of helping the community as a whole.  However, as we do not control these posts and we do not validate their substance, any reliance upon them is at your own risk.

  • The availability of these files is not considered an endorsement by Jama Support, so proceed at your own risk.
  • There are no guarantees on the part of the file's creator in regards to maintenance or compatibility with future versions of Jama.
  • This also means we cannot upload anything to hosted customer servers. As a hosted customer, the only reports we can upload are ones created by our Services team. Note that you can upload and run Word templates as a hosted customer, however.
  • The creator maintains rights to their work. We will remove a file from the shared folder at the creator's request.
  • Once you have submitted a file for the approval process, it should be available within three business days.

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