Introducing Chat Support

By Kristina posted 01-08-2020 16:04


Jama Software's customers use Connect for performing much of the product and system development process, from requirements and risk management to document approval. A common Jama customer goal is to work quicker and more efficiently. Sometimes your resident Connect expert has questions or Jama-related needs they cannot address, so they submit a support ticket. Our Customer Care team at Jama is responsive, but tickets with higher severity and greater impact always take priority over the everyday questions. Given that your organization uses Jama Connect to get things done faster, a day waiting for a response can seem like a week.

 We hear you: you'd like quick connection to Customer Care. After a trial this past autumn, Jama's Customer Care team is excited to launch Chat and engage with customers in a new, more accessible way. We hope to cut resolution times on those quick or easy questions to minutes rather than hours. In our trial, what we consider "1-touch" tickets that take 12- 24 hours to close were resolved in an average of 11 minutes after a chat window was opened.

 There are yet more benefits to this new channel. In addition to lessening wait time, chat support makes it easier for people with hearing impairments to work with a person in real-time. There is also live translation if you'd prefer to communicate in a language other than English. We will save these chats as tickets, too, so you won't lose an answer if you need to come back to it. 

Named support contacts can reach us by chat every weekday from 9 am Pacific to 5 pm Pacific by visiting

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