Atlassian Account changes may affect Jama/JIRA integration

By Steve posted 06-01-2017 12:06

Atlassian has made some changes to account verification with JIRA that may cause a sync with Jama to stop. This will affect some users of the JIRA Cloud, but not those who host their own JIRA instance.

Users will need to go through Atlassian’s account change and verification process with the user setup for the integration if they appear to be affected. This can be done via; users should log in with their JIRA user utilized for the sync. You may be required to change the JIRA password because Atlassian consolidated all their user accounts to be unique per email. Once you go through this process, you should be able to sync Jama with JIRA again.

If you have questions about this, or any other issues with the JIH or TIH, please visit

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