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How To Re-Index Jama

By Janessa Olson posted 05-26-2016 20:00


If you have determined that you need to perform a full re-index, the steps below outline the proper process. 

1. Notify users prior to the re-index. 
  • As of Standard 8.1 and Express 8.2, Jama will go into a maintenance mode during a full re-index
    • Users will not be able to log in to Jama during this time
    • Users who are already logged in will receive a pop-up message informing them of the maintenance
      • Be sure to notify users prior to initiating a re-index

2. Disable all integrations (such as JIRA, TFS, or the Jama Integration Hub)

  • DWR and REST API calls will be automatically blocked during the re-index

3. Log in to the System Administration Root menu

4. Click on the Index/Search tab

5. Click on the Index Items button

6. After the index is completed, re-enable integrations

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