Jama Connect Cloud Release Notes 8.25+

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Jama Connect 8.41 - Cloud

Release date AU/US/EMEA: 2019/09/06

Risk traceability

For customers with Risk Management licensing, Jama Connect now offers visibility to items that are linked to risks across the application. In most views (excluding reviews and baselines), you can configure fields to add the risk core field and see risk linked items in the context of Reading, List or Trace View and their exports. Additionally, selecting the risk icon opens a side panel where you can see the analyses and the risk IDs where the item is linked. Select those links to navigate to the associated risk or analysis.


Improved image options in Rich Text Editor

  • When expanding an image to see it at full size, the system will now use a white background instead of black for better clarity.
  • Images larger than the browser window can be scrolled.
  • For on-premise customers, the file attachment whitelist will now be honored for the rich text editor. This means file types such as SVG can now be added according to your IT security policies.


Baseline defaults to List View

Due to popular demand, the default view for a selected baseline has been changed to the list of baselined items. Select the home icon to access baseline details.


Column resizing in risk analyses

You can now click and drag to adjust the column width in risk analyses to fit your data and improve readability.

Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-4365/SOS-DEF-530/SOS-BUG-1013    Single Item View's link widget does not show more than 20 links.

Jama Connect 8.40 - Cloud

Release date AU: 2019/08/02
Release date US/EMEA: 2019/08/02

Risk/benefit analysis 

With the added EVALUATE RISKS column, your team can add necessary notes about each risk during a risk/benefit analysis. 

Resolved issues

Inconsistent validation of the custom URL field

Customers reported difficulty with integrations and data entry into the custom URL due to inconsistent validation and limitation to the format of http://www.example.com. This includes:

SOS-DEF-3992 Custom URL field requirements are more stringent on adding than on editing.

SOS-DEF-318 URL field validation was updated to require http://www.domain.com format. (SOS-BUG-520) 

SOS-DEF-2313 Updating an item's URL field with REST API doesn't work unless the URL includes .com.


Other resolved issues

SOS-DEF-1584 Calculated fields are not re-calculated when a related item is updated.
SOS-DEF-2874 Calculated field adds values from related items that were deleted.
SOS-DEF-4263 Custom field Flag defaults to "False" on pre-existing items but the actual value is null.
SOS-DEF-4294 Folder has "phantom" status when imported through the Data Import Wizard.
SOS-DEF-4338 Horizontal scrollbar overlaps SET RANKINGS and ADJUST RANKINGS on risk analysis.
SOS-DEF-4341 Updating license does not take effect consistently.

Jama Connect 8.39 Cloud

Release date AU: 2019/07/12 Release date US/EMEA: 2019/07/13

Traceability from risk management to project items

You can now see what risks and analyses have links to an item from Single Item View. When enabled by an administrator, this feature shows a count of linked risks next to a flame icon.

You can select the name of a risk analysis to be taken to that analysis, or select a specific risk ID and you will see that risk highlighted in blue in context of the analysis. 

REST API: Improved batch delete restoration

When performing batch deletes, the previous restoration process required "all or nothing" restorations. With the improved API, you can restore individual child items without having to restore the entire batch deletion.

Note: Restoration of a child item will necessarily restore its parent container. Also, this restore does not block future restoration of other child items.

Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-529:          Review item fields are not in the correct order in Reading View or Single Item View. (SOS-BUG-813)
SOS-DEF-1640:        Comment count in List View does not update to reflect the correct count after a comment is deleted.
SOS-DEF-4258:        User is unable to move a set to the root of the project via API. 
SOS-DEF-4265:        Bar charts on dashboard are not sorting in requested order, but rather by number of results.
SOS-DEF-4268:        Expanding the Change project dialogue box results in empty white space in expanded area.
SOS-DEF-4308:        User can enter too large of search string for adding links in Risk Management.


Jama Connect 8.38 Cloud

Release date: 2019/06/07 US/EMEA/AU

Keep track of risks

Risk IDs are now visible at the beginning of each row in a risk analysis. You cannot edit or customize risk IDs, but you can sort them in ascending or descending order by selecting the column header.

