Self-Service Reports Development on your Hosted Environment

By Shawnna posted 01-03-2017 13:23


Jama’s on premises customers have long been able to develop their own custom reports, but until now hosted customers have been required to have a services engagement if they want to upload their own reports. 

However, if you are a hosted customer and want to develop your own custom reports, you can now develop your own. The following describes the process for creating your own local Jama installation for development and testing and the process required to have Jama upload the new report.

Skills Required
If you are considering designing reports in-house, we’ve compiled the following list of key skills needed to create reports:

SQL (Structured Query Language): BIRT reports are based on SQL queries that pull data directly from the Jama database. The reports developer should have a solid understanding of Selects, Inner and Outer Joins and Sub-Select queries.

Report/Development IDEs: BIRT is based on Eclipse so familiarity with an IDE (Interactive Design Environment) is very helpful. You will need to install, configure and work with the report designer.

JavaScript: Fancy report manipulation, calculated fields and other functions use JavaScript within the BIRT report. A basic understanding of JavaScript functions and syntax will be important, especially for complex reports.

HTML: Velocity reporting is a Java-based reporting engine thatuses HTML for displaying the data. A basic understanding of HTML table structure will be useful in order to properly display your data.

Java: The reports developer does not need to know Java, but does need to have a familiarity with Java or another object oriented computer language. An ability to debug the code is essential for success in programming with Velocity.

It is very important to develop on a Sandbox environment in order to maintain the integrity of your production data. Contact your Account Manager to inquire about getting a license for your own on-premises sandbox.

Prepare your sandbox server for Jama (See instructions for 8.x and 2015.5). Once the installation is complete, apply the sandbox license to this instance of Jama. 

Now you are ready to develop and test your Jama reports!

For help getting started with BIRT, watch the training video at:

For help getting started with Velocity, watch the training video at:

These are old videos, but the basic instruction is still sound.

Submitting the report to Jama
Once you are satisfied with your report and would like to have it uploaded to your hosted instance, you should email the following to

  • the report file
  • a .doc containing a screenshot of the report setup page and your Jama URL

This will create a ticket with the Customer Care team, who will then confirm when the report is uploaded. Support will look over the report to make sure there are no security issues, and will then upload the report to your hosted instance. If security issues are found, we will notify you of our concerns via the ticket. Note: JavaScript is not allowed in any custom reports.

A few things to remember
It does take time for the security review, so please allow a few days for the report to be checked and uploaded. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner, but cannot promise immediate action.

We will not check to make sure your report works once we upload it. If it doesn’t work, we can work with you to determine why, in case it is a set up error. However, you are responsible for the development and testing of your custom report, as Customer Care's effort will be time-boxed.