• 8.63 - Content Header Design

    As part of the Jama Connect 8.63.0 Cloud release, an update to the content header for components and items resulted in abnormal database behavior and sporadic performance issues. As soon as Jama Software Support identified the issue the new feature was turned off, which returned the content headers to their previous design (as seen in 8.62.0 and prior).

    No functionality or data has been lost. 8.63.1 Release to release the new header design has now been scheduled for Tuesday, August 3rd for North America and EMEA, and Wednesday, August 4th for Australia/APAC.
  • Jama Software® Applies NLP to Requirements Management

    Jama Software® Applies NLP to Requirements Management with Requirments Advisor Beta from Jama Labs.

    No Cost for a Limited Time.
  • Jama Connect 101 Training: A Deep Dive Into the Platform

    Thursday, June 17 at 5:00 p.m. CEST / 8:00 a.m. PST

    Jama Software’s onboarding process is thorough and comprehensive, but because our platform is so powerful and customizable, ongoing training is key to continued success.

    We invite you to join us for this special opportunity as Jama Software expert, Erin Wilson, leads an information-packed workshop for Jama Connect users. In addition to an overview of the platform and how to use it, this approximately two-hour session will also guide users through Jama Connect's test management functionality, train users on how to create test cases, test plans, and test cycles, as well as how to execute test runs and create defects. 

    This in-depth workshop will also cover Jama Connect Review Center and outline the roles of the moderator and review participants while providing industry recommended best practices.

    Register now to get a complete overview of the Jama Connect platform, and walk away with knowledge of how to:  

    • Leverage dashboards to display critical project information
    • Author high quality requirements and test cases
    • Collaborate within Jama Connect across multiple teams
    • Create and view traceability

    This training is especially helpful for new customers, new users within existing teams, or those who need a refresher course. 

    Erin Wilson

    Principal Business Consultant
    Jama Software

  • Jama Labs Invitation: Requirements Advisor Beta

    Hello, all members of the Jama User Community are Invited to use the new, Free (for a limited time) Jama Labs Requirements Advisor Beta. Just go to

    Why Use This Beta?
    • Improve the quality and usability of your requirements.
    • Save time authoring, reviewing, and updating requirement statements.
    • Continuously enhance team requirements authoring skills with regular use.
    • Deliver programs and projects on time and on budget with long-term success.
    Jama Labs looks forward to hearing about your experience using this Beta.

    Thanks for your attention! 

    Joseph Pitarresi
    Jama Labs Sr. Innovation Manager
  • Postponed Standard Release and New 2021 Release Schedule

    Our Jama Software Product team has made the decision to postpone the release of Self-Hosted 8.62.0 to June 4, 2021 (which was previously scheduled as 8.61 Standard for May 5, 2021.)

    This decision will allow our team time to finalize validation on more complicated deployment upgrade and install scenarios, particularly as it relates to MS SQL Server.

    The updated schedule through year-end is as follows:

    Jama Connect Release Schedule

    Release Planned Dates  End of Life (EOL)
    8.61.1 Cloud May 13, 2021
    8.62.0 Cloud June 4, 2021
    8.62.0 Standard June 4, 2021
    8.63.0 Cloud June 25, 2021
    8.64.0 Cloud July 23, 2021
    8.65.0 Cloud August 20, 2021
    8.66.0 Cloud September 17, 2021
    8.67.0 Cloud October 15, 2021
    8.67.0 Self-Hosted October 27, 2021 IE11 Support Ends
    8.68.0 Cloud November 12, 2021
    8.69.0 Cloud December 10, 2021
  • Change to support processes for OpsHub customers

    Many customers use OpsHub for integrating other tools with Jama Connect. We've found that in many cases your questions are quite advanced and best addressed by OpsHub directly. As a result, we're streamlining our OpsHub integrations support process.

    Starting Monday, February 8, 2021 all support for OpsHub will be handled by OpsHub directly. You will receive an invitation directly from OpsHub to register for their help portal.

    • If you have a new OpsHub question or issue, complete registration for an OpsHub Service Now account and create a ticket.  
    • If you have an open ticket with Jama Support regarding OpsHub, no need to take any action. We'll close that out with you directly.
    • If you aren't sure if an issue is a Jama or OpsHub issue, feel free to contact Jama Support first and we'll help you figure that out.

    We would like to introduce you to Bhavna Bahal, our primary partner contact at OpsHub. If you have any questions about the change, she’s available to help.

