Jama Connect Hosted Release Notes 8.25+

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Jama Connect 8.30 Cloud

Release date:  2018/09/14 AU, 2018/09/15 EMEA/US                      

Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-2780: There is an inconsistency in ordering between baseline list view and the baseline due to change in globalSortOrder, affecting report output. 

Jama Connect 8.29 Cloud

Release Date Hosted: 2018/08/17 AU, 2018/08/18 EMEA/US

Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-390: Imported items from Excel that include dates will populate date field with the day prior to actual data.

SOS-DEF-2669: Field mappings are not visible in the JIRA Connector.

Jama Connect 8.28 Cloud

Release Date Hosted: 2018/07/20 AU, 2018/07/21 EU/US




  • Jama Connect GET /filters endpoint now has ability to specify filter scope and projectID is optional
  • Last Activity Date option to v1/filters/{id}/results endpoints to allow better filtering scope control



SOS-DEF-2095: Organization administrator may receive an exception when trying to edit a user group.
SOS-DEF-2386: REST API: GET /baselines/{baselineId}/versioneditems/{itemId}/versionedrelationships is slow on larger data sets.
SOS-DEF-2440: Reuse and Sync tool will create duplicate relationships when certain options are selected.

Jama Connect 8.27 Hosted

Release Date Hosted: 2018/06/22 AU, 2018/06/23 EU/US



Accessibility improvements for keyboard editing in Projects > List View.



SOS-DEF-2139: Forgot Password email not sent. 

Jama Connect 8.26 Hosted

Release Date: 2018/06/01 AU, 2018/06/02 EU/US

New Capabilities:

Accessibility improvements: improved support for keyboard navigation for fields in the single item view, both in viewing and edit modes.

Resolved Issues:

SOS-DEF-1830: Wrong filter results may be returned if embedded filters contain a Global ID rule.

SOS-DEF-1995: Filters containing "Has Test Case" condition for Test Run item type return 0 results.

Jama Connect 8.25 Hosted

Release Date Hosted: 2018/04/27

Introducing Jama Analyze:

Build on product development data your teams are generating from other tools—like Jama Connect, Jira Software, and GitHub—to get a far-reaching view into performance across teams. Learn more.

New Capabilities:

Verification and Validation

Now, your organization can more easily create, view and review test data. Here are the changes:

  • Test runs in Trace View:  Quality Engineers and Product Development leaders can now see your test data in the larger context of verification and validation. 


  • Test data in reviews: Now both your test plan approach and your results can be reviewed and signed as part of your quality process. Simply select Send for review from the test plan or test cycle menus. You can also send a single test run for review.

  • Test runner license: This new tailor-made license gives testers all the permissions they need to create test plans, execute tests, and manage defects. 
  • Restore test run order: This new button restores the original order after sorting with columns. For older data, a project reindex may be required to properly restore the order.

CKEditor upgrade to version 4.9 brings rich text enhancements:

  • Copy/paste and image support

      • Paste text and images from MS Office (Word or Excel) and most formatting is maintained. (Note: This does not apply when using Safari.)

      • Images are pasted inline and automatically added to the item as attachments.
      • Toolbar copy/paste buttons are now replaced with keyboard options. When pasting, a bubble notification will appear with keyboard options.

  • The browser's native spell check is now accessible: cmd or ctrl + right-click.
  • Table support

      • Now you can select, copy and paste cells (rather than the content) more like Excel.


      • For editing, the pencil icon has been replaced with the more familiar in-context right-click trigger.


      • Easily add a blank line above or below a table. When a table is directly against the edge of a rich text field, blue highlights guide you to select a button and add a line. No more hunting for the edge of a table!               


Improved User Guide

  • Help documentation has been deep cleaned and reorganized with users in mind.
  • Features include an improved glossary, "quick find" topics and sections for project, organization and system administrators.
  • A new content management system allows for more efficient updates, better search display and more clear and accurate content.


New category "DEFECT" available on item types, if set then will be returned in v1 via GET /itemtypes

These updates can be found in the REST API Lab.
  • testruns - PUT and PATCH updates. These are located in labs as the changes are considered breaking for the existing v1 versions. The intent is to have the updates align with the item type field configuration and not mimic the Test Execution UI. Custom field updates are included.
  • activities - New event types to provide more refined detail.  BATCH_CREATE, BATCH_UPDATE,   BATCH_DELETE,  COPY,  BATCH_COPY, MOVE


SOS-DEF-993: New user on-boarding flow does not provide password strength hints, so users get stuck trying to enter Jama for the first time.
SOS-DEF-1362: Save New Item or Add Related shows a ghost modal that shows up after a user selects Save.
SOS-DEF-1552: Insert New button in List and Reading View is not enabled.
SOS-DEF-1666: When exporting Test Runs that contain rich text test steps, HTML is visible in the report.
SOS-DEF-1814: Rows do not line up in Trace View.
SOS-DEF-1901: Test case status does not display in Related Item pop-up.
SOS-DEF-2093: Clearing the value of pre-defined date fields will set the date to 12/31/1969.
SOS-DEF-2169: Update Moderator button is not visible in the Review Center Table View.
SOS-DEF-219/MAIN-BUG-360/SOS-BUG-209: Adding widgets to some item types will throw error "Item Type Key XX is already being used by Item Type: YY."
SOS-DEF-2307: When using a custom field, numbered and bullet lists do not display correctly in Reading View.
SOS-DEF-2312: While viewing a Test Run in single item or reading view, HTML tags appear if created from a test case with rich text steps.
SOS-DEF-2460: Review Center Compare function may through illegible error.
SOS-DEF-2466: User who has not defined a Current Project by viewing will receive NullPointerException on filters with "is under" operator.
SOS-DEF-2495: Browser freezes on reviews that contain an item with deleted text that was previously highlighted.
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