How to change the Export to Word Default template to remove extra carriage returns

By Matthew posted 01-27-2016 15:37

This article provides the instructions necessary to correct the extra lines that often occur when exporting using the Export to Word Default template. This template is an Organization level template; therefore, Organization Admin access is needed to perform the change.

Before changes are made to the Export to Word Default template, exports may have extra lines as shown below.

After changing the Export to Word Default template using the instructions contained within this article, exports no longer have extra lines.

1. Navigate to Exports > Office Templates > Export To Word Default.

2. Download a copy of the Export To Word Default template by selecting Download Template.

3. Open the Word document.
4. Right click on the Normal heading and select Modify.

5. From the Modify Style window select Paragraph from the lower left drop-down menu.

6. Set Spacing configuration as below.

7. Select OK to save configuration changes.
8. Save the document with a different file name.
9. In Jama navigate to Export > Office Templates > Export to Word Default > Edit.
10. Point Jama to the edited boilerplate document by selecting Choose File and then select Save Report.

Now that the Export to Word Default export is saved, it is ready to use.

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