  • Episode 3: Optimization Webinar Series

    An ideal product development process requires close collaboration between teams, up-to-date knowledge of applicable regulations, and an efficient requirements management platform for defining, verifying, and validating requirements. However, not every manager is convinced that his or her team needs to do a better job on requirements development and management, or that such an investment will pay off —despite numerous industry studies which indicate that requirements issues are a pervasive cause of project distress.

    In the third episode of our Optimize with Jama Connect webinar series, we’ll cover some of the ways our customers have used Jama Connect to improve not only their requirements, risk, and test management processes, but also their end-to-end product development process and outcomes.

    Class takes place Wednesday, February 10th at 8:00am PT | 17:00 CET

  • Episode 2: Optimization Webinar Series

    Join Steven Meadows, Solutions Lead at Jama Software in Episode 2 of our Optimization Webinar Series: Managing Product Development Complexities Across Hardware and Software Teams. 

    Class takes place Thursday, January 14 at 8:00am PT | 17:00 CET 

  • Episode 1: Standardizing Requirements Management Across the Organization

    Our three-part webinar series, Optimize with Jama Connect, is kicking off on Wednesday December 9 with our first episode on standardizing requirements management across the organization. Register now and learn from Jama experts about the benefits of defining, deploying, and enforcing requirements management standards for your organization!
  • Optimization Series

    We're happy to introduce Optimize with Jama Connect, our 3-part webinar series where we’ll highlight, in just 30 minutes, how Jama Connect can help you optimize your product and systems development process. Register now to save your spot!
  • Introducing Jama Connect for Airborne Systems

    Jama Software Launches Requirements Management Solution for Aircraft Systems Development in the Aerospace Industry!

    Learn more about this new launch in our Press Release!
  • Jama Software Top Tasks Survey

    Have 5 minutes? 

    Tell us which Jama Connect tasks are most important to you. Your responses will help us prioritize how we present the product in documentation and enhance the UI, so that we can focus on the information that really matters to our customers. 

    Thank you for your time!

  • EngineerLive: Keeping Autonomous Vehicles on Track

    In this Engineer Live article, Jama Software VP of Product Development, Jeremy Johnson presents three steps to ensure autonomous vehicle development remains nimble and innovative.
  • NEW Ask Jama Webinar: Getting Data In and Out of Jama Connect

    In this webinar, Steve Rush, a Jama Connect expert, provides a detailed overview of Getting Data In and Out of Jama Connect. 
  • New Community Badges!

    We have been busy getting these new Community badges ready! An initiative set in motion due to the overwhelming amount of "helpers" and "collaborators" we have in our Jama Community. 

    We are ready to catch you at your best! See this article to get the details.
  • Welcome to the Community!

    Hello, we are glad you are here! Take a moment to introduce yourself by posting a picture and writing a Bio in your profile! Click on the arrow in the right hand upper corner and click into "My Profile".
  • Introducing the Jama User Research Program

    We want to have face-to-face conversations and hear direct feedback from our most valuable collaborators; our customers.
  • Data Exchange Version 3.0 Now Live

    This release adds the ability to import and export from any location in a project, improves interoperability with tools like IBM DOORS, enhances ease of use in core workflows and sees an order of magnitude improvements in application performance.
  • Product Spotlight On Review Center!

    We are excited to provide you new resources to help you navigate our updated Review Center!
  • Attention European Jama Software Customers!

    Please join us at our second-annual user conference, JamaCon Europe, taking place on December 5th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This one-day event will be packed with prominent guest speakers, hands-on workshops, user group discussions, and networking. Check out the agenda and register here.
  • Have questions about our REST API?

    Questions answered by Senior Product Manager, Jason Brown exclusively during our second YouTube Live Community Deep Dive! Sept 25th 7am PST.

    Click on the link below to comment and get your questions in early!
  • Recommendations for your Jama Instance From Our Professional Services!

    View in this document:
    1. What a “typical” usage profile of Jama Connect is.
    2. Performance matrix.
    3. Troubleshooting recommendations for performance risks.
  • First Look: Jama Connect Performance Whitepaper!

    Read the paper which inspired our live web event, here is the link to watch the recording: Community Deep Dive Webinar

    Click the link below to read the supplemental whitepaper!
  • Docker Doomsday Issue: How to Mitigate

    See post below to discover what we have done to mitigate this issue for Jama users.
  • Upcoming Atlassian Change!

    What does this mean for Jama Administrators? Check this blog link for more information:
  • Upcoming Atlassian Change!

    What does this mean for Jama Administrators? Check this blog link for more information: