Introducing Sift: Enhance Jama Connect's capabilities to import Microsoft Word documents

By Tara posted 06-29-2018 12:29


The Jama Product Development platform can help you and your teams transform your product development process. 

We are very excited to announce the add-on of Sift, a third-party application offered by TipWinns, to Jama Connect. The software add-on intelligently formats any Microsoft .doc, Microsoft .docx, or PDF document into a requirements document with functional specificationsThis new formatted document can be imported into Jama Connect, eliminating wasted time and shortening time to market.   

thumbnail image

After importing
 a Microsoft .doc or .docx document, the formatted headings of the document seamlessly convert to a hierarchical format which creates sub-items. Sift detects the paragraphs that contain the words "shall", "must", and "will" and transforms the raw text to requirements, streamlining the conversion process and eliminating wasted time manually formatting text.  

thumbnail imageMicrosoft .doc Document

thumbnail imageSift filters "shall", "must", and "will" which indicate requirements

thumbnail imageSift converts raw text to an itemized requirement based on the filters 

thumbnail imageThe final result: A formatted requirements document which can be easily imported into Jama

The add-on is a helpful tool for
 engineers and engineering managers looking for a quick and effective way of converting numerous legacy Microsoft Word documents into requirements documents that can easily be imported into Jama Connect.  

If you would like to find out more details about our enhanced ability to migrate existing document-based requirements to Jama Connect, please contact your Professional Services Consultant, Account Manager or contact us here.