• What's new in Jama: May 23, 2015 hosted (SaaS) release

    Hi everyone, we're excited to announce the latest release of Jama. See below for all of the new features to help you deliver great products.

    Release Date: May 23, 2015

    New Capabilities

    Relationship count for calculated fields & multi select picklist
    Calculated fields has added functionality. You can use relationship counts (number of upstream and/or downstream relationships) as a factor in a calculation, allowing you to "weight" priority based on the number of upstream or downstream relationships. This is very helpful when looking at priority based on related customers to a request.
    We've also added values used on multi-select pick lists to our calculation methods. This will make setting up calculations even easier and more robust.

    More compliant password resets
    SOC compliance, this should help teams with security audits, etc. This requires the user to enter their existing password before changing their password.

    Contextual URL's
    Add bookmarks/links to places I want to save. FIXES BACK BUTTON!
    The contextual URL's will apply to specific views:
    *Explorer (Component, Set, Folder)
    *Stream and Reviews already have URL's
    (Don't forget to clear your browser cache so that the new routing works)

    Updated Home Page (for recently viewed contextual URLS)
    The home page today shows recently viewed projects but most users consistently navigate further into the project once there. This adds significant extra steps to the users daily work lives. With the new contextual URL's we are now aware of the most recent places (Components, Sets, Folders, Filters, etc) and can use this to provide users those recently viewed places directly on the home page. Now users will be able to link directly to the view.

    Facet Updates (quick filters)
    (new) Project Facet: We have added a Project facet. Now when you search cross project the facet view will include projects as a filterable criteria.
    (enhanced) Author now includes both created by and last modified by. (We are working on getting ALL modified by but that will be in a later release)

    BIRT Reporting Update (version 4.4.2)
    *Improved UI & Performance enhancements
    *Supports export to .xlsx and .docx
    *Better filter and aggregate calculations
    *Better Excel reports, including being able to export charts and graphs to Excel, including donut charts

    Updated Single Item View
    The single item view has been enhanced with more intuitive interactions, improvements to the editing flow, and a modern look. Users can quickly edit items by double clicking anywhere on the item content, without locating the edit button or opening a separate window. While in edit mode, users can update calculated field inputs and see the results updated in real time. This is especially useful if users have calculations such as Weighted Shortest Job First on an item, and wish to see the updated output values with different inputs. The tags, links, and attachments functionality has been moved from behind tabs and into the main item body. This valuable data is now easily scannable and editable in one spot at the bottom of every item. Together these updates streamline the process of adding and editing data in Jama.

    Search service updates
    Jama has moved to using Elasticsearch in a service that runs external to the Jama application.

    This update plays a key role in our ongoing work to improve scaling through clustering and load-balancing and availability by decreasing the maintenance windows required for updating the application.

    Search Projects
    We've added search to the Change Project form. No more scrolling through your complex project list - as you type, the available projects will be scaled down.