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Expected Behavior of Image Export and the Role of Enhanced Image Security

By Gustavo Flores posted 08-10-2015 10:59


When users export documents from Jama, particular settings will affect how images are displayed. The behavior will depend on how the images are stored and how you are exporting them. Exporting to Word, you might run into some issues like seeing a red X or blank spaces instead of your images. Note that this behavior changed with the 03/19/2016 Cloud release and with the Jama 8.0.2 Self-Hosted release. 

  • The image is embedded into the Rich Text Editor as a base64 encoded image. The base64 embedded image is an encoded string of characters that will be interpreted by your browser as an image. Prior to Jama 8.0.2, images that were copy-and-pasted into the Rich Text Editor were embedded using base64 rather than stored on the server as an attachment.
  • The link from your image is pointing to another server instead of to the Jama server. You can check your image link by inspecting the source of the Rich Text.

If you use a Velocity report to export your images:

  • Items with images that are on a report generated by Velocity to HTML might not work if you do not have access to the internal server on which the item is stored. If this is the case, you will see a red X rather than the image in HTML. You will need to be logged into Jama to view the images. The report can be run to Word then saved as a HTML file; the images will then be visible. 
    • Any user who downloads or receives a report generated to Word will see all images since they are directly embedded. If you are an organization that had turned off image security in the past, you will now see broken images in previously-generated reports. This means you will need to regenerate the report.
    • Users will need to take an extra step if they generate a Velocity report (including the built-in All Items report) and attempt to upload the report to Jama as an attachment. The report will first need to be saved as a Word document before being uploaded. 

As long as you avoid the problem situations described above, your images should be included in your export looking exactly the same as they do in Jama.

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12-10-2015 14:23

Kristina, my IT Team hat just called.It should be http instead of https. (something Special with the Server structure by us). After Change to http, the Images are showing up. There is no need for a Support ticket anymore. Thanks much Kristina.


12-10-2015 13:57

And this is occurring with Word reports and none of the checklist resolved the issue, we need to dig into this more. Most of the time this is an SSL issue, but if you checked that, I'm not sure what else that could be. I will open a support ticket.

12-10-2015 07:51

Hi Kristina,

Our IT has run through the list. All the Items are checked. But the Problem is still :-(


12-09-2015 17:04

Lien, have you run through this list of other potential causes for the Red X?

12-09-2015 16:06

Version: 2015.2

We are running into this problem red X instead of image by exporting to WORD as well as reporting to PDF (using BIRT REPORT).

- The images were uploaded. I have check the URL of the images. The URL pointed to the correct Server.
- I could call up the images, by giving the URL of image into Browser.
-The images show absolutely correct within Jama Item view and so on.

What should we check / do to resolve this problem?


08-10-2015 11:08

Thanks for sharing.