• 9.8 Release - February 16

    Please be aware that we have updated the release date for 9.8 to February 16.  This change was made to accommodate additional regression and performance testing prior to release.  We do not anticipate this will have an effect on subsequent release dates.  

  • Important Considerations for Upgrading to Jama Connect 8.79.6, 9.0.4, and 9.6.2 Self-Hosted

    Please Pay Attention to the Important Considerations for Jama Connect 8.79.6, 9.0.4, and 9.6.2 Self-Hosted in the User Guide!

    Upgrading Jama Connect to 8.79.6, 9.0.4, or 9.6.x requires that you first update the Jama Connect KOTS platform. The updated KOTS platform optimizes how data is stored in Jama Connect and how KOTS resources communicate with one another.

    For recommendations and to learn more about the supported upgrade scenarios for these releases, please refer to the documentation on Upgrading to Jama Connect® v9.6 (KOTS).

  • Help Us Improve Jama Connect® -- Top Tasks Survey [CLOSED]

    In the spirit of continuous discovery, the Jama Software Product team is looking to get your feedback on which Jama Connect


    tasks are the most meaningful to you.

    This survey is open through November 30th, 2023 and responding involves a timespend of 5-10 minutes.

    Please feel free to share the link for the Top Tasks Survey with your colleagues that use Jama Connect -- we appreciate your insight and collaboration!

    Survey: Top Tasks Survey

  • Final Notice for Jama SAML End-of-Life (EOL)

    Updated on October 2, 2023

    Last April, Jama Software announced our partnership with Auth0 to provide seamless Enterprise integration with our Cloud customers' authentication and authorization management systems. Our partnership with Auth0 for authentication and authorization management systems has been a great success for our customers.

    Effective November 1, 2023 -- Jama Software will no longer support our internally developed Jama SAML service for authentication.  

    Jama Connect® SSO Impacts with the Continued Use of our Internal Developed Jama SAML Service Post October 30th, 2023

    To learn more about the Jama SAML EOL and what steps an organization should be taking to be prepared for the EOL, click HERE.

  • Jama Connect Interchange™ Patch Release 1.5.1 -- Deployed March 17 2023

    Earlier today, we deployed a patch release (1.5.1) to all Jama Connect Interchange (JCI) Cloud customers. This release includes the following resolved issues:

    • Authentication error with Jira Cloud API, which temporarily paused all sync activity (Jira Cloud integrations only)
    • Miscellaneous improvements to the Add Integration Wizard (for all integration types)

    To learn more, please read the related article HERE.  

  • A Reminder About Jama-Developed Custom Reports

    As a reminder, Jama Connect customers interested in developing or modifying their own custom reports can work with their Jama Software Consultant or Customer Success Manager (CSM) to request Velocity Custom Reports training! Our team strongly recommends taking our offered trainings to ensure our customers have the knowledge and tools needed for custom report development.

    To learn more, click HERE.

  • Jama Connect® 8.x Upgrade Checklist and Process Documentation Now Available

    In order to better support users upgrading their self-hosted instances of Jama Connect, the Jama Connect® 8.x Upgrade Checklist and Process is now available in the Jama Software Community! 

    This document, found HERE, serves as a resource in outlining all required incremental steps that an existing self-hosted customer should take in order to successfully upgrade. 

    Not a Jama Software Community member already? Create an account using your work email address HERE.

  • KOTS Installation FAQ Now Available

    In order to better support users undergoing KOTS installations, Jama Software Community members now have access to a curated FAQ resource. 

    Once logged into the Community, members can access the KOTS Installation FAQ HERE.

    Not a Jama Software Community member already? Create an account using your work email address HERE.

  • Planview Announces Strategic Acquisition of Tasktop, and What This Means for Support.

    On December 2nd, Planview is introducing you to a new platform to contact Planview Tasktop technical support. In the continuing effort to provide a world-class Customer Care experience, they will be transitioning Tasktop’s current support application and product news content to the Planview Customer Success Center.

    Contact Planview Customer Care here!

    Contact Information

    The migration to the new platform began at 5 PM CT on December 1st, and they anticipate the transition of existing tickets to be complete early the following week. You will be able to submit tickets on the new platform beginning December 2nd.