REST API non-breaking changes migrated from /labs to /v1


     POST /projects/{projectId}/itemtypes/{itemTypeId}

     DELETE /projects/{projectId}/itemtypes/{itemTypeId}

     POST /itemtypes/

     POST /itemtypes/{itemTypeId}/fields

Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-955      Sorting by project in the reviews table view does not sort alphabetically.
SOS-DEF-2034 Swagger does not work when customer is using reverse proxy, potentially affecting integrations.
SOS-DEF-2250 Related items links are missing from a review after being converted to another item type. 
SOS-DEF-2687 User is able to create tag names in the REST API that exceed the maximum length limit.
SOS-DEF-2688 When entering an invalid request in GET for files in the REST API, validation status does not display.
SOS-DEF-3022 Trace View filters misalign when right panel is extended toward the left side.
SOS-DEF-4233 A filter that contains common characters after percent encoding (eg. %20) displays incorrect filter name in Trace View.
SOS-DEF-4248 POST /itemstypes allows users to synchronize disallowed widgets.
JA-DEF-131 Velocity reports randomly fail in clustered environments. 

Jama Connect 8.37 Cloud

Release date: 2019/05/10 US/EMEA/AU

More efficient user picker

The current user is now located at the top of the user picker for quicker selection.

REST API non-breaking changes migrated from /labs to /v1


     GET /activities - includes additional events and item type data


     POST /picklists
     DELETE /picklists/{picklistId}


Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-378:    Text items can be related to regular items through the Explorer Tree, but not through search. (MAIN-BUG-328, SOS-BUG-327).
SOS-DEF-488:    Unable to resize the column farthest to the right in List View if all the columns fit within the browser window. (SOS-BUG-542)
SOS-DEF-492:   Style inconsistencies exist in rich text tables.
SOS-DEF-531:    Item notification links change once new revision is published. (SOS-BUG-787)
SOS-DEF-602:    Selecting Projects while in Admin does not display the last project in the list if you have 15+ projects/folders. (SOS-BUG-949)
SOS-DEF-620:    In Admin > Collaboration settings, "Only allow emails with these email domains" doesn't allow domains with symbols such as "-" or "_". (SOS-BUG-605)
SOS-DEF-633:    List View filter facet does not filter out results when exported. (SOS-BUG-802)
SOS-DEF-672:    User can't scroll through item type dropdown when using Actions > Convert to. (SOS-BUG-719)
SOS-DEF-1148:    Lookup fields are auto-populated, on item creation, even though no pick list option is set to "Default".
SOS-DEF-1790:    Update moderators is not available from the Actions menu in a review when "Let approvers add reviewers" is unchecked.
SOS-DEF-2134:    Custom fields of type URL give an "invalid URL" error if input contains ":" symbol.
SOS-DEF-2231:    User is not notified when filter searches containing embedded filters reach top limit and search results are affected.
SOS-DEF-2257:    Tags with a name starting with "#" do not open when selected.
SOS-DEF-2986:    Single Item View of reviews reformats various text options so that they don't match the item.
SOS-DEF-2992:    Export from Trace View generated by a search with spaces returns empty results.
SOS-DEF-3068:    Users with ø letter or umlauts in their first/last names will not be displayed correctly in the User Profile link.
SOS-DEF-3093:   Pie chart value "Max Elements to Show" displays less one option that what's configured.
SOS-DEF-4072:    System Health Report email links' destinations are incorrect.

Jama Connect 8.36 Cloud

Release date cloud: 2019/04/13 US/EMEA/AU 

Risk Management Center:  FMEA Templates

  • FMEA templates in Risk Management:  A new FMEA starter template is available for risk administrators to create custom templates to support conducting Failure Mode and Effects Analyses in Jama Connect. This template was created based on feedback from our customers, consultants, and knowledge of the IEC 60812 standard.  

Risk Management Center:  Usability 

  • Risk analyses can now be filtered by keyword to help users find the analysis they're looking for. 
  • With the changes to how risk level calculations are displayed (as of 8.35) and the introduction of FMEA, the filter panel in the risk analysis allows users to view and focus their filter criteria. 

  • Risk analysis and template names are now editable inline, in order to be consistent with the editing experience in the Trace View. 
  • All input field definitions are exported with a risk analysis in MS Excel. Previously only rankings and matrices were exported in the Definitions tab. 
  • On the risk management home page, users can now page through their available analyses using the "Load more" functionality seen on the Jama Connect Home page. "Load more" works for both recently viewed risk analyses and bookmarked analyses. 
  • Users can now see an indication of risk analyses that are currently locked for editing by another user on the risk management home page. 
  • Risk administrators can now choose up to 12 options for a risk matrix. Previously only six options were available.  

