Updated Defects since 8.46

By Nisha posted 01-17-2020 14:02


  • SOS-DEF-4629- Review moderator with Project Admin permissions cannot assign Signer Role
    • Workaround - none, other than having org admin permissions
  • SOS-DEF-4612- Some dynamically generated URLs in the app don't work if the tenant's base URL has a trailing slash 
    •  Workaround - Remove the trailing slash from the base URL
  • SOS-DEF-4617- When filtering Change Requests, filter results differ from results shown in saved filter. 
    • Workaround - View results from "edit" filter view 
  • SOS-DEF-4625- Users without project admin permissions are unauthorized to assign test cases to test groups with the API 
    • Workaround - Assign the test case to a test group in the UI 
  • SOS-DEF-4638- Review Center: Export feature is exporting deleted comments 
    • Workaround - There is no workaround other than not making the comment in the
  • SOS-DEF-4646- Reporting: The Exports to Word from the list view cause tables to be out of alignment 
    • Workaround - NA (The table needs to be corrected after the export)
  • SOS-DEF-4660- Test Run steps Not rendering after Chrome 80 Update 
    • Workaround - Resize screen
  • SOS-DEF-4616- Custom parameters for word exports are not behaving as expected
    • Workaround - Create a different report and edit the parameters for it, or do not provide a custom parameter for default word export