    You can access FAQs regarding the transition here:

    In addition, detailed instructions on how to use the new platform can be viewed in this documentation.
  • Jama Connect Advisor Features in Five Video

    Here's a short intro video for Jama Connect Advisor...

    Features in Five: Jama Connect Advisor - Jama Software

  • Jama Connect Cloud Advisor Production Release Available NOW

    I want to thank everyone who participated in, and provided feedback, on our initial Public Beta. This free, non-Jama Connect Cloud-integrated tool is still available at

    It's been renamed as Requirements Optimizer, powered by Jama Connect® Advisor™ Technology.

    Information about the production version, which is an add-on product for Jama Connect Cloud, is available via the URL below. This includes the features and capabilities, the data sheet and a Features in Five Video. Please provide your feedback on it!

    Thank You,
  • Announcement for Self-Hosted Customers ONLY: Microsoft Exchange Online EOL for IMAP Using Basic Auth

    Microsoft has announced EOL, for basic authentication in Exchange Online starting as early as October 1st, 2022.  

    If you use basic authentication on a Microsoft-hosted IMAP server, you must update the connection settings to use OAuth. You must also register a Microsoft AAD application with the appropriate permissions.

    For more information, see Authenticate an IMAP, POP, or SMTP connection using OAuth.

    Jama Connect supports the Client Credentials Flow using a client Secret. Other IMAP server providers or relays can also be used.

    In response to this change, Jama Software is releasing hotfixes for 8.66, 8.71, and 8.74 on October 5th, 2022. We will also address this change in the upcoming 8.79 self-hosted release targeted for early November 2022. 

    If you don’t implement the changes outlined here and apply this hotfix:

    • Replies to stream comments via email aren’t saved in Jama Connect.
    • Users aren’t notified if an error occurs.

    Outbound notification from Jama Connect utilizes SMTP and should continue to work as intended. Microsoft has communicated customers can either continue to use SMTP basic authorization or it can be re-enabled.

    Additional information from Microsoft on this change is included below:

    Jama Connect supports the Client Credentials Flow using a client Secret. Other IMAP server providers or relays can also be used. 

    Field content for the flow Jama Connect supports:

    User (email)

    {dedicated email that Microsoft AAD service principal has granted Exchange access to}


    {Microsoft AAD Application secret instead of user password}




    Folder must exist


    Error folder must exist


    SASL XOAuth2 must be enabled


    OAuth ClientID

    {Microsoft AAD application (client) ID}

    OAuth authority{Microsoft tenant ID}

    OAuth scopes


  • [SURVEY CLOSED] Help Us Improve Jama Connect -- "Relationship Rules" Survey

    In the spirit of continuous discovery, the Product team is looking to get your feedback on Improving Relationship Rules!

    This survey is open through September 7th, 2022 and responding involves a timespend of 5-10 minutes.

    Please feel free to share the link for the Jama Connect Relationship Rules Improvement Survey with your colleagues that use Jama Connect -- we appreciate your feedback and collaboration!

    Jama Connect Relationship Rules Improvement Survey
  • Introducing the Jama Connect Interchange™ (JCI) Community

    Jama Connect Interchange™ is a web framework that simplifies the process of linking data across multiple product development applications, including Excel, and helps Engineering organizations struggling to comply with live traceability requirements across siloed teams and tools. 
    To help you get the most out of this exciting  solution, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Jama Connect Interchange™ (JCI) Community! We created this area to be the hub for all things Jama Connect Interchange -- by joining this space, you'll have access to Jama Connect Interchange™ release notes and admin guides, additional resources, as well as staying up-to-date on feature announcements. 

    • To learn more about Jama Connect Interchange, please see its data sheet HERE
  • Announcing the NEW Jama Software Success Program!

    We are extremely excited to share with you the improvements and additional offerings we’ve been working on with our Customer Success Programs. With in-house industry experts, extensive consulting, training, and data-driven insights to measure and improve outcomes, the Jama Software Success Program enables you to accelerate development, improve product quality, reduce risk, and manage innovation in systems engineering.

    Our new program catalog offers more flexibility in how you work with your Customer Success team and breaks down what to expect from each of our new success programs, which have three primary offerings:
    - Essentials Success: A foundational self-guided success path with access to key resources, tutorials, and training to set customers on the road to success.