WIRIS MathType for Airgap/Self-hosted 

  • Self-hosted customers with a requirement to keep traffic inside their firewall can now get a MathType license that allows you to use MathType from a local MathType server.  This way users can enter math and chemistry equations in rich text fields, without calls or responses outside your protected environment.   

Learn More Tab Update 

The "Learn more" tab has been updated to provide links to helpful Jama Connect content. 


Resolved Issues 

SOS-DEF-403, MAIN-BUG-357, SOS-BUG-342:  Reviewer will receive an error when attempting to delete a comment of type Proposed Change in Review Center. 
SOS-DEF-476, MAIN-BUG-145, SOS-BUG-249:  Data in Word export doesn't include fields that exist in downstream items if the field doesn't exist on the exported item. 
SOS-DEF-635, SOS-BUG-847:  Unable to save a sub-item from created from an item that is locked by workflow. 
SOS-DEF-1088:  Relationship status column not showing correct value in Dashboard and Coverage Explorer. 
SOS-DEF-1201:  'Switch Direction' option from the Visual layout view of the Relationship widget does not work and user prompted with incorrect message: "You don't have permissions to perform this action". 
SOS-DEF-1961:  Exporting Word templates in .docx format results in a .doc export. 
SOS-DEF-2153:  Approvers who do not have read access to the project will receive an incorrect permissions error when approving any item that has an Item of Type field. 
SOS-DEF-2340:  Self-hosted Replicated installs JMX (Java Monitoring) will not work for Elasticsearch and Diff services. 
SOS-DEF-2469:  Mail Merge <<Project>> field on related items does not work when exporting from List/Reading View. 
SOS-DEF-2524:  If the threshold of active creator licenses is reached, new users can't be added to Jama via Crowd sync. 
SOS-DEF-2774:  Refresh button is not working from Review Center Stats view. 

Jama Connect 8.35 Cloud

Release date AU: 2019/03/15 
Release date US/EMEA:2019/03/16

Risk Management Center updates

New capabilities have been added to Risk Management Center so you can:

  • Bookmark analyses to keep important ones at the top of the list.

  • Filter analyses by user's role.

  • Add multiple links on alltextfields.

  • Customize risk value levels (numbers or text) for your risk analysis process.

  • Modify columns in the risk analysis template by changing the name, description, and allowing links.

Reading View improvements 

We have changed Reading View text sizes, styling, and spacing to bring 25-30% more content onto each screen. This improves readability and saves time, especially for those who write each requirement as a short statement instead of longer prose. 

Item type widgets removed 

The support has ended for item type widgets "Selenium" & "Test Results (legacy)" and you can no longer configure them. 


Projects dashboard updated  

The project dashboard has been updated to bring more clarity and align styles with Jama Analyze. 


Resolved issues  

SOS-DEF-1068    Authentication: Crowd sync fails if a group and user in that group are deleted before the next crowd sync. 
SOS-DEF-1576    Review Center "Copy Link" is a different URL than just clicking on a review, leads to a "Oh no!" page. 
SOS-DEF-2521    Crowd sync fails completely if there is at least one invalid user in the Crowd database. 
SOS-DEF-2697    LDAP sync fails if any Jama accounts have associated LDAP entries without last name. 
SOS-DEF-4056    System report "Test Plan Summary" fails with error when exported to Word. 
SOS-DEF-4060    Inconsistent HTML tags display in steps of Test Runs even though Rich Text is enabled. 
SOS-DEF-4070    Null pointer exception/500 error may occur when trying to access parts of the application that use thebackingOrgLicenseCache. 



Jama Connect 8.34 Cloud

AU release date: 2019/02/15
US/EMEA release date: 2019/02/16 

Improved security 

Annual security penetration evaluation completed 

  • Focus primarily on removing potential cross scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities 

Upgraded to OpenJDK from Oracle JDK 

  • Required to remain in alignment with new Oracle licensing changes and continue receiving security updates 
  • Regression testing showed all systems function as expected after this upgrade 


Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-1916    Editing a CKeditor field from List View removes content between angle brackets. 
SOS-DEF-2374    While inline editing in List View, when pressing enter, the cursor focus no longer steps down to the next row’s field on the same column. 
SOS-DEF-3099    Progress bar gets stuck for Word exports with images on newer Ubuntu versions via Velocity reports. 
SOS-DEF-3125    Keyboard input sometimes does not show up in the comment box when doing @mentions with IE11 and > ~1200 users. 
SOS-DEF-3143    Relating multiple items at a time results in non-deterministic paginated sorting. 
SOS-DEF-3991    REST API "GET Upstream/Downstream related items" has non-deterministic sort order. 


