Legacy JIRA Connector EOL Announcement

By Michael posted 02-08-2018 12:52


This notification is an end of life announcement for our in-app connectors for JIRA, Rally, and TFS. Their purpose is to sync data between Jama and the connected application. If your organization is using these connectors you will be able to see them when you click on the admin tab in the Jama toolbar at the top of your page. They will be at the bottom of the list as show in the orange box below. Jama now offers integrations through partners such as OpsHub and Tasktop which means in-app connectors are no longer necessary. Jama continues to partner with OpsHub, TaskTop, Intercax and others to offer integrations between Jama and other systems -- this announcement does not affect those integrations. 



This EOL notification applies to the following connectors:


I use one of those integrations -- what does that mean for me?

If you are running one of the legacy connectors, you will need to switch to one of our other integration options. Your Jama Account Manager can help you select the right integration tool for your needs, and work with you on a path to redeploy.


How long will I have to redeploy?

Jama will allow you to renew your legacy connector licenses through April 30, 2018. You will have up to a year to redeploy your integrations. The legacy connectors will be removed from the Jama application and no longer supported by the end of April 30, 2019.


What are my options for integrations?

If you would like to continue syncing data, there is a path from our legacy connectors to OpsHub's Integration Manager. Through a small engagement, Jama's Professional Services team will help you implement the new integration software and link existing synched data so it isn't duplicated. During the redeployment it is likely you will be operating OpsHub and the legacy integrations.


What are the benefits of moving to OpsHub?

OpsHub provides additional features beyond what Jama's legacy integration provides. In addition to bi-directional syncing provided by the legacy connector, OpsHub provides advanced mapping capabilities on a project level, as well as relationship and one to many syncing. OpsHub also has a hosted option for those customers not wishing to manage the integration on premises. Please see here for more information on on OpsHub.


Why the EOL?

Our mission at Jama is to enable engineers and innovators who develop the products that will define our future. To that end, one of our main goals has been to find the best of breed integration solutions to help our customers connect their development ecosystems. For over 3 years now Jama has been offering integrations through our partners because it allows our customers to get up and running with the different tools in their ecosystem faster. At Jama we want to allow our partners to solve the integration portion of the development process and allow us to focus on our core functionality of making Jama the complex product development platform of choice for our customers.


What do I do next?

Contact your Jama Account Manager to learn more about the process, licensing and the benefits of our new integrations powered by OpsHub. If you would like additional information you can also attend a webinar hosted by Jama on Streamlining your Systems Development ecosystem with OpsHub. You can register here https://go.jamasoftware.com/streamlining-systems-development-opshub-webinar-registration.html