    - Guided Success: A guided success path with enhanced resource offerings including benchmark assessments, personalized training offerings, and technical services to help evaluate compliance and improve process and quality.

    - Strategic Success: A strategic success path which provides even more advanced offerings, premium-level support, and a close partnership in complex and ongoing enterprise deployments to drive continuous process improvement across multiple projects.

    To learn more about the new success programs, and to see sample offerings like monthly reporting of requirements quality, check out our Customer Success Program Catalog.

    If you have any questions or you’re ready to learn more, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to a Jama Software consultant – we’ll be more than happy to help!

  • [SURVEY CLOSED] Aerospace and Defense Virtual User Group Survey

    In the upcoming months, Jama Software will be hosting its 3rd Annual Virtual Users Group for Aerospace and Defense customers. In addition to presenting “What’s New in Jama Connect,” we will share Jama Software’s product roadmap and leave plenty of time for live questions.

    Please help us out as we prepare for this exclusive event, to ensure we’re focusing on themes that are the most meaningful to you, by answering a short survey (accessible HERE). 

    Note that this survey is intended to capture responses specifically from Jama Connect® users who are within the Aerospace and Defense spaces, and is open through May 6th, 2022.

    We appreciate both your feedback and support!

  • [SURVEY CLOSED] Jama Software’s Community Survey - We Want to Hear From You!

    Jama Software’s Community Survey - We Want to Hear From You!

    Jama Software's Community site is a valuable source of Product knowledge. This survey poses questions about your experience with the Jama Software's Community homepage, and is open from now until May 4th, 2022.

    If you're not a Jama Software Community member already, register for a Community membership to take a deeper dive into the Community, view Support discussions, and more! 

    We appreciate your support, and thank you for sharing your valuable insight. 
  • Introducing The Essential Guide to Requirements Management

    What is Requirements Management? 

    Requirements management is the process of gathering, analyzing, and validating the needs and wants for the given product or system being developed. Successful requirements management ensures that completed deliverables meet the expectations of key stakeholders.

    Requirements can be managed using documents; however, complex systems or products in highly regulated industries mitigate risk by using trusted requirements management tools.

    Visit The Essential Guide to Requirements Management to take a deep-dive into the following topics and more:  

    • Best practices for writing requirements  
    • Requirements gathering and management processes  
    • Evaluating requirements management tools and software 
    • The requirements validation and verification process 
    • Meeting regulatory compliance and industry standards 
    • Key product development terms and definitions 

  • Jama Connect® Downtimes for Infrastructure Upgrades

    This is an announcement to all Jama Connect® users that we are in the process of upgrading the infrastructure for some instances. This work will require a downtime of 3 hours, and we are spreading these downtimes across our customer base in separate day intervals between March 22nd and April 14th, 2022. 

    Learn more HERE
  • Tell Us About Your Usability Pain Points

    The Product Design team is looking for customers to identify pain points that affect your use of Jama Connect®. Meetings are one hour on Zoom for you and your Jama Connect users. Schedule a time that works for you and your team.

    What to expect

    During a scheduled meeting, our team will listen, watch, and further define the issues that slow you down, such as workflow or UI/UX issues. Discussing these issues will help us build a customer-focused list for our team to knock out with each upcoming release. We are committed to making your experience with Jama Connect more efficient!

    Note: this session is not intended as a road map presentation or to demo any upcoming features.

    Good design begins with open conversations

    If you don’t have time to discuss any usability issues now, no worries. We are always looking for customers to partner with us on future projects through research studies, customer interviews, and usability testing. We designed the Jama User Research Program to foster collaboration with our customers so that we can create user-centered solutions. Learn more and sign up today.

  • Upcoming Webinar -- What's New in Jama Connect®?

    Please join us on Thursday, February 3 at 5:00 p.m. CET / 08:00 a.m. PST for our webinar, What’s New in Jama Connect®?, where Jama Software product managers will discuss and demonstrate several of the most significant new features that can help you further enhance your product development processes.