Known Issues

SOS-DEF-4049 DaisyDiff in Java 11 environment compares HTML with different results than Java 8 environment.
SOS-DEF-4053 User cannot un-subscribe from an item from the Actions menu in the Single Item View.

Jama Connect 8.33 Cloud

Release date AU: 2019/01/11
Release date US/EMEA: 2019/01/12

Risk management is here! 

Now, your organization can use Jama Connect to organize and conduct a risk analysis for your products.

  • Comes with a starter template based on ISO 14971. A user with risk administrator permissions can modify templates to adapt to your needs.

  • Risk moderators create an analysis from the template and invite participants.

  • Add links to Jama Connect items to document risk control.
  • Export the analysis to Excel.


Risk Management requires additional licensing for your organization, as well as creator, stakeholder or test runner licenses for all risk management participants. Contact your Jama Software account manager for more information.


Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-764: In List View, inline editing a predefined date field does not save the value.

SOS-DEF-3044: Batch edits of multi-select fields will save different content than the user selected. 

Jama Connect 8.32 Cloud

Release date: 2018/11/09 US/EMEA

New capabilities

Jama's SAML service is now available for use by on-premises customers. See the FAQ for details.


Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-2494: GET /tags/{id}/items returns unexpected results.
SOS-DEF-2934: All notifications from Reviews fail to be generated for data sets with multiple organizations.
SOS-DEF-2990: Trace view relationships not displaying for users without explicit Read permissions.
SOS-DEF-3011: Trial import failing in Jama Analyze from Jama Connect due to deleted historical data involving GET "/rest/labs/activities". 

Jama Connect 8.31 Cloud

Release date: 2018/10/12 AU. Release date: 2018/10/13 US/EMEA
Jama Cloud has been updated.

New capabilities

Filter Trace View

Items often have multiple upstream or downstream relationships to other items of different item types. This can make analyzing relationships for context, completion, or correctness difficult.  You can now filter the items you see in Trace View by item type. This way you can better focus on the relationships you want to analyze.

Username and password required for electronic signatures

Jama Connect continues to help customers focused on achieving compliance with CRF Part 11. When leaving an electronic signature in reviews or baselines, users are now required to enter a username and password.


Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-1354:  For projects with many attachments, loading images embedded in items is intermittently slow on the hosted environment.

SOS-DEF-2864: Jama UI may show user a Session Expired dialog, but a background HTTP GET call keeps the user session alive.





Jama Connect 8.30 Cloud

Release date:  2018/09/14 AU, 2018/09/15 EMEA/US                      

Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-2780: There is an inconsistency in ordering between baseline list view and the baseline due to change in globalSortOrder, affecting report output. 

Jama Connect 8.29 Cloud

Release Date Hosted: 2018/08/17 AU, 2018/08/18 EMEA/US

Resolved issues

SOS-DEF-390: Imported items from Excel that include dates will populate date field with the day prior to actual data.

SOS-DEF-2669: Field mappings are not visible in the JIRA Connector.

Jama Connect 8.28 Cloud

Release Date Hosted: 2018/07/20 AU, 2018/07/21 EMEA/US




        • Jama Connect GET /filters endpoint now has ability to specify filter scope and projectID is optional
        • Last Activity Date option to v1/filters/{id}/results endpoints to allow better filtering scope control



SOS-DEF-2095: Organization administrator may receive an exception when trying to edit a user group.
SOS-DEF-2386: REST API: GET /baselines/{baselineId}/versioneditems/{itemId}/versionedrelationships is slow on larger data sets.
SOS-DEF-2440: Reuse and Sync tool will create duplicate relationships when certain options are selected.

Jama Connect 8.27 Hosted

Release Date Hosted: 2018/06/22 AU, 2018/06/23 EMEA/US



Accessibility improvements for keyboard editing in Projects > List View.



SOS-DEF-2139: Forgot Password email not sent. 

