"Out of compliance" license error & how to fix

By Carmen posted 09-09-2015 05:06

"Out of compliance" is a common error when trying to apply a new license key that contains different license types than what are currently in use. This error is displayed when users are assigned to license types that are missing in the new License.

Note: In newer versions of Jama Connect you may have users report an inability to login, but you will not see this error when the license is applied or synced.

In the above example, 28 users have Stakeholder license types assigned in Jama, however, the new License contains zero Stakeholder license types. 

In order to upload the new License, these users need to be temporarily deactivated in the Admin > Users list. 

Each user has to be deactivated individually. You can organize the list by License type so you can more easily locate the users that you need to deactivate.

After successfully loading the license, users can be assigned to the new license type. 

You can batch update the license types in Admin > Users, by shift-selecting the users > right clicking
 Batch Update User(s)

Finally, the users need to be individually activated again. 

This error can also be generated by changes from Float to Named (Creator) and Float to Reserved 
(Collaborator and Reviewer) licenses and vice-versa. You may also run into this if the number of licenses has changed.