Introducing Live Traceability with the new Trace View

By Robin posted 11-30-2016 10:21


Traced product data is a goldmine of information describing how your product works, who built it, and why. Everyone should have access to this mission critical information, and the ability to contribute their expertise. Jama's new Trace View is designed to help

Starting in 8.10 users can trigger a Trace View from a list, a filter, or a release. 


With one click, immediately see items connected upstream and downstream from that source list of items.


Missing relationships, based on the relationship rules, are highlighted.


Take action immediately. Correct missing relationships by relating existing items...


...or by adding new related items directly from the view.


Adjust visible fields, reorder columns, and export your data to a .csv file to be further analyzed.


Returning to the view is simple with the ability to save, bookmark to your homepage, and the ability share the URL with other team members.



Seeing related data as you work should be easy. Context is essential to make great decisions. We're excited to provide the Trace View as a powerful tool to support that goal!



08-17-2017 05:21

Hello Team,

Thank you for the Trace View feature, our teams benefit greatly with the ease of its use.

Wondering if we could add a custom template for the export?

We are quite used to having different colors to differentiate folders and items, just wanted to carry that into the Trace view.

Thank you!

Vishal R

02-15-2017 10:44

Hi Lien,

Thanks for the feedback! We realized this challenge existed after the first release of Trace View. Next update we're moving the item detail view to a side panel (rather than in the pop up), which will have a lot more space to show data. If that side panel receives positive feedback we'll look at adding more content, including images and rendering full rich text content.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of the side panel, and if you'd still want to see images in that space or if you're still inclined to open the item in a new tab. 

Product Manager at Jama

02-15-2017 01:38

Firstly, the new feature Trace view is very welcome by our users. It tackles the need of viewing the related items at the different levels of the relationship at the same time.

There is still a limitation, in the trace view, there is only limited amount of content which could be seen (no diagram, no picture as well as only certain amount of characters ).

We notice the walk around:  user clicks on the id of an item, and the full content of the item will be showed in a separate tab.

It would be great, if there is a way, the pop up view or the trace view itself could show the full Richtext content of the selected item/ field. As such, there would be no interruption for our users’ flow of work.

Please let us know when there would be something related to this issue.

01-26-2017 01:47

Hi Anne,

Those two use cases are right in line with our thinking for the next round of Trace View enhancements! Our development team is currently working on Trace View usability enhancements based on recent customer feedback, as well as looking for what use cases are most requested that we should better support. 

1. Filtering the Trace View. The use cases we heard most were filtering by item type (e.g. only wanting to see downstream test cases, not defects), as well as by relationship type (e.g. only "verified by" related items). Your use case indicates a need for filtering results by project. I'll add that to the list of attributes we want to explore adding to future filtering capabilities.
Question: If you had the capability to filter by relationship type only, would that serve your need? Or could you have the same cross-project relationship type used for a given item, because it's traced to items across 2+ outside projects? 

2. Viewing Test Runs in the Trace View: This use case we've heard quite a bit, and are looking for feedback on how you might want to see test runs displayed.
Question: Is the most recent test run most important to you, or is viewing more or all of them necessary? Do you need to see the details of the test run, or just the name and status and other relatively short text fields?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and questions. It fuels our roadmap!

Product Manger at Jama

01-24-2017 05:04


I actually like the idea of the trace view - but I have two questions / remarks:

  1. How can I adjust the kind of traces I want to evaluate in the trace view?
    Use Case: When we duplicate our projects we create cross-traces from source-to-destination projects. We use different relationship types for relating cross-project traces and traces within a project. When I use the trace view I would typically be interested in only the traces within the project and I would like to have to opportunity to consider only those.

  2. The ability to trace-view down from test cases to test runs still seems not to be possible. I understand the technical difference between a trace (=releationship) and a test run hat has been derived from its test case, but when in comes to the interpretation of Specification -> Testcases -> Test Runs this is very similar and adds a lot of value to the view.