Upgrading to Jama 8.x One Pager

By Kristina King posted 03-17-2017 14:31


Jama 8 Upgrade Process and Overview

This is designed to offer you a quick One Pager on upgrading your Jama on-premises software from a Pre-Jama 8 to a Jama 8.x environment. If you're already on Jama 8, congratulations! You will still find some useful resources here.


Jama 8 introduces many new features and the migration to this new platform allows Jama to deliver software to you more easily.  See the latest release notes for Jama 8 functionality and bug fixes. 


First — as a refresher — there is a clear delineation between what Jama customers who select the on-premises option are responsible for and what Jama owns from a maintenance perspective.  The scope article graphically displays what Jama is responsible for maintaining and what you are responsible for.

If you would like to upgrade to Jama 8 but need installation assistance, it is available through our Professional Services team.  Please contact your Jama account manager to schedule a call to scope this body of work.


There are several things to be aware of as you look to migrate from your current Jama version to Jama 8.  In no particular order:

  • For the Jama deployment, we no longer offer support for Microsoft servers; you must deploy on Linux boxes. See Supported Software and Environments for full details.
  • From a database perspective, Jama no longer supports Oracle. Again, check out the above link for supported software and environment details.
  • Delivery of Jama 8 is done with two technologies, Docker and Replicated.  Read more about Jama’s change to deployment.
  • Here is a link of common install issues and tips.
  • When you initially install Jama 8, you will want to start with 8.36, our first required "step." 



The number of steps to get to Jama 8 depends on your current Jama software version. 

For upgrades from older versions of Jama we recommend performing incremental upgrades before proceeding to our latest release. There have been many database changes between your version and our most recent release that need to be applied. We have found the following upgrade path to be the most successful for customers upgrading from a similar version: 3.x > 4.x > 4.2.x > 2014.x > 2015.1 > 2015.5 > 8.x > 8.36 > 8.49.3 > current - These files can be downloaded from our step upgrade library.

Each upgrade up to 2015.5 would follow the same steps outlined in our upgrade guide found on page 550 of the user guide. For upgrading to 8.x see this community article.

Before upgrading, take a look at our pre-upgrade guides in the community:

Accessing these files will require you to be logged into an account on our Community.

We are happy to discuss the upgrade process beforehand if you have any questions after reading the articles above; contact your account manager, or submit a support ticket with specific questions.


Once you have read and digested the info above, you are ready to have one of your Named Support Contacts* request your Jama 8 software. When you are ready to upgrade your environment (we recommend starting on a sandbox), contact your Account Manager so they can request a Jama 8 license on your behalf. 

*If you do not know who your Named Support Contacts are, please contact Jama Support or your Account Manager. 

Here are the steps to completing your upgrade, at a high level:

  • customer requests license from Account Manager
  • Jama delivers Jama 8 license directly to customer 
  • Jama Support sends installation information to customer
  • customer performs upgrade to Jama 8 and confirms completion with Account Manager