Welcome to our REST Lab!

By Steve posted 12-01-2017 16:07

At Jama Software we take our REST API versioning very seriously. We want our customers and partners to bring Jama into their ecosystem without fear of broken integrations after an upgrade or opting not to upgrade at all.

We are also very interested in providing new endpoints or updates to existing areas to receive feedback, provide new capabilities and to avoid a constant versioning of REST.  So to meet all these requirements we've opted to introduce labs. The first endpoints available are focused on administration of item types.

The endpoints in labs have been created with the same rigor as our versioned endpoints, however we reserve the right to alter or remove. There is also potential for endpoints to "graduate" from the lab and move into a versioned release of REST. At this point the endpoint would no longer be available in labs.

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12-15-2017 01:09

I love the teapot : https://yourserver/rest/labs/teapot