New issue discovered with JIRA legacy connector in 2015.3 and hosted environment

By Kristina posted 12-24-2015 14:15

We have discovered a new issue with the legacy JIRA connector in our latest on-premises and hosted releases.  This issue occurs in only specific circumstances and is separate from the issue (SOS-BUG-1001) fixed in 2015.3 and hosted 2015/12/17. 
The JIRA sync will fail for all projects if both of the following conditions are met:
  • Any project contains multiple item type mappings which sync from JIRA to Jama  
  • If the connector is set up to sync 50 or more items.
Syncing from Jama to JIRA is not affected, nor are projects containing only one single item type (regardless of sync direction). This new issue is being tracked as SOS-BUG-1023. Our engineering team is actively investigating, and we are currently targeting a fix for this issue in early to mid January. 

We have identified two potential workarounds:
1. Disable bidirectional or JIRA to Jama syncs temporarily for any projects with more than one item type mapping until a new version of Jama is available for download or deployed to the hosted environment.
In order to ensure Jama to JIRA sync still works, you will have to edit all type mappings for all projects that have more than one item type mapping, similar to the steps below.

2. If data flow from JIRA to Jama is a must, you will need to stop the sync for problematic projects and manually sync one project mapping at a time.
  • Navigate to Admin > JIRA Connector. For each Project Mapping select Stop Sync, except the one intended to be used for temporary synchronization.
  • For each Mapped Item Type—except the one intended to synchronize—select Edit Details and disable the type mapping by unchecking the box Synchronization enabled for this mapping. 
  • Select Save and Close.
  • Select Synchronize Now or wait for the next scheduled sync.
  • Repeat these steps for each JIRA to Jama project you have mapped. 
Although not ideal, these workarounds will allow you to avoid the conditions which trigger the bug and thus allow all other mappings and projects to sync correctly. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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01-20-2016 05:12

Thanks Kristina... 

01-19-2016 16:29

2015.4, with the fix for SOS-BUG-1023, is now available for download. See release notes for a link:

01-15-2016 07:04

OK Kristina, thanks for the update.  I'll wait for 2015.4 before we upgrade the live system.

01-14-2016 18:57

Stephen, it sounds like that it's quite possible you would run into this bug given that scenario. I would advise to wait for 2015.4.

01-13-2016 20:06

Stephen, sorry for the delay. I'm trying to determine if the scenario you present is likely to cause the issue. My gut says "likely," but I'm not yet sure. 
In terms of when the issue will be fixed, we have plans to put out a 2015.4 this month, date TBD.

01-12-2016 11:47

Hi Kristina,

I just want to double check, the issue outlined above (SOS-BUG-1023) is present in the on premise release 2015.3 so there is no fix yet.  If a project has multiple mappings for the same item type (i.e. syncing Stories from JIRA to different locations in the same Jama project), will this cause the issue to occur?

Is there an estimation of when this issue will be resolved?