What do Jama Software's email notification templates do? How can the email templates be edited?

By Alexander posted 03-23-2015 18:07

Jama Software uses Velocity templates to generate email notifications for various events within the application. For on-premises administrators, it is possible to make limited modifications to these templates. Please note that each template is passed a specific set of variables (usually things like sender and recipient names) for use within the template; it is not possible to add or modify any of these variables to contain more dynamic information. However, if you'd like to change or remove some of the static content in these notifications you are free to do so. We do not provide support for the customization of these templates.

Effective Jama Software 8.1+, The ability to configure custom email templates has changed from previous versions*. The default templates are stored in: /data/config/mail/template_example

The contents of the template_example directory are deleted and re-created on application startup, so content should not be edited in this folder. In order to use create modified templates, users need to take the following steps. 

-Copy the template from /data/config/mail/template_example and save as a new file, keeping the original name.

-Save the template in /data/config/mail/template. Keeping the original name intact is important because this is the only way Jama Software knows to override the default file.

-After editing the template, restart Jama Software.

*In Jama Software versions 2015.4 and prior, they are available in the [Tomcat home]/webapps/contour/WEB-INF/templates folder. In 2015.5, the templates can be found in [Tomcat home]/webapps/contour/WEB-INF/classes/templates

The function of each template, along with any pertinent notes, is described in the attached file: vmtemplates__1_.xlsx.



08-02-2016 15:59

You're right, Ryan. Good catch! I've updated the article. Thanks for letting me know.

07-28-2016 12:17

A slight correction:

*In Jama versions 2015.5 and prior, they are available in the [Tomcat home]/webapps/contour/WEB-INF/templates folder. 

Based on what I see in my 2015.5 instance, there should actually be a "classes" subdirectory in there:

*In Jama versions 2015.5 and prior, they are available in the [Tomcat home]/webapps/contour/WEB-INF/classes/templates folder. 

09-22-2015 12:38

Just to circle back up in case anyone has the same question as Steve—it is not possible to customize anything on the email notification template if you're on a hosted instance of Jama.

09-18-2015 17:09

Hi Steve, Kristina is on vacation until Tue. She can answer you directly next week. My guess is that the people in this Community does not have direct access to the hosted version. Your best bet is to file a support ticket and let the Jama support team or fee-based reporting consultants to respond to your request. Good luck. Swoo

09-18-2015 16:50

Hi Kristina,
For hosted customers, can we ask for template customizations be made?

03-30-2015 03:19

Kristina, from my point of view the naming of the project is essential. That's why we have a rule that the project name has to be used in the field "Review Name". However, this has to be done manually when a new review is initiated...

I think it is a good idea to create a new post in the "Idea" section. I will do so...

03-27-2015 17:55

Sebastian, I was just thinking it might be worth creating an Idea post from your musings here on the "project name." This additional context would be helpful on all email notifications...

03-24-2015 05:30

Alexander, that's a great hint! I added a feature request and a support ticket in the old forum regarding this issue in February. The answer from Gustavo was that it isn't possible to adapt the templates... 

I will use this to adapt the review invitations. We have some special rules for reviews in JAMA. At the moment I put these rules manually in the mail using the wizard. However, this only covers reviews I am responsible for.

An additional feature I'm looking for is the possibility to add an variable "project name" to the review center mails. We have a lot of projects and every project uses the same document/component structure. When a reviewer is invited to reviews for the same document of two different projects, it isn't possible to distinguish between them without opening the reviews.