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How to Unlock Items

By Carmen Santos posted 10-05-2015 04:07

Items can be locked in different ways:
  • A user can lock their own items. Also, items are automatically locked while being edited. 
  • Items can be locked by other users.
  • Items can be locked by workflow, also called a system lock.
All Locked items show a Lock icon in the item's view. It is also possible to know who locked the item by hovering the mouse over the Edit option.

The Edit option will be greyed out for items locked by other users and by workflow (system).


If the List View is configured to show the Locked field, the Lock icon will also be visible from the List View. This field can be added through the List View's configuration menu (cog icon). A yellow Lock means that the lock was done by a user, and a blue Lock means that the lock was caused by Workflow. 

An Item locked by a user can only be edited by that user though it can be unlocked either by the user or an Administrator. The user can unlock it through Actions > Unlock Item.


Just like the Edit and Delete options, the Unlock Item option will be greyed out for items locked by other users or by workflow.


Users can see a list of all items they have locked in their User Profile > My Locked Items tab.

They can also unlock the items here.

In their User Profile, Administrators also have the My Locked Items tab. Additionally, they can see items locked by other users by selecting Show All Locked Items (this option is not available for regular users) and they can unlock them.

Administrators also see items locked by Workflow, and can unlock them through the System Locked Items tab available in their profile view.

It is also possible to batch unlock items from these views by using the Shift key to select a group of items and then selecting Unlock.



03-10-2020 07:36

Similar to Scott, this is an issue which affects others. Interesting is that efforts to get an update to the Jama Software through their product idea portal, leads to complete silence. It appears some people may give up after a while leading to a false view that no one has an issue with it.

08-07-2018 08:47

It would be nice to have a configuration setting which allows non-system locks to expire automatically.  I have to go in manually every few weeks and break all the locks older than a couple days.  I'm surprised this isn't a bigger issue - we are a small organization and there are dozens of stale locks created every week.

10-05-2015 11:41

Carmen, thanks for sharing. This is very informative. Have a great day. swoo