Jama Connect® On-Premises Scope of Support

By Megan Bigelow posted 08-25-2015 14:07

Information updated January 2022

When introducing Jama Connect® to the enterprise, customers can opt to a) use Jama Connect Cloud, where Jama Software engineers maintain the server health and deploy new versions, or b) self-host Jama Connect on their own servers (choosing self-hosting Jama Connect requires many resources and specialized skills).

Given the configurability of self-hosting Jama Connect, we have defined what is in the scope of support for Jama Software's Customer Care team. We consider our scope of support (and whether an issue qualifies for full or for best-effort support) when we work on tickets, escalate issues to the Product Development team, or issue patch releases. This updated scope of support is more specific than previously defined.

Essentially, this diagram defines what Customer Care can fully support: the Jama Core and associated Docker containers, OpsHub, and the setup of SAML connection(s). To ensure full supportability, Jama Software will make recommendations on OS and memory configurations, storage drivers and settings, and other supported software pertinent to running Jama Connect smoothly. We are unable to support networks themselves or traffic controls, but may provide recommendations for best compatibility. In other words, we support the Jama Core configuration settings to enable its interaction with accessory servers and services (e.g. the database server), but not the underlying network infrastructure.
  • Traffic Control: We can provide direction if your app server is having issues connecting to your database, but we cannot troubleshoot firewall/proxy/iptables issues.

  • App Server: We generally support this server and its contents, and will make recommendations for configurations. The key factor in supporting the app server is that no other databases or apps reside on it besides Jama Connect.
    • Docker: Docker is a container engine that Jama Software has chosen to automate application deployment.

    • Replicated: Replicated is used to orchestrate Jama Connect's Docker containers. We require unique licenses for each deployment (these may be provided as .rli files or synced to the server).
      • Web UI: The Web UI is the microservice that powers the admin console and allows easy access to the Replicated configuration engine.
      • Agent: The Agent microservice handles the communication between the Replicated Daemon, Replicated Web UI, and the other microservices comprising Jama Connect.
      • Daemon: The Replicated Daemon performs the actual functionality of Replicated, including starting and stopping the Jama application, passing configuration information to the microservices at startup, and more. 

    • Tenant Manager: ​This service takes care of initial provisioning of Jama Connect and applying your Jama license on subsequent startups if it has been updated. When new versions of Jama Connect are available, the Tenant Manager enables upgrading to the latest version when you opt to do so. 

    • Jama Nginx: A common web server, the Nginx service is primarily used to provide load-balancing functionality between the various microservices running within the Jama Connect install.

    • Jama Core: This container contains the following required services -- 
      • Tomcat: This app server container is not configurable.
      • Java: Like many web applications, Jama Connect relies on the Java language due to its robustness and versatility. This container is not accessible but Customer Care can assist with JMX settings.
      • API: Users may rely on the API for batch transactions or scripts. Customer Care will provide assistance for up to one (1) hour per case.
      • Velocity/BIRT: These are two reporting engines that can engage with Jama Connect. Customer Care will provide assistance for up to one (1) hour per case.
      • Search Service: ​The Search Service performs Jama Connect-specific search functions, relying on the Elastic Search service for collating data from the Jama Core service. It provides a layer on top of Elastic search, allowing for fast access to data for a large set of functions within Jama Connect.
      • Elastic Search: ​Elastic Search is distributed as a standalone service in the Jama Connect installation. It provides an efficient, JSON-based search engine.
      • SAML IdP: Customer Care does not support the configuration of the IdP but will assist in set up and troubleshooting of the SAML cloud server to Jama Connect.
      • SSO (Crowd/LDAP): Customer Care does not support the configuration of the IdP but will assist in set up and troubleshooting of the connection to Jama Connect.
      • Mail Server: Customer Care will support connecting Jama Core to your mail server but not the configuration of the mail server itself.
      • Database Server: Customer Care will provide requirements for the server and support the connection to the Jama app server. We will not provide database server sizing requirements as that depends on your usage and platform.
      • Local Storage: Customer Care will provide recommendations on storage space size, but will not assist with mounting, partitioning, or provisioning disk space.
      • OpsHub: Customer Care will fully support the OpsHub connection and general troubleshooting and may engage OpsHub for more difficult queries and issues. Configuring custom mappings requires a Professional Services engagement.
      • Tasktop: Customer Care does not directly support Tasktop (JIH or TIH) and will connect you to Tasktop for issues not caused by Jama Connect.


12-24-2019 09:59

The scope article has been updated today to reflect the changed complexity of the Jama Connect infrastructure.

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George - I've uploaded a new revision! Thank you for providing the feedback and reviewing!

09-03-2015 12:25

Hi Megan,
I'm more than happy to review the next revision.

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Hi George,

Thank you for your comment! I like the idea of having Java and Tomcat added to the diagram, though I'd like to keep it at a high-level because once I start diagramming the elements, this graphic could lose its simplistic qualities. Do you mind if I share a new revision with you to get your input before posting to the Community?


09-02-2015 12:00

Hi Megan,
Should (could) this diagram include graphical references to Java & Tomcat?
The installation instruction give details for setting these up so I'd image Jama would help ensure these setting are correct as part of the support scope.

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