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How to Update the Base URL and Change Existing URL References

By Matthew Godfrey posted 01-14-2016 21:07


The Base URL is the first part of all web addresses that Jama installations use. It can be thought of like the string starting with "HTTP" and ending with a /, so it encapsulates protocol (HTTP vs HTTPS) as well as hostname, at a minimum.

An example Base URL is There are times when the Base URL needs to be changed, a company changes names or there is a requirement for a test instance. This document provides the steps that need to be taken in order to update Base URL.

Updating the Base URL within Jama is a simple process that requires the user to log in with their Root credentials.

1. Log in as Root.
2. Select the Organizations tab.
3. Select Change URL from the Action field.

4. Enter the new URL in the New Base URL text box.
5. Select the Change URL button.

After changing the Base URL, the next step is to select the Fix URL References from the Action field which updates all URL references in Jama to the new value. If this step is not completed, Jama will still contain old URL references which can result in unpredictable behavior such as images not displaying in exports.

1. Enter the new URL in the To this URL text box.
2. Select the Fix URL References button.

3. Select Yes to complete.