Jama Connect 8.26 Hosted

Release Date: 2018/06/01 AU, 2018/06/02 EMEA/US

New Capabilities:

Accessibility improvements: improved support for keyboard navigation for fields in the single item view, both in viewing and edit modes.

Resolved Issues:

SOS-DEF-1830: Wrong filter results may be returned if embedded filters contain a Global ID rule.

SOS-DEF-1995: Filters containing "Has Test Case" condition for Test Run item type return 0 results.

Jama Connect 8.25 Hosted

Release Date Hosted: 2018/04/27

Introducing Jama Analyze:

Build on product development data your teams are generating from other tools—like Jama Connect, Jira Software, and GitHub—to get a far-reaching view into performance across teams. Learn more.

New Capabilities:

Verification and Validation

Now, your organization can more easily create, view and review test data. Here are the changes:

        • Test runs in Trace View:  Quality Engineers and Product Development leaders can now see your test data in the larger context of verification and validation. 


        • Test data in reviews: Now both your test plan approach and your results can be reviewed and signed as part of your quality process. Simply select Send for review from the test plan or test cycle menus. You can also send a single test run for review.

        • Test runner license: This new tailor-made license gives testers all the permissions they need to create test plans, execute tests, and manage defects. 
        • Restore test run order: This new button restores the original order after sorting with columns. For older data, a project reindex may be required to properly restore the order.

CKEditor upgrade to version 4.9 brings rich text enhancements:

        • Copy/paste and image support

            • Paste text and images from MS Office (Word or Excel) and most formatting is maintained. (Note: This does not apply when using Safari.)

            • Images are pasted inline and automatically added to the item as attachments.
            • Toolbar copy/paste buttons are now replaced with keyboard options. When pasting, a bubble notification will appear with keyboard options.

        • The browser's native spell check is now accessible: cmd or ctrl + right-click.
        • Table support

            • Now you can select, copy and paste cells (rather than the content) more like Excel.


            • For editing, the pencil icon has been replaced with the more familiar in-context right-click trigger.


            • Easily add a blank line above or below a table. When a table is directly against the edge of a rich text field, blue highlights guide you to select a button and add a line. No more hunting for the edge of a table!               


Improved User Guide

        • Help documentation has been deep cleaned and reorganized with users in mind.
        • Features include an improved glossary, "quick find" topics and sections for project, organization and system administrators.
        • A new content management system allows for more efficient updates, better search display and more clear and accurate content.


        New category "DEFECT" available on item types, if set then will be returned in v1 via GET /itemtypes

        These updates can be found in the

        • testruns - PUT and PATCH updates. These are located in labs as the changes are considered breaking for the existing v1 versions. The intent is to have the updates align with the item type field configuration and not mimic the Test Execution UI. Custom field updates are included.
        • activities - New event types to provide more refined detail.  BATCH_CREATE, BATCH_UPDATE,   BATCH_DELETE,  COPY,  BATCH_COPY, MOVE


        SOS-DEF-993: New user on-boarding flow does not provide password strength hints, so users get stuck trying to enter Jama for the first time.

        SOS-DEF-1362: Save New Item or Add Related shows a ghost modal that shows up after a user selects Save.

        SOS-DEF-1552: Insert New button in List and Reading View is not enabled.

        SOS-DEF-1666: When exporting Test Runs that contain rich text test steps, HTML is visible in the report.

        SOS-DEF-1814: Rows do not line up in Trace View.

        SOS-DEF-1901: Test case status does not display in Related Item pop-up.

        SOS-DEF-2093: Clearing the value of pre-defined date fields will set the date to 12/31/1969.

        SOS-DEF-2169: Update Moderator button is not visible in the Review Center Table View.

        SOS-DEF-219/MAIN-BUG-360/SOS-BUG-209: Adding widgets to some item types will throw error "Item Type Key XX is already being used by Item Type: YY."

        SOS-DEF-2307: When using a custom field, numbered and bullet lists do not display correctly in Reading View.

        SOS-DEF-2312: While viewing a Test Run in single item or reading view, HTML tags appear if created from a test case with rich text steps.

        SOS-DEF-2460: Review Center Compare function may through illegible error.

        SOS-DEF-2466: User who has not defined a Current Project by viewing will receive NullPointerException on filters with "is under" operator.

      SOS-DEF-2495: Browser freezes on reviews that contain an item with deleted text that was previously highlighted.
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