• Important Change for JIRA Cloud Authentication: Switch to API token

    Learn all about this new change, click the link below:
  • Mapping made much easier with Data Exchange 2.0

    Now easier to get your data moving with a new UI to map data from your ReqIF file to match your data in Jama Connect.
  • Data Exchange for Jama Software 2.0 released today

    You can find a link to the download, updated user guide and release notes in our new Services Practices section! Don't know about the Data Exchange, please contact your account manager to learn more.
  • Community maintenance this weekend

    Higher Logic, our community platform provider, will be performing infrastructure maintenance on Saturday, July 14. There may be brief downtime during the maintenance window, which will begin at 11 a.m. ET and end at approximately 3 a.m. ET.
  • Where did Best Practices go?

    To make navigating the community easier, we've been making some changes this year. The most recent action we've taken is to rename the Best Practices community Knowledge Base, since the primary use of that section is for articles. We have shifted existing discussions into other sections.
  • Jama Software support Independence Day holiday hours

    Happy Holidays! Jama US-based Support will be observing the Independence Day holiday on July 4th. and our offices will be closed. Our EU-based operations will continue with normal business hours of 7a-4p GMT + 1. If you are an Enterprise customer and experience a critical issue while our offices are closed, please contact us through our on-call process.
  • Did you recently purchase Test Runner licenses?

    If you recently purchased Test Runner licenses, take a look at this quick guide to setting them up in Jama Connect.
  • Update to User Guide

    With the release of Jama Connect 8.25, we deployed a new and improved user guide. Note that any links provided by Support in the past will now redirect to the guide's main page, so you will need to search for the content. If you have trouble finding anything, let us know.
  • Memorial Day holiday availability

    Jama US-based Support will be observing the Memorial Day holiday on May 28th and our offices will be closed. Our EU-based operations will continue with normal business hours of 7a-4p GMT + 1. If you are an Enterprise customer and experience a critical issue while our offices are closed, please contact us through our on-call process.
  • Jama Connect 8.25 available for download

    Jama Connect 8.25 is now available in your Replicated admin console!
  • Jama Connect + Jama Analyze = Jama Product Development Platform

    We’re excited to announce several updates and enhancements to the Jama Product Development Platform.
  • EOL announcement for Jama 8.14.x

    As announced in February, 8.14.x no longer qualifies for full support. If you are using 8.14.x or older and need assistance, we will continue to support you at a best effort level.
  • NEW Attribute-Based Legacy ID Configuration

    Data Exchange latest release v1.4 is now available to download! This release allows users to select an attribute to act as a SPEC-OBJECT and/or SPECIFICATION legacy IDs instead of the default IDENTIFIER associated with each element type. Contact your Jama account manager to learn more. If you're all caught up, make sure to contact your account manager, who can assist you with obtaining an operator's license today!
  • New to Jama or bringing on new teams?

    Join Zeb and Kristina for the next customer webinar, Ask Jama: Best Practices for Implementing New Technologies, on Thursday, March 15. 

    Zeb will share tips for making sure that your rollout is smooth, ensure adoption and get value out of Jama or any new technology you implement. Following the presentation, join Kristina and Zeb for a lively Q&A. 
  • End of support for Jama 8.14.x

    As of March 31, 2018, we are reaching EOL for Jama 8.14.x. See Megan's post for more details.
  • Holiday Hours

    U.S.-based support will be closed on President's Day, February 19, from 7am Pacific - 11pm Pacific. Note that the community will not be moderated.

    European support will be available Standard hours.
  • NEW Data Exchange with Batch functionality!

    Data Exchange v1.3 is now available to download! This latest release allows users to execute batch imports of ReqIF content, as well as batch exports from Jama. Contact your Jama account manager to obtain your operators license today.
  • Jama Software joins forces with OpsHub

    Jama Software has a new partner for integrations.
  • New Year holiday support update

    Jama Support will be observing the global holiday on Monday, January 1. Enterprise business hours will resume as usual on Monday, January 1 at 10 p.m. PST for Enterprise customers, and Tuesday, January 2 at 7 a.m. for our Standard customers.
  • New REST API Labs

    We're excited to make available some new REST API endpoints for our customers to try out. See Steve's post for information about what's available and why we decided to create Labs!
  • Data Exchange is now Available!

