Full Support and Best Effort Support Defined

By Megan posted 09-16-2015 14:57

Greetings Community Go-ers!

In order to best support our self-hosted customers, we limit the number of Jama Connect (Standard and Airgap) versions for which we provide full support. There are two dimensions to this: Jama Connect version, as well as adherence to supported software and minimum system specifications.

Full Support

If your on-premises environment meets the minimums as outlined in each of the above, we are able to provide full functional and technical support for Jama Software, within the boundaries of the On-Premises Scope of Support document. We provide full support on the current major point release of Jama Connect and the two previous major point releases.

For example, in October 2018, we support fully 8.31, 8.31.1, 8.25.3, 8.25.2, 8.25.1, 8.25, 8.20.2, and 8.20.1. Support of the 8.20 series will be dropped once we release the next major Standard version. (The expected cadence of Standard releases is twice a year, in the spring and fall.) Another way of looking at this is, we fully support n-2 versions.

The last Express version to be deployed was 8.24; this will be out of support in January 2019.

Best Effort Support

If your self-hosted environment does not meet the minimum standards outlined in each of the above, Customer Care's ability to assist may be limited. What this means is that most functionality questions can continue to be addressed, but if a bug is suspected or you are running into another type of issue that requires a technical investigation beyond known issues and fixes, we will recommend that you either upgrade to the latest version, make configuration changes to your environment to meet the minimum standards, or use software denoted as fully supported. If you are interested in receiving a consultation prior to upgrading Jama, please submit a support ticket.