Announcing Jama Connect Release 8.31

By Tara posted 10-09-2018 14:29


What's New in the Jama Product Development Platform

We are excited to announce several enhancements to the latest release of Jama Connect 8.31, aimed to help get teams accelerating their product development process

Jama Connect 8.31 Highlighted Features 

Cloud and Self-Hosted Customers  

Filtering in Trace View 

With the latest enhancement to Trace View, Jama Connect users can filter views by item type to focus on specific product development situations. They can also save and export filters to share information easily across teams.   

Self-hosted Customers 

Single-Sign On

Leverage Jama’s SAML service to connect to your identity provider. Login once to access multiple services and save resources on password management.

- The SAML feature is projected to be available to customers November 2018.

Electronic Signatures 

For CRF Part-11 sensitive users, we have added the user name to electronic signatures to conform to their signature requirement.

Jama Analyze 2018.6

With the latest enhancements released in  Jama Analyze, users can save time building metrics and dashboards instantaneously without having to import filters one-by-one. Product teams can import Bulk Jira Query Languages and build metrics from their saved filters in Jama Connect, streamlining the process of creating default dashboards.

You can find more information by visiting  or viewing our What’s New Video


10-23-2018 17:49

What an easy to read document and I agree with @Chloe - the visuals are excellent! ​

10-10-2018 18:23

This is excellent, very excited for these new features! The visuals in this article are great!