    The latest version of the Data Exchange is now available to download! Contact your Jama account manager to obtain your operators license today.
  • Curious about the new features in Jama 8?

    It's been a while since Jess and Kristina have hosted an Ask Jama, but they're excited to get back to it and answer any questions you have about what was released in 2017.
  • Jama Support Thanksgiving holiday closure

    Jama Support will be observing the US holiday Thursday, November 23 - Friday, November 24. Our US offices will be closed in observance of Thanksgiving, but support for our European, Asian and Australian customers will be available during European business hours.
  • Jama 8.22 is now available!

    Jama Software is excited to announce the release of 8.22 to the Express channel and to our hosted environment. Check out the Release Notes or our "What's New" video to learn more!
  • Curious how Jama's HTML cleaner works?

    We have changed the HTML cleaner in Jama Software's rich text editor to ensure tight security. @Jess wrote an article describing what you can expect.
  • Jama Software 8.20.1 Release

    Jama Software is excited to announce the release of 8.20.1 to both the Standard and Express channels. Check out the Release Notes or our "What's New" video to learn more!
  • EOL for legacy TFS and Rally Connectors

    Effective 2017/09/08, the legacy TFS and Rally connectors are no longer supported. See the below link for more details.
  • A note about Replicated for on-premises customers

    We recently discovered a defect (SOS-DEF-2086) that prevents complete support bundles from being generated in Replicated 2.10.3. We recommend avoiding the affected versions, and instead using a previous version. Instructions can be found in the following article.
  • Jama US support observing Labor Day hours

    U.S.-based support will be closed on Labor Day, September 4th, from 7am Pacific - 11pm Pacific. Note that the community will not be moderated.

    European support will be available Standard hours.
  • Product Bulletin for late summer 2017

    Curious what Jama has in store for its upcoming release? Check out @Jess' Product Bulletin.
  • Webinar: Best Practices for Writing Requirements

    Want to improve your requirements writing process to unify your team and provide better visibility? Join Jama consultant Preston Mitchell on July 20 as he shares best practices in a webinar exclusively for Jama customers.
  • Changes to Atlassian Accounts may affect Jama/JIRA integrations

    If you use JIRA on the cloud, your integration may be affected.
  • New to the Release Notes & Announcements community?

    I have received feedback that our release details and announcements don't always get to users, so I have invited everyone to this community. Please update Settings to subscribe to daily or immediate notifications.
  • Jama 8.15.1 is now available

    Jama 8.15.1 is now available in Hosted & Express and 8.14.1 is now available in Standard (on-premises) channels.
  • How to make a feature request

    First, make sure to Join the Feature Requests community (to the left). Then, select Add next to Latest Discussion Posts below.
  • Jama 8.14 is now available through all channels!

    Jama 8.14 is now available in the Express and Standard (plus Airgap) channels.
  • Jama Support Holiday Hours

    U.S.-based support will be closed on President's Day, February 20, from 7am Pacific - 11pm Pacific. Note that the community will not be moderated.

    European support will be available Standard hours.
  • Change to Jama Integration Hub (powered by Tasktop) support

    Jama is shifting support of the Integration Hub to Tasktop.
  • Interested in contributing to Jama's future user experience?

    Our Product and UX teams are eager to work with some of our customers on future design.
  • End of full support for Jama 2015.5

    After January 31, 2017 Jama 2015.2-2015.5 will move out of full support and into best effort support. Since the launch of 2015.5 Jama has released significant upgrades and features, as well as bug fixes and an improved upgrade process. Additionally, on-premises customers now have an option to receive releases every four weeks. To see all of the details please review the release notes. For more information about upgrading to the new Jama on-premises please review the documentation on the community, or contact your account manager.
  • Jama 8.10.1 now available!

    Jama 8.10.1 is now available for download in the Standard and Express channels.
  • Jama 8.10 brings updates to REST API

    With 8.10 we have added version endpoints and updated the REST library.
  • Critical Defect - Filter Selection Defect, workaround and corrective action plan

    Issue number: SOS-DEF-1429 – When executing a bulk action for a set of >50 items in a list view generated using the “Filter Items” side panel, items not included in the filter are also impacted by the
    action.  Bulk actions are performed from the actions control button above and to the right of the list view, and include: Edit, Reuse, Delete, Batch Transition, Convert to, Subscribe, and Subscribe Others.


    Summary: On October 24th, 2016, Jama found and confirmed a Critical defect in our software. When executing a bulk action for a set of >50 items in a list view generated using the “Filter Items” side panel, items not included in the filter are also impacted by the action.  For example, when executing a bulk delete action for set of items in a list view generated using the “Filter Items” side panel, and selecting a subset of those items for deletion, items not selected in the filter will also be deleted.  This defect is present in all 8.x versions of Jama.


    Analysis: On October 25th, per our bug triage process, the Critical defect was taken to Scrum of Scrums for assignment and research per Jama’s bug triage process.  The defect was analyzed to assign appropriate resources and timeline for resolution.


    Resolution: We are implementing code changes to enforce expected application behavior – when a bulk action Delete is initiated from list view with “select all” applied, Jama will respect all filters applied by the facet filter panel.  We are prioritizing corrective action for the Delete function specifically, as we believe this potential condition represents the most significant impact for users.  We intend to address the remaining bulk action controls in future Jama releases.


    Timing for release of resolution:

    Users can expect to receive this Delete action fix with the release of Jama 8.10, per the following schedule:

    ·       Hosted: 11/18 - 11/19/2016

    ·       On-premises Express deployment: 11/30/2016

    ·       On-premises Standard deployment: 11/30/2016


    Known workaround:  Ahead of this fix to avoid the issue, users can filter items using the advanced filters and perform a bulk action using that filter.  Alternatively, users can select items specifically rather than use the “select all” option from the list view when performing a bulk action.


    Steps to Reproduce:

    1.     Open a set containing many items, folders, and text items in list view.  It must contain more than one screen of items.

    2.     Filter the list to only show one kind of item (folder, text, etc.) where the filter’s result takes more than one visible page.

    3.     Select all items from the filtered list.

    4.     Select Actions/Delete.



    All the set’s content is deleted.


    Expected Results:

    Only the filtered items should be deleted.

  • Changes coming to the Jama Software Community

    Hello Jama Community! I have some news to share about this site. We're going to switch community platforms this month. This is a positive for a few reasons: you will have a more full-featured text editor, the native ability to upload and share attachments, and ways to connect with other members. You will be able to subscribe to daily or weekly digests rather than all-or-nothing immediate notifications. Additionally, we're going to integrate our online training and success portal content into the community, so it will be a one-stop destination for all Jama learning needs.

    There will be a slight disruption, as you'll have to get used to the new way of navigating and complete a new profile. However, all of the content you have created will be loaded into the new community. You will be seeing invitations to sign up in a couple of weeks. Please let me know what you think of it; you an always send feedback to

    I'll update you with more information about the switch soon!
  • Jama on-premises 2015.2-2015.5 End Of Support January 2017

    Jama on-premises has been upgraded with the launch of Jama 8.x. After January 31, 2017 Jama 2015.2-2015.5 will move out of full support and into best effort support. Since the launch of 2015.5 Jama has released significant upgrades and features, as well as bug fixes and an improved upgrade process. Additionally, on-premises customers now have an option to receive releases every four weeks. To see all of the details please review the release notes.

    For more information about upgrading to the new Jama on-premises please review the documentation on the community, or contact your account manager.
  • Updates to Hosted REST Throttling - October 6th, 2016

    * Update - We have rolled back the settings as they appear to be a bit too aggressive in queue management. I will continue to update this post as needed. *

    Just wanted to provide a heads up that we are making adjustments to our hosted throttling settings starting today. (Oct 6th, 2016)

    Things will continue to work as described in below linked article, we are just looking to address reports of 503 responses vs. the expected 429. We will be monitoring this closely over the upcoming weeks and make further adjustments as necessary.
  • Supported software questions: what database and browsers does your organization use or plan to use?

    Hi Jamasters!

    We've been talking about our plans for supporting particular databases and browsers, and I'm hoping you can help me out here. If your organization uses Microsoft products primarily, could you weigh in? (With as much or as little detail as you can!)

    -Is your organization using Edge, or do you have plans to use Edge? (Given we don't yet support it.) If the latter, what's the timeline?

    -If you are an on-premises customer, is your organization using SQL server for your Jama database? If so, which version? Do you have plans to use SQL 2016?

    -And while I'm asking questions: does your organization use the Health Report feature? If so, do you access it via email, or by navigating directly the Jama's admin section? 

  • NoMagic?

    Hello!   We are very excited to announce a formal technical partnership with NoMagic, a model based systems engineering tool.   We are going to be presenting a formal press release next week and are looking for quotes from any existing Jama users out there who also currently use NoMagic.  If you are interested in sharing your feedback, please let me know and I will reach out to you privately.   Many thanks!
  • JIH 4.3.x End of Full Support Plan

    Hello Community!

    As many of you know, the Jama Integrations Hub (JIH) version 4.3 was released in September 2015 and 4.3.12 was released in December 2015. To align with Section 2 of our Maintenance and Support License Agreement, on October 11th, 2016, we will be ending full support for the JIH 4.3 and on December 11th, 2016 ending full support for the JIH 4.3.12, transitioning to limited or “best effort" support. To learn more about “best effort” support, check out our article entitled Full Support and Best Effort Support Defined. You can find the latest JIH version here. If you have questions about upgrading the JIH, log a ticket and we will be in touch soon.

    Thank you for your understanding and certainly let us know if you have any questions by replying to this post.
  • Labor Day holiday weekend hours for Jama Support

    U.S.-based support will be closed on Labor Day, September 5, from 7am Pacific - 11pm Pacific. Note that the community will not be moderated on or between Friday, September 2 and Monday, September 5.

    European support will be available Standard hours.
  • Unplanned maintenance for US customers on Jama Cloud complete

    Jama's US servers are currently undergoing unplanned maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience; there is no estimated time for the servers to be back up, but we are working on it right now. We will update this post when the maintenance has been completed.
  • Do you need airgap for on-premises installation of Jama?

    With the release of Jama 8.4 Standard, we're announcing a new airgap installation option for on-premises subscription customers. Jama's Standard Edition can now be installed on physically isolated networks. 

    For most customers, even those in high-security environments, we recommend using the regular, internet-based install. That installation has fewer opportunities for errors and is easier to troubleshoot.
    How do I know if I really need airgap?
    Most high security customers do not need to use airgap for all installations. One Jama customer is a large defense contractor, and they only plan to use airgap on some small, isolated Jama installations for specific projects; their main Jama installations do not require airgap.
    • If you are you running Jama in secured rooms that require you leave phones and laptops outside, or if you have a physically isolated network with no proxy servers, airgap is necessary.
    • If you need to put the Jama application on removable media like a USB stick in order to transfer it, you probably need airgap.
    • If you can transfer the Jama files over the network to do an install or upgrade, you may not need airgap.
    • If Jama end users can access Jama from laptops that also access the Internet, you may not need airgap.
    Regular Jama on-premises installations do not make use of an internet connection except when checking for Jama updates or downloading updates.  We've found that many customers are able to temporarily open an outbound internet connection through a proxy server, download a Jama update, and then immediately disable the internet connection. There is no inbound communication - Jama is never able to push data to your server, and we never collect data from you unless you explicitly choose to share it with us. You have full control over when your Jama instance installs updates.
    What does it take to install Jama via airgap?
    The process is quite similar, but there are about a dozen steps you'll need to add to the beginning. You'll need to download, transfer, and install the dependencies like Docker. You'll need to download the Docker containers for Jama, put them on removable media, and then transfer them to your isolated server. You will want to inspect our installation script to make sure you're comfortable running it.  Once you put all the files in the right places, the installation process should proceed the same as a regular Jama install. The process is not difficult, but because it's manual, it's a little more error-prone and so we only recommend you use airgap if you really need it.
    How do I run updates?
    When Jama announces an update, you'll be able to go to your personal download URL, download the update Docker containers, transfer them to removable media, and then move them to your isolated server. Once you've put them in the proper place, you will see an update available as an option in the Jama Admin Console, and you can run the update the same as with a regular Jama installation.
  • Webinar: Jama ISO 26262 Certification & Best Practices for Development

    It’s official: TÜV SÜD recently completed Jama’s ISO 26262 “Fit for Purpose” functional safety certification. So how does this news help you?

    If you design, build, or supply automotive electronics systems and components, knowing the backstory and best practices will help expedite development. Join us, July 28th at 10am Pacific to learn how teams creating products for safety-critical industries can lower the costs and risks of complying with functional safety standards.

    Reserve your seat here:

  • BIRT and Velocity reports now on GitHub!

    Jama's consulting team has been hard at work making BIRT and Velocity reports more accessible to our customers by adding them to our GitHub repo.
  • Jama 8.1/8.2 On-Premises release is now available for download!

    Hello there,

    We're happy to announce the latest version of Jama on-premises is now available for download. To request your updated license and download instructions visit

    For more information, check out the What's New Video and the Standard Release Notes

      You'll also want to review the updated deployment information on the customer portal.

      If you have any questions please reach out to your customer success manager or account manager. You can also post your questions in this thread.
    • Jama Support Memorial Day schedule changes

      Jama US-based Support will be observing the Memorial Day holiday on May 30th and our offices will be closed. Our EU-based operations will continue with normal business hours of 7a-4p GMT + 1. If you are an Enterprise customer and experience a critical issue while our offices are closed, please contact us through our on-call process.
    • Introducing Related Items in the Review Center

      Relationships are critical to working in Jama. They establish traceability, provide context around requirements, and they adapt to reflect the way any company builds a product. That’s why we are thrilled to be adding relationship information to the Jama Review Center in the latest hosted and Express on-premises releases (View Release Notes). Reviewers can now see the upstream and downstream related items for each item in a review. They can also click on each item to open a panel showing the item’s contents.

      The related item data, which includes both the relationship and the related item's content, is fixed to what existed when the review was created. Publishing a new revision will incorporate any relationship or item content changes that have been made since the review was created or last revised. Review moderators can decide whether to publish a new revision and update the review with the most recent information. However, at this time there are no prompts to indicate that a relationship has changed for an item in review. Related Items in a review do not have any impact on a reviewer’s approval status, votes, or comments. They are available as context, and don’t count as items requiring review. 

      Privacy for this feature matches the Review Center today. A review creator can only send items for review that are within his or her permission scope. Related items must also be within the review creator’s scope. If a related item is outside the scope, it will be included in the count of related items, but none of its information will be available to either the review creator or any reviewers (even if a reviewer might have permission to that item).

      You can use this feature with Jama 8.2.0 by creating a review and selecting “Include Related Items” in the right column. This will bring you to a new setup step where you can choose which related items you’d like reviewers to see. You can modify these settings when publishing a new revision, meaning you can add related items to existing reviews to try out the new functionality. Related items settings can't be changed when editing a review.

      Including related items in Review Center has been a frequent request from this community, so we’re happy to be releasing this first iteration. We’re continuing to add to this feature, and will be including it in the Jama Standard channel soon, so any feedback is very appreciated.

    • Automated Testing using the Jama REST API

      When our awesome community manager, Kristina, asks you to make a post-- you make a post!

      We've gotten a lot of questions recently about importing automated testing results and executing automated tests via the Jama REST API.  Kristina wants me to make sure that this article is easily findable on the community, and I'm excited to start a discussion about it.

      To help you get started there are links in the article to a GitHub repo that contains some example code.

      We'd love feedback so please let us know what you think.

    • Self-Service Reports Development on your Hosted Environment

      Jama’s on premises customers have long been able to develop their own custom reports, but until now hosted customers have been required to have a services engagement if they want to upload their own reports.

      However, if you are a hosted customer and want to develop your own custom reports, you can now develop your own. The following describes the process for creating your own local Jama installation for development and testing and the process required to have Jama upload the new report.

      Skills Required

      If you are considering designing reports in-house, we’ve compiled the following list of key skills needed to create reports:


      SQL (Structured Query Language): BIRT reports are based on SQL queries that pull data directly from the Jama database. The reports developer should have a solid understanding of Selects, Inner and Outer Joins and Sub-Select queries.

      Report/Development IDEs: BIRT is based on Eclipse so familiarity with an IDE (Interactive Design Environment) is very helpful. You will need to install, configure and work with the report designer.

      JavaScript: Fancy report manipulation, calculated fields and other functions use JavaScript within the BIRT report. A basic understanding of JavaScript functions and syntax will be important, especially for complex reports.


      HTML: Velocity reporting is a Java-based reporting engine thatuses HTML for displaying the data. A basic understanding of HTML table structure will be useful in order to properly display your data.

