Jama On-Premises Scope of Support

By Megan posted 08-25-2015 17:07

Many of our on-premises customers have asked us to depict Jama Software’s scope of support as it relates to all the components that make up a healthy deployment. The below diagram is intended to clarify this. 

* To ensure full supportability, Jama Software will make recommendations (see list here and here) on server hardware, OS specific settings, configuration and other supported software pertinent to running Jama smoothly. However, Jama Software does not support the underlying OS, hardware or accessory applications.


09-11-2015 15:28

George - I've uploaded a new revision! Thank you for providing the feedback and reviewing!

09-03-2015 15:25

Hi Megan,
I'm more than happy to review the next revision.

09-03-2015 14:50

Hi George,

Thank you for your comment! I like the idea of having Java and Tomcat added to the diagram, though I'd like to keep it at a high-level because once I start diagramming the elements, this graphic could lose its simplistic qualities. Do you mind if I share a new revision with you to get your input before posting to the Community?


09-02-2015 15:00

Hi Megan,
Should (could) this diagram include graphical references to Java & Tomcat?
The installation instruction give details for setting these up so I'd image Jama would help ensure these setting are correct as part of the support scope.

08-25-2015 17:23


Thanks for sharing this. This is a very clear and concise. Keep up the good job.