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Supported Image and Attachment File Types in Jama Connect

By Shabnam Jahromi posted 11-05-2015 16:12


Information updated November 2018

Attachment File Types Allowed in Jama Connect

Jama users can add attachments to items and projects via several means that are outlined below.

Jama 2015.2 and Newer

Jama Connect will allow attaching only file types that exist in the allowlist. Jama Connect will not rely on the file extension only and will validate that the file type actually matches the file extension. These changes went into effect for Cloud customers in December 2015 and were included in Jama Connect 2015.2.

We collected file types based on the usage pattern of our current customers and screened each one for possible security risks, which determined the allow list below (as of Jama Connect 8.0.2). 

"apk", "avi", "bmp", "btt", "cfa", "csv", "doc", "docm", "docx", "dot", "dotx", "dwg", "gif", "gz", "jama", "jpeg", "jpg", "md", "mov", "mp3", "mp4", "mpeg", "odg", "odp", "ods", "odt", "pages", "pdf", "pgp", "png", "ppt", "pptm", "pptx", "rar", "rtf", "tgz", "tif", "tiff", "tra", "txt", "vcs", "vsd", "vsdx", "vss", "war", "wav", "wma", "wmv", "wps", "xcf", "xls", "xlsb", "xlsm", "xlsx", "xlt", "xps", "zip", "zipx"

Note:  Jama Connect no longer allows "" files for security reasons.

Existing attachments that are not on the allow list will still be downloadable but will not be viewable in the browser. You will see this error message when trying to upload a file type that is not in the allowlist.

Adding More File Types to the Allowlist
If there is a file type that you attach to Jama Connect items regularly and is missing from our allowlist, please let us know and we will consider adding it to the allowlist (provided it does not present any security risk). 

  • If you are using Self-Hosted Jama Connect 8.x, you can add allowed file types in the root menu as described here.
  • If you are using our Cloud solution, please submit a Support ticket referencing your instance URL, and which file type(s) you'd like to add.
Inserting Image Files Into Items Using Rich Text Editor Fields 
Jama Connect Cloud and self-hosted versions only allow the following image types to be inserted into an item as an embedded image:

"", "gif", jpeg", "jpg", "png" (2015.2+ and Cloud *)

If users attempt to insert an image type that is not among the list above, Jama Connect will not recognize it and will prompt the user with a "You must select an image" message.

Note on Image Security  
Image Security is intended to provide more security for organizations and make images viewable only to users with proper permission. Image Security is disabled in Jama 8.0.2 and later or for our Cloud customers. (See more on image security). This means users need to first login to Jama Connect in order to access images individually in a browser.  

If Image Security is turned on, users can view the image using the image URL in their browser only if the users are logged in. If the users are not logged in and try to access the image using the image URL, they will be prompted with the login page first. 

If Image Security is turned off, users can view images in a browser by using the image URL. In order to find the image URL, go to Item View > Edit > Source and search for "src" attribute in the "" tag. 

If Image Security is turned on and you still can access images individually in a browser without being logged in to Jama Connect, that can be because the browser has cached the image. Using default browser settings, Jama Connect caches images for 60 days in a client's browser.



11-14-2016 17:06

Hi everyone. This thread started a while back (prior to Jama 8) so I wanted to close the loop on this discussion. Thanks for all of the feedback and suggestions!

As of Jama 8, on-premises customers can easily modify the whitelist on the System Properties tab in the root admin console. Take a look at this page from the user guide for additional information.

For hosted customers, you can submit a support ticket with a request to add file types that aren't on the default list. You can find the default list on that same user guide page I mentioned above.

08-22-2016 20:10

I'm trying to upload some approvals that I got in email format, but Jama does not seem to allow for that.  Specifically i need .msg and .eml formats to be allowed. 

06-06-2016 18:27

Yes, if you're on 2015.5 you can edit the whitelist yourself. If you submit a support ticket, we can give you the instructions on how to do that.

As far as your surprise about Outlook not making the whitelist, I can tell you what happened there. We generated a list of the attachments used in our hosted environment and added the 100 or so most used file types—so if the file types were used by multiple organizations and could not be considered potentially risky, they were added. Given the high usage of Outlook you would think that it was a highly used file type in the attachments widget, but apparently not!

06-06-2016 14:57

Us too.  I'm a little surprised that Outlook messages weren't included in the initial whitelist.  Is there any solution for those of us on 2015.5?

05-12-2016 12:45

Andreas, that's true...definitely not the most user friendly! However, abilities to update the whitelist are on their way. :D

05-12-2016 07:27


I just recognized that .log and .xml are not on the whitelist.

As I don't feel these file types are critical you may add them to the whitelist.

In the meantime I can, of course, change the extension to .txt which might be ok for .log but not that nice for .xml given that users may use advanced editors with syntax highlighting to read/modify such files. In that case they would need to download, rename, modify, rename, upload. Not very user firendly... ;-)

BR, Andreas

03-09-2016 13:30

post contains an idea

Please reference the new conversation here: Root user should be able to configure attachment whitelist

03-08-2016 21:44

Thanks Shabnam.

Hi Kristina,

can you convert this to an Idea, or should I resubmit?



03-08-2016 20:37

Hello Ed! That seems to be a reasonable request. When we first made the change,the main priority was to implement whitelist to improve security of Jama and prevent uploading file types that expose security holes. Configuring the whitelist did not have as high a priority when we were delivering it as we still had a solution. I still think this is a great request and can be added as an Idea in our community

03-08-2016 19:54


our admin had a good suggestion. Is there any reason why the whitelist couldn't be configured by root in the web interface? That would make it very easy and customizable should any user decide there was a need for a particular extension type.



02-23-2016 18:41

Brad, thank you for letting us know so we can better scope these needs. Approximately how often is this file type used? 

02-23-2016 14:35

Would like to request file extension .mpj (Minitab) to be added as as supported attachment file type.
Currently we are using 2015.3 on-prem. and would need that added to "our" whitelist at a minimum.


Brad Suhorepetz

02-04-2016 19:07

Thanks for letting me know. I'll see what we can do.

02-04-2016 13:16

Can you please add ".mpp" to the whitelist? It is strange that I see it neither in the whitelist nor in the blacklist above. Justification to include .mpp is fairly obvious. We are using the hosted Jama as our only collaborative tool and it is hard to convert an .mpp to xls everytime I need to upload a Microsoft Project file. Thanks. 

02-03-2016 21:56

thanks for letting us know.

01-28-2016 07:14

We have a need to attach outlook emails (.msg) to items, so we can track discussions and decisions that have been made outwith of Jama.

12-17-2015 21:37

A Customer in support ticket #27085 has mission critical need to allow .tra files to be uploaded.  These are outputs from the product Test Evidence ( and are just zipfiles with a different extension.