The parameters Jama automatically sends to BIRT reports

By Kristina posted 01-30-2015 22:31

Jama sends BIRT report several built-in parameters which do not need to be set up when adding the custom report to Jama. The following will be automatically sent to the report:

Parameter                                               Data Type                        Returns
report_projectId                                       String                                projectId (looks like an integer) 

report_organizationId                             Integer                              organizationId

report_format                                           String                               html, doc, xls, pdf

report_userId                                           Integer                              userId

report_baseUrl                                         String                                Jama base url

report_name                                             String                                File name

To add one of these parameters to your custom BIRT report, add the parameter in the same way you normally would. When adding this report to Jama, do not add these parameters to the
report Criteria section. Jama automatically sends these parameters to
the report.

[Originally posted by Shawnna Williams]