Jama 8.20, 8.21, 8.22 note about Replicated and Docker versions

By Kristina posted 09-05-2017 12:05


Note: this does not affect Jama Connect 8.25. 

If you have upgraded an on-premises environment to Jama 8.x, you know that our new deployment model relies on Docker and Replicated
Typically we regression test with the latest version of Replicated and recommend customers update Replicated accordingly. However, for Jama’s latest on-premises release, 8.20 (+ 8.21 and 8.22) we encountered some possible issues with pulling Docker 17.06. There is a defect (SOS-DEF-2086*) with Replicated that results in not all logs populating in the support bundle.

If your organization updates Replicated separately from Jama, please refrain from updating to versions greater than Replicated 2.9.3 and Docker 17.03. If your organization employs a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) server to host Jama, the Replicated version should be maintained at 2.6 with Docker 1.13.1 due to some licensing changes with Docker. These version have been thoroughly regression tested and will be fully supported.

Standard and Express, non-Airgap
If you are installing Jama for the first time, please use the following script to ensure installation of the most stable Replicated and Docker versions.

curl -sSL "https://get.replicated.com/docker?replicated_tag=2.9.3&replicated_ui_tag=2.9.3&replicated_operator_tag=2.9.3" | docker-version=17.03 | sudo bash -s no-auto
RHEL installations should use a different script. It is normal to see errors that the script will continue through.
curl -sSL "https://get.replicated.com/docker?replicated_tag=2.6.0&replicated_ui_tag=2.6.0&replicated_operator_tag=2.6.0" | sudo bash -s docker-version=1.13.1

Before installing your Airgap Jama file, be sure to upgrade to the correct version of Replicated, available at the following URLs.
Follow the usual instructions at https://help.replicated.com/docs/distributing-an-application/airgapped-installations/, but use the following URLs applicable to your operating system.
Replicated for all operating systems except RHEL 
Replicated for RHEL installations  
Airgap installations require maintenance of Docker separate from Replicated and Jama. Be sure to use 17.03 or 1.13.1 as noted above.

This defect can be worked around by manually pulling logs instead of using the support bundle.

First, ssh into the machine running jama server. Then, as the root user, run zip -r jamalogs.zip /logs/*. This compresses the logs from jama containers that we would normally receive from a Support Bundle, including tomcat and contour, elasticsearch, search, and nginx.
Please note that Linux does not include Zip by default; users can create a tarball if needed via tar czvf logs.tar.gz /logs.