Better Focus in Review Center

By Robin posted 06-26-2017 15:27


Reviewing documents digitally is a major step toward working faster. Reviewing documents digitally with minimal friction between each stage, from draft to reviewed to signed off, is the next level of digital transformation that Jama is working to achieve for product development this year.


Here's what's coming to Review Center:

  • First up is the ability to see all changes inline in the new Compare Mode in Review Center. This decreases the number of clicks needed, and can give you a sense of how much has changed in a glance.
  • Also coming is the ability to compare the latest revision to any past revision of the review. This will come in handy if you participated in an early revision and want to see what has been modified since then.



This is the first of many planned updates to Jama's core features. We're taking a look at how data moves through our system, and enhancing those core workflows to be more consistent, intuitive, and designed with people first (rather than forcing people to adapt to the data). Let us know how this impacts the efficiency of your reviews!

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07-26-2017 12:21

This will be helpful to my stakeholders: "the ability to compare the latest revision to any past revision of the review. This will come in handy if you participated in an early revision and want to see what has been modified since then." So when will this feature become available? Thanks

07-18-2017 00:14

That's cool. Now it's easier to see changes inline and to get review results faster.

07-13-2017 23:55

Nice,  It would be good to also be able  compare to previous baselines in the review or versions of the item  as opposed to the previous review version which I'm assuming is what the verisons is referring to
We often will go through a review of a requirement and baseline it and then later may need to revise the requirement and review it again.  The reviewers would appreciate being able to see the differences without having to go to baseline view to compare.

07-10-2017 17:29

Thanks for the feedback! Looking forward to your thoughts once we release it after a bit more polishing.  

We have heard before that displaying many items at once is important, as is keeping your place when switching between views/modes. That is something we are keeping in mind as we polish how we render the Review Center compare mode efficiently and intuitively.

07-07-2017 12:22

Compare Mode in Review Center will be received really well at my company!  *Especially* the inline changes.  Thank you thank you thank you!!

06-30-2017 09:41

Good news Robin!  The ability to see previous versions has been on my wish list for awhile.  Seeing changes in-line wasn't on my list but I can see the value.  

The one comment or request (feel free to read that as 'plea') that I have is to not remove a capability when a similar new capability is added, at least not immediately, until you get user feedback on the 'proposition'.  For instance, remove the Trace Matrix view, 150 item limit capability - no problem.  Limit the number of items shown in a filtered list, and take away the option to show more on a single screen, because of the new "Filter Results" feature, please NO ...unless 'show more on the page/screen' is an option in the "Filter Results" dialog!

Looking forward to all the new stuff ....and thanks for listening!