Using notepad++ for BIRT and Velocity scripts is recommended. Any other options?

By redgatormc posted 12-23-2015 11:59

notepad++ "is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Running in the MS Windows environment, its use is governed by GPL License."

For odd languages and extensions like Velocity *.vm and BIRT *.rptdesign which are almost but not exactly like their base languages HTML and XML, respectively, the editor can be customized to recognize these extensions and highlight syntax:

Settings > Style Configurator... + highlight language like HTML for Velocity + add a user extension "vm" to the "user ext." list.

Now *.vm files will highlight like HTML, where Velocity extensions appear as comments.

Settings > Style Configurator... + highlight language like XML for BIRT + add a user extension "rptdesign" to the "user ext." list.

Now *.rptdesign files will highlight like XML.

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01-06-2016 13:49

By the way, I happened to found this page:

Velocity and Development Tools

These contributions from the user community can make developing with Velocity easier and more convenient. 

01-06-2016 13:41

I'm a fan of Notepad++ as well -- I don't typically use it for BIRT (I usually use the more resource-intensive Eclipse RCP Report Designer), but I've definitely been using with Jama for Velocity, logfiles, XML config files, etc.

12-30-2015 18:33

That certainly looks better than TextEdit ;)

12-30-2015 13:29

Go right ahead.

12-29-2015 16:08

For Velocity, I happen to use Textpad. It seems I did have to pay a nominal charge for it. It does just a little bit for formatting for my old and tired eyes :-) I'm sure that there are better and freer editors :-)

12-29-2015 15:59

I hear you on that, and you make good points about why this particular editor works well for BIRT and Velocity. Do you mind if I change this post to an article so others might view it as a highly suggested recommendation?

12-29-2015 15:56

I have no interest in the Notepad++ open source project. I just keep finding more things that Notepad++ is good for and spread the word. Nothing more luxurious than a high-functioning open source utility...

12-23-2015 18:57

Hey Red Gator!
I take it you've found it easier to create or edit these reporting files with Notepad++ rather than the OS-included text editor. (Either that, or you're paid well by Notepad++ to share this information with targeted parties.) Thanks for sharing what you have found! Any way to make advanced reporting easier is a great thing to share.