Tasktop Integration Hub (TIH) and Jama Integration Hub (Tasktop Sync) system recommendations

By Kristina posted 02-09-2017 16:27


Please note that we have shifted support of the Integration Hub directly to the experts at Tasktop.

JIH System Requirements

Jama Integrations Hub System Requirements

  • 8+ GB system memory
  • 2+ GHz processor
  • 100 GB free disk space
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows Server 2008 or 2012
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 & 6 (GTK2 and X Windows required)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (GTK2 and X Windows required)

The JIH must be run on a dedicated server (physical or virtual) with no other applications. We typically recommend 100 mappings per 64-bit instance of JIH to ensure that it is easy to manage and so that performance problems do not affect other mappings.

Jama Integration Hub Recommended Settings:
We also recommend the following configuration changes:

  • Change the sync update frequency from the default 3 seconds to 20 minutes. This ensures that the JIH does not attempt to ask for updates on data faster than the source system can return it.
  • Set the worker-threads count to 2. This ensures that there are an efficient number of concurrent API calls being made as are items updated.

  • Set up each mapping using filters, not by location/project. This is much faster as the filter can be optimized to provide the JIH just the items that have changed recently, greatly reducing the volume of items being processed. The filter call is also more performant.

TIH System Requirements


The following browsers are supported:

  • Internet Explorer 11 or later
  • Firefox 46.0.1 and up
  • Chrome 50.0.2661.102 and up

Operating Systems

The following 64-bit operating systems and versions are supported:

  • Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x
  • Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS
  • Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.x
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.x

Java Runtime Environment

The JRE is included with no need to install a JRE separately.


The following databases and versions are supported for use in an Enterprise Reporting Integration:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (including SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (including SP1, SP2, SP3)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (including SP1, SP2)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (including SP1)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  • MySQL 5.5
  • MySQL 5.6
  • MySQL 5.7
  • Oracle 11g
  • Oracle 12c

Please note: A database is only required for the Enterprise Reporting Integration. A database is not otherwise required for running Tasktop.

Hardware Sizing for Deployment Scenarios

Following are recommendations on sizing hardware and virtual machine capacity to meet the needs of typical deployment scenarios.

  • The Tasktop Integration Platform is a web application which runs centrally on a server. Users interact with it through a web browser from any computer that has network access to the server. These sizing recommendations apply to the server machine running the Tasktop Integration Platform.
  • These recommendations are guidelines intended to provide a starting point when deciding on hardware allocation for a specific deployment. We recommend monitoring system load including CPU usage, memory pressure and disk queue length and adjusting the system sizing accordingly.
  • For best results, the Tasktop Integration Platform should be deployed in an environment that has good network throughput and low latency to all repositories and databases involved in an integration.
  • Small Deployment
    • A deployment managing up to 20,000 ALM artifacts and up to 200 active users.
    • 4 GB system memory
    • 3 GHz processor, 2 cores
    • 50 GB free disk space
    • Small deployment system sizing is roughly equivalent to an EC2 T2 Medium instance.
  • Medium Deployment
    • A deployment managing up to 100,000 ALM artifacts and up to 1,000 active users.
    • 8 GB system memory
    • 3 GHz processor, 2 cores
    • 150 GB free disk space
    • Medium deployment system sizing is roughly equivalent to an EC2 T2 Large Instance.
  • Large Deployment
    • A deployment managing many ALM repositories and 200,000+ ALM artifacts and over 2,000 active users.
    • 8 GB system memory
    • 2 × 3 GHz processors, 4 cores
    • 250 GB free disk space
    • Large deployment system sizing is roughly equivalent to an EC2 M4 Large or M3 Large Instance.


06-14-2017 19:55

@john Migrating from JIH to TIH requires a services engagement; let me know if you need to be connected to your account manager at Jama to scope that out.

04-05-2017 04:22


We use JIH and would like to migrate to TIH. Any link or document to the process would be really helpful.

I would also like to know whether TIH supports integration with Irise. Please do let us know as we are looking for this integration with the help of TIH.


03-27-2017 09:05

Great info -- any details yet on a migration path from JIH?