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How to Best Work with Attachments in Jama

By Gustavo Flores posted 04-22-2015 12:05


Jama has an attachment widget that allows an attachment tab to be visible on Jama items. Attachments can be viewed by double-clicking on the attachment, either in the attachment tab of an Item or in the Project > Configure Project window.

When Working with Attachments, There Are Many Things to Take Into Account
The attachment widget can be deactivated by an administrator in Jama. In addition to attaching documents via the attachment widget, it is also possible to attach items through a link in a rich text field. This way, attachments will gain more visibility in the Review Center, where the attachment widget is not present.

See here for more information about attachments in the Review Center.

Even if the attachment widget is disabled, images embedded in Rich Text fields will still be stored on the filesystem.

Size of Attachments

There is no limit for file size in attachments in Jama. However, if you're integrating with other software, you will need to know the limits on attachments for the 3rd-party software and adapt to them. Note also that Jama is not designed to be a Content Management System, so attachments are not saved in a hierarchy. They may be difficult to keep track of, therefore, we don't recommend using attachments as a storage repository.

Also, Jama has no indicator for how long an upload will take, so on longer uploads the progress is difficult to gauge. As the size of the files goes up, the chances of an upload failing will be more likely. You can add as many attachments as you like, though, and you can remove them at any time. 


Although attachments are associated with items, searching for attachments in relation to items is not possible in Jama. It is possible to use search or a filter to find attachments. However, the results will not show what item an attachment is associated with. 

A good thing to know is that the content of attached documents will be indexed for search, in Jama. The attachment types text, Word, and PDF files are indexed and searchable through the built-in Jama search feature.

Final Notes

Users with Stakeholder licenses cannot upload attachments of any kind. You can find more interesting articles about attachments on our Community:



04-17-2018 09:48

Just an FYI--none of the links on this page work.

06-09-2015 03:48

@Kristina, Thanks for the update. In that case I guess we will have to stick with our current approach, which is to keep the visio drawings in our doc control system, and just add the url to the jama requirement.

06-08-2015 15:15

@Hans I caught up with my colleague about this question. We don't have anything currently in the pipeline for this. Part of this is because we are working on strengthening our API. Additionally, Microsoft (and other providers whose tools are frequently paired with Jama) are opening up the possibilities for this sort of seamless connection. Once we have released our REST API into the wild this might be something we can consider.

06-03-2015 12:55

Hans, there are not any plans for this sort of integration that I am aware of. But I'm checking with another team to make sure.

06-03-2015 02:44

Kristina: Is there any plans for such a feature or similar?
The major complaint from my users is exactly this limitations, as we use visio extensively for diagrams and drawing purposes - and it is very tedious and errorprone to download/upload attachments in the current workflow.

06-02-2015 21:02

There isn't a method to do this, no. But that would be very cool if there were!

05-27-2015 14:07

Is there a way to invoke an application from inside the attachment tab for editing the attachment? For example, if I uploaded a spreadsheet, I'd like to open it in excel from inside Contour and make changes and save it directly in the Contour repository for attachment. Is it possible?