Jama Version 2015.2 Help Guide Errata: Required Install Configurations include incorrect Java arguments

By Nicholas posted 11-17-2015 18:27

It is with regret that we have discovered an error in our 2015.2 Help Guide integrated into the release.  The Required Install Configurations sub-section of our Production System Requirements, section 8.1 (pages 525-526), provide the wrong Java arguments for Enterprise-sized installations.  Namely, the section recommends 24 GB of Java Heap with the following incorrect arguments:
  • -Xmx16384M
  • -Xms16384M
These flags indicate only 16 GB of memory.  During our testing of this release, our QA team determined that 16 GB of memory was not sufficient for Enterprise customers and increased the recommendation to 24 GB.  This was unfortunately not translated properly into the JVM flags.

The correct flags should read:
  • -Xmx24576M
  • -Xmx24576M