Full Support and Best Effort Support Defined

By Megan posted 09-16-2015 11:57

Information updated October 2021

In order to best support our self-hosted customers, we limit the number of Jama Connect (Standard and Airgap) versions for which we provide full technical and functional support. There are several dimensions to determining the level of effort: Connect version, supported software, compliant licenses, and adherence to minimum system specifications. We also will verify the task falls within our scope of support.

What if I'm in the cloud?

Lucky you! The scope for Jamacloud customers changes slightly, as you do not need to worry about configuring or monitoring an application server and database—the only software dimension at play is use of a supported browser and Office applications. In terms of scope, there are some things we may have to enable for you (SAML) or tasks we must perform (e.g. upload custom report templates). You have a lot less to maintain for the app to run—generally speaking, the only infrastructure issues we see with Cloud instances are VPN-related.

Full Support

If your self-hosted environment meets the minimums as outlined in the supported software and system specifications documents, we are able to provide assistance within the boundaries of the On-Premises Scope of Support document. What does Full Support mean? 

  • all functionality questions will be addressed
  • all technical concerns within scope will be addressed
    • if an existing defect is reported, we will identify it and provide a tracking number (e.g. SOS-DEF-123)
    • if a new defect is discovered, we will reproduce it, report it to Product & Engineering, and provide a tracking number (e.g. SOS-DEF-123)
  • we will provide a pre-upgrade consultation and be available for on-call support if a production upgrade does not go as planned
  • if Customer Care has exhausted their resources in resolving a problem, we will file a Work Order with our Engineering team for further assistance 
  • if you're developing a custom script (API) or report (BIRT or Velocity), we can troubleshoot any issues, limited to one hour

 We provide full support on the current major point release of Jama Connect and the two previous major point releases.  Another way of looking at this is, we fully support n-2 versions.


N-2 refers to the latest release version of the Standard/Self Hosted Version of Jama, minus 2 versions.

Hot patch versions of each release are counted as a part of the series of the version they are based in. For example, 8.49.x and any associated hot patches are a part of that "series." 

A further example, in June 2021, we supported fully 8.49, 8.56.1, 8.62, and 8.62.2. When we release 8.66 in October 2021, we will drop support of the 8.49 series. The expected cadence of Standard releases is twice a year, in the spring and fall.

Best Effort Support

If your self-hosted environment does not meet the Supported Software standards or is outside the bounds of n-2, Customer Care's ability to assist will be limited. What does Best Effort mean?

  • functionality questions will continue to be addressed
  • known defects will be identified, but new defects will not be created
  • we will provide a pre-upgrade consultation and be available for on-call support to get you to a current version
  • if Customer Care has exhausted their resources in resolving a problem, we will recommend:
    • you upgrade to the latest version
    • you make configuration changes to your environment to meet the minimum standards, or
    • you use software denoted as fully supported. 
  • we will not escalate issues to our Engineering team for further troubleshooting
  • we will not assist with advanced reporting (BIRT, Velocity) or API scripting

No Support

There are few cases for which we would deny support:
  • Your Connect subscription or M&S (legacy Maintenance and Support) is expired
  • The issue has been identified as outside our scope of support
  • The user requesting support is not a Named Support Contact, and the resolution is not a quick answer


Let's say you're setting up a sandbox to test upgrades and report design, which is essentially a clone of your production instance. Once you've set up the server and start to go through the Connect installation process, you cannot get Connect to run. As you parse through the logs, you realize there is a database connection error. Because the connection between Connect & your database server is in our scope, we can assist. What do we look for? First, we check that you're on a supported version of Jama Connect. Next, we check your system resources, which usually starts with a database query to gauge the number of items, projects and users. We also check the server health, ensuring there is sufficient RAM, CPUs, etc. If any of these items are not meeting recommendations, we can honor only best effort support, in which case we are limited to assisting with functionality questions and identifying known issues. If you are meeting requirements (or make changes to do so), we will start to troubleshoot the database connection with you. There may be a misconfiguration because two instances are pointed to the same database, or the appropriate permissions have not been granted to the database user.

However, if we determine the database connection is inconsistent because of a networking issue, we will no longer be able to assist and recommend instead you work with your IT department.