Jama now includes Calculated Fields

By Kristina posted 02-09-2015 03:00

Jama's latest hosted release (2015‐02‐05) includes a much‐desired feature, Calculated Fields. This new functionality allows integer fields in an item to be calculated for sum, multiplication and average. Note that the calculation will accommodate for negative values as well as four decimal places.

Continue reading for a walk‐through of what the calculated field functionality looks like.

Level of Effort + Severity = Priority
1. Pick Lists should have integers assigned to their display values. In this example, Level of Effort and Severity are two pick list fields used in our Story item type.

Level of Effort


The functionality works on an individual item basis, so you cannot select fields from multiple items or item types. To create a calculated field, you will need to edit the item type and add a new field. When you select Custom Field: Calculated, you will see many new options.

Option 4, Should all fields be required prior to calculating? will control how and when the calculations occur.

With this box checked, all fields used in the calculation will need to contain a valid number before the calculation will occur. Note that this box is checked by default.

If the box is not checked, the following calculations will occur:

*If a field is null, it will be skipped in the calculation. For example, if you create a calculation type of Average that includes 3 fields, the null field will be ignored. If Field 1=10, Field 2=15 , and Field 3=null, the calculation will be (10+15)/2=12.5.

*If any field in the calculation contains an invalid value, the calculation will be rendered invalid and displayed as . This will happen if a value is non‐numeric.

For more on the February 7th release, watch the What's New video on our blog.



08-09-2017 11:02

@Markus I haven't seen any requests come in through the community about this, no, so I suggest creating a new one. I also looked at our internal story tracking and don't see that we have discussed this need internally, either.

08-08-2017 13:32

@Kristina Has this already been put in as feature request? While calculated fields are useful for an FMEA it is not useful for Risk Analysis, where the calculated outcome is not a number, but a description.

08-08-2017 11:29

@Markus there is not a way to substitute words for a value, no. The calculated fields will only work with numbers and do not have a concept of a field label vs value as pick lists do.

08-07-2017 16:30

We are using three categories to show whether a risk is acceptable. Is there any way how this could be done with calculated fields (in other words: Is it possible to represent the outcome of a calculation with a phrase rather than a number?).
So for example 'Catastrophic' x 'Frequent' = 'Unacceptable'
If 'Unacceptable' as item in a picklist has a number associated, can this be replaced with the correct term?

08-06-2015 19:10

Hi Don - thanks for taking the time to give some context. We currently do not have subtraction planned but could consider for future. We do currently have the ability to divide by using our WSJF calculation type which is available in our hosted version of Jama. We don't currently have a release date set for this to be available for our on-premises version. 

08-05-2015 17:51

That's a really good question, and one I'm not sure about. Let me see what I can find out.

08-05-2015 16:15

Hi Kristina,

I've noticed that in the 2015.1 On-Premises release, Sum, Average, and Multiply are supported operations for Calculated fields.  Do you have any details on when Subtract and Divide might be added?  In the short term, I have a use case for needing to determine the difference between estimated and actual duration (on integers or even actual date/time stamps would be nice). I am just curious if all of the basic arithmetic functions are planned for the Calculated field.  Thanks!

07-20-2015 10:20

Hello Alex,

In my opinion this can be done with using Jama. However you need to (re-)design your risk matrix accordingly in a way that impact x probability = exposure.

Two examples below of a risk matrix design that can be "implemented" in Jama.

I definitely agree with you that the coloring functionality for calculated field is something we need for users in the MD or  arena!!

07-20-2015 08:27

I know this isn't supported at the moment but for the sake of record, it would be useful to be able to calculate something like this in future.

My organisation uses a risk calculation that weights Impact higher than Probability to ouput the Exposure figure, which is then RAG'd.  It's not simply impact x probability = exposure.  Pictures are easier:

At the moment I can do this manually in Jama using custom pick lists and a status field with Red/Amber/Green, but it would be good to have the calculation automated and some sort of conditional formatting to apply the colours.