      Java: The reports developer does not need to know Java, but does need to have a familiarity with Java or another object oriented computer language. An ability to debug the code is essential for success in programming with Velocity.


      It is very important to develop on a Sandbox environment in order to maintain the integrity of your production data. If you have an Enterprise license, contact your Customer Success Manager to get a license for your own on-premises sandbox.

      Prepare your sandbox server for Jama (See instructions for 8.x and 2015.5). Once the installation is complete, apply the sandbox license to this instance of Jama. 

      Now you are ready to develop and test your Jama reports!


      For help getting started with BIRT, watch the training video at:

      For help getting started with Velocity, watch the training video at:

      These are old videos, but the basic instruction is still sound.

      Submitting the report to Jama

      Once you are satisfied with your report and would like to have it uploaded to your hosted instance, you should email the following to

      • the report file
      • a .doc containing a screenshot of the report setup page and your Jama URL
      Jama will look over the report to make sure there are no security issues, and will then upload the report to your hosted instance. If we find security issues, we will notify you of our concerns and wait for you to fix them before we re-check and upload the report. Note: JavaScript is not allowed in any custom reports.

      A few things to remember

      It does take time for the security review, so please allow a few days for the report to be checked and uploaded. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner, but cannot promise immediate action.

      We will not check to make sure your report works once we upload it. If it doesn’t work, we will work with you to determine why in case it is a setup error. However, you are responsible for the development and testing of your custom report.
    • Jama hosted release successfully deployed April 16, 2016

      This past weekend we deployed a new release to our hosted servers, 8.0. There isn't any new functionality, but this release does herald a return to a major/minor versioning scheme. There were also eleven defect fixes, which you can see in the release notes here.
    • New upgrade available on the 8.0 Beta channel

      Hi everyone, thanks again for taking part in our beta program for the 8.0 on-premises release.

      We have published an update to the beta channel. If you have already done the initial install you should now be able to try an upgrade. If you haven't done the initial install, you now have access to the latest build.

      Check the install guide for more info on how to upgrade.

      Note: This build is still beta, so please don't deploy to a production environment. 
    • Birthdays are best when shared. Help us celebrate the Support Community's first birthday.

      One year ago we launched the Jama Support Community to provide a more interactive and valuable forum experience for our customers. While we put in some work posting new documentation and announcements, it is the users who made it work. Thank you for sharing your best practices, your API code snippets and your brilliant workarounds.

      We love a reason to celebrate, so in honor of this milestone, we're holding a contest. Entering is easy and the winner will receive a one-hour conference call with Jeremy Myrland, a member of our product team and myself. The hour is yours to be used as you choose - ask questions, get pointers and tips from the perspective of the product team. The call will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and you are welcome to ask up to 3 of your colleagues to join you.

    • Jama Hosted (SaaS) Release - coming March 19, 2016.

      We're excited to announce the launch of the  latest release of Jama coming this Saturday, March 19, 2016.  Here is a look at some of the new capabilities that you can expect:

      @Mention users on Homepage

      Users now have access to a link on the Homepage that filters the Comment Stream down to comment that they participated in. 


      Permanent enablement of Enhanced Image Security

      Due to some improvements in our reporting tools, the option to turn off Enhanced Image security has been disabled. All images will be embedded in exported documents, no longer requiring separate authentication. Customers who have requested EIS be turned off in the past will experience minimal effects.  You can learn more HERE.


      Supported Software Changes

      Dropped support for Internet Explorer 10. To see the current list of supported browsers please CLICK HERE. 
    • Jama On-Premises 8.0 Beta Program – open for participation

      Interested in a sneak peek at Jama On-Premises 8.0 and our new deployment model?

      As we move forward with our new delivery and deployment model, we are announcing an initial beta release to enable customers to get an early look, provide feedback, and try the migration process. The beta program will allow you to have direct access to the development team and provide feedback that helps us support your environments. 

