Flush Mail Queue for On-Premises Customers

By Sara posted 01-17-2018 16:25


Jama will queue emails to be sent with every notification that is triggered. If your organization's mail server is down for any extended period of time, then these emails will wait to be sent. When your issue resolves, your users will receive the pending emails. For example, if your users are subscribed to changes or comments in Jama and already receive several emails a day, the email backlog may be large and outdated. If you would like to stop these emails from being sent, you can update the database to mark them as "sent" rather than "pending." This way, your emails are saved in the database, but they will not be delivered.

First, you will want to back up your database. Next, run a query in your database to change the 'status' field of every entry in the 'email' table to sent. 

Please feel free to open a ticket with jama support (support@jamasoftware.com) if you need assistance with this query.