06-08-2015 17:49

Point taken :P

06-08-2015 16:40

Kristina, thanks for your quick reply. My 91-year-old mom tells me to not say anything negative if I can help it. So I will refrain from saying anything...:-)

06-08-2015 16:15

Thanks for checking this out, Stephen. You did not miss anything—at this point all the Calculated Field/result (in this case, Priority) is able to do is provide the numerical result of the calculation. We've been adding additional features to the Calculated Fields functionality with our hosted releases, so this might be something that is in the pipeline, but I'm not sure.

06-08-2015 15:05

Hi Kristina,

Thanks for your write-up and introduction of this new feature. Your version is much better than the user-guide. However, I'm still confused. 

For an example of level of Effort * Severity = Priority

For priority: where is it that I configure/assign so that high = 20, medium=10, etc (based on product of effort multiplied to severity)

I may be blind for missing some information :-)

06-08-2015 14:28

Hi Ed - We don't currently support calculations being used within a calculation but it is something we will be exploring. 

MennoV - I would love to hear more about your specific example of what can be selected but not shown around 1th level. Feel free to shoot me an email at jmyrland@jamasoftware.com with specifics. Thanks! 

06-08-2015 08:03

I support this request. Also a proper FMEA implementation within Jama would require this or otherwise it should be supported to calculate fields of related items that have higher relationships than the 1th level. Note, these type of items can be selected, but the calculation outcome is currently not shown in Jama. 

05-29-2015 18:53


could we use Calculated Fields as inputs to other Calculated Fields?

For example, I would use a calculated field Product to get A*B.

Then I could use another calculated field Total to get A*B + C, by just making Total = Product + C.

By combining functions (especially the average) I think we could build some really complex calculations, potentially without adding too much to the interface.



04-20-2015 17:21

Thanks for the feedback, Jennifer. I've passed it on to the rest of the company. We're glad to hear this field will find a good use for you!

04-20-2015 13:47

A comment on the product announcement includes an idea, so I'm forking it into an Idea post.

Please reference the new conversation here: Add Standard Deviation and Array Support to Calculated Fields

04-20-2015 09:46

Hi Katherine:

We use Contour for instrument development and will be using this field for calculation of acceptability for Hazard and Risk Assessments, as well as for calculation of Risk Priority Numbers for Failure Modes and Effects Criticality Analyses.

In short, the calculations are as follows:
Hazard/Risk Acceptability = Severity * Probability
RPN = Probability of Occurrence of Failure Mode * Severity * Difficulty of Detection of the Failure

Thanks to the Jama team for continued development of these great features!


03-30-2015 16:15

The on-premises release (scheduled for April 7th) will have just the initial Calculated Fields feature. The WSJF feature will not be in the release.

03-30-2015 14:01

Kristina, what is the expected on-premise inclusion now?

03-30-2015 13:09

It would be useful to add Standard Deviation to the calculation options (and array support?).  We are using Jama to assist in product validation and determining process control and product specification limits. Currently we can place raw data into Jama, but then need to jump to Excel to calculate values and then paste back into Jama. 

03-05-2015 15:58

This calculated fields feature will be added to the next on-premises release, 2015.1, which should be available at the end of this month. (We'll announce it here as well as email our list of Jama admins.)

We added an additional element to this feature in our 2015/02/26 hosted release, Weighted Shortest Job First calculations, but I'm not sure if that is going to make it in 2015.1.

Edit: this additional element will not be in the latest on-premises release. The features should encompass what's in our hosted releases up to and including the February 7th release.

03-05-2015 10:13

What is the schedule for this to be added to the on-premise release?

02-11-2015 22:14

Great write up, Kristina. We're really curious to know how people are using calculated fields. On the Jama blog, we wrote about using this feature to prioritize your backlog. If anyone else has ideas, or has already started using this, we'd love to hear about it.