    Areas featured will include:     
    • Review Center and Workflow 
    • Modeling Tool integrations for MBSE via Smartfacts 
    • Administration Tools 
    • Risk Management 
    • Introducing Categories for improved requirements allocation and variant management 

    Registration is now open at

    Please feel free to share this event with anyone in your network/organization that you feel would benefit from it, and we look forward to having you join us!


    If you missed this event, you can find the recording at

  • Statement regarding CVE-2021-44228 identified in Log4j

    CVE-2021-44228, a zero-day vulnerability identified in Log4j

    A remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to take control of an affected system. Log4j is an open-source, Java-based logging utility widely used by enterprise applications and Cloud services.

    Affected system and version
    Log4j versions 2.0-beta9 to 2.14.1.

    Jama Software’s Review
    After a thorough software and code review, Jama Software has been unable to identify any open-attack vectors or evidence of past exploit. Additionally, Jama Software has determined that the JDK versions in use both in Cloud and updated Self-Hosted instances are not affected by the LDAP attack vector. In these versions, the LDAP object trust is set to false, meaning JNDI cannot load remote code using LDAP.

    Jama Software’s security team has both implemented additional threat detection measures and are actively monitoring this issue, should further response be required.

    Jama Software customers on supported Self-Hosted versions and in the Cloud do not need to take any action. While Log4j is in use, the attack vector cannot be exploited because of our default configuration.

  • Welcome to the Jama Software Discovery Center

    Interested in learning more about how Jama Connect can help your organization achieve its goals? The Jama Connect Discovery Center lets you control your knowledge journey and get your questions answered, all at your own pace.

    We’ve put our most relevant and valuable content—from discovery to optimization—right at your fingertips!

    Access resources to discover, explore, launch and optimize Jama Connect, the leading solution for requirements, risk, and test management.

    Visit the link to learn more. 
  • Jama Connect 101 Training: A Deep Dive into the Platform

    Jama Software’s onboarding process is thorough and comprehensive, but because our platform is so powerful and customizable, ongoing training is key to continued success.

    We invite you to join us as Jama Software expert, Carleda Wade, leads an information-packed workshop for Jama Connect users. In addition to an overview of the platform and how to use it, this approximately two-hour session will also guide users through Jama Connects test management functionality, train users how to create test cases, test plans, and test cycles, as well as how to execute test runs and create defects.

    This in-depth workshop will also cover Jama Connect Review Center and outline the roles of the moderator and review participants while providing industry recommended best practices.

    Register now to get a complete overview of the Jama Connect platform, and walk away with knowledge of how to:

    • Leverage dashboards to display critical project information
    • Author high quality requirements and test cases
    • Collaborate within Jama Connect across multiple teams
    • Create and view traceability

    Carleda Wade

    Senior Consultant
    Jama Software

    There are several dates available for this webinar: 

    December 30, 2021
    January 27, 2022 
    February 24,  2022
    March 31, 2022
    April 28, 2022

    To register for your preferred date, navigate to the registration page. 

    This training is especially helpful for new customers, new users within existing teams, or those who need a refresher course.

    Feel free to forward the invite to other folks in your organization who will benefit from it!

  • 8.63 - Content Header Design

    As part of the Jama Connect 8.63.0 Cloud release, an update to the content header for components and items resulted in abnormal database behavior and sporadic performance issues. As soon as Jama Software Support identified the issue the new feature was turned off, which returned the content headers to their previous design (as seen in 8.62.0 and prior).

    No functionality or data has been lost. 8.63.1 Release to release the new header design has now been scheduled for Tuesday, August 3rd for North America and EMEA, and Wednesday, August 4th for Australia/APAC.
  • Jama Labs Invitation: Requirements Advisor Beta

    Hello, all members of the Jama User Community are Invited to use the new, Free (for a limited time) Jama Labs Requirements Advisor Beta. Just go to

    Why Use This Beta?
    • Improve the quality and usability of your requirements.
    • Save time authoring, reviewing, and updating requirement statements.
    • Continuously enhance team requirements authoring skills with regular use.
    • Deliver programs and projects on time and on budget with long-term success.
    Jama Labs looks forward to hearing about your experience using this Beta.

    Thanks for your attention! 

    Joseph Pitarresi
    Jama Labs Sr. Innovation Manager