      Requirements for participation:
      • The beta release is not meant for production use, but rather for a test environment.
      • Customer will sign a beta agreement.
      • Must be using MySQL or MS-SQL today.
      • Must have an available Linux server that meets our system requirements.  You may not need as many resources as you have in production, but you'll want to have the minimum (4 cores, 12GB RAM).  Note that if you have a very large dataset you may get slow performance with a system like this, but that may be ok for testing purposes.
      • Supported Linux versions: Ubuntu
        Server 14.04LTS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1, CentOS 7+ . Please note your machine must support docker-engine (1.6+) which requires a 64-bit distribution with a kernel minimum of 3.10. Supported OS may change for production.
      • Must have internet access on your Linux server (or be able to use a proxy to connect to the internet). We do intend to offer an option to install the production version without network access, but that will come later.
      • Must not use the beta for production use.  It's generally good quality, but we will be making changes quickly in response to customer feedback.
      • Participant feedback and support will take place through a community forum only open to participants. Standard Jama support channels are not available for this program.
      1. Contact your Customer Success Manager to discuss and sign up for this program, or comment on this article. 
      2. Jama will send an email with the beta agreement, installation instructions and an invitation to a private section of the Community. 
      3. After installation, we would request you post your feedback to the Community.
      4. Engineering team will respond to Community posts within 1 business day.
      5. Jama will send a final survey with additional feedback request. 
      Interested in a sneak peek at Jama On-Premises 8.0 and our new deployment model?

      What can customers expect?
      This will be a good-quality release, based the builds we are deploying to our hosted (cloud) environment.   However, we haven't tested every permutation of every migration scenario and every operating system/database combination.  If you do have issues with the installation process, engineers on our core engineering team will work with you to understand and resolve your issues. During the beta program, we may use this infrastructure to make new releases available to you to download and install that will address and fix any issues found by customers.  

      We are constantly learning more about the different ways customers install and use our software, and the goal of this program is to make sure that we are taking your unique needs into account.
    • Change to Enhanced Image Security in 2016

      Jama’s 2016/03/19 hosted release includes the permanent enablement of Enhanced Image Security. Previously customers could elect to turn it off, but due to some enhancements in our reporting tools, the option is no longer needed. This change is available in on-premises Jama 8.0.2+.

      So what changed? 

      • We will begin embedding images in BIRT and Velocity reports. Previously the images required external calls to get image references, so users had to authenticate online. With Enhanced Image Security on, users who were not signed into Jama or who did not have a Jama login saw Red Xs instead of images. This means some customers opted to turn the security off.
      • Accessing attachments via direct URL will require authentication. The biggest impact for this will be users of the JIH, who will need to be authenticated to view embedded images synced over from Jama to JIRA.

      How will that affect users? 

      • Any user who downloads or receives a report will see all images since they are directly embedded. If you are an organization that had turned off image security in the past, you will now see broken images in previously-generated reports. This means you will need to regenerate the report. Additionally, users will need to take an extra step if they generate a Velocity report (including the built-in All Items report) and attempt to upload the report to Jama as an attachment. The report will first need to be saved as a Word document before being uploaded. 
      • Any user who accesses an attachment or image via direct URL will need to be logged in. Embedded images synced over to JIRA via the JIH will not be visible to JIRA users not authenticated in Jama. To work around this, images will need to be added to items as attachments and attachment syncing will need to be enabled.
    • Connecting Jama to your Automated Testing Tool

      Jama is used for managing requirements and the manual test cases that validate and verify those requirements. However, many teams that work in Jama also validate and verify their requirements through automated testing via a separate Automation Test Tool (ATT).

      If you want to demonstrate traceability from your requirements to both manual and automated testing results in Jama, you can leverage our API to bring automated test results into Jama. Learn about two sample approaches on the Customer Portal.

      Read the article >>

    • Jama Hosted (SaaS) Release coming Saturday, February 20, 2016!

      We are excited to announce the latest hosted (SaaS) release of Jama is launching this weekend.  Updates include:

      • Search on home page

      Search all of Jama from your home page. Just like the search bar at the project-level project, search on the home page allows users to quickly find all the content they seek. All existing search functionality, including Boolean operators (AND, OR & NOT) and the ability to search specific fields, is available from this feature.

      • New REST resource to manage org/project group membership
    • Presidents' Day holiday closure

      Jama Support is observing the US holiday on Monday, February 15. Our US offices is closed in observance of Presidents' Day, but support for our European, Asian and Australian customers will be available during European business hours.

      Business will resume as usual on Tuesday, February 16th at 7am PST for our US customers.