• Ask Jama: Rolling Reviews Wrap-Up; Answers to Your Questions and a Link to the Recording

    Thank you to everyone who attended our recent Ask Jama About Rolling Reviews session. You can now watch a recording of the webinar below. I’ve also shared answers to some of the biggest and most commonly-asked questions. As always, please let me know if you
    have follow-up questions.

    Watch a larger format version of the recording here:

    Can You Clarify the Differences Between a Rolling and a Gated Review?

    A rolling review is an iterative review that continues throughout the life-cycle of your product and can be conducted on a cycle or cadence. A rolling review is opened once and republished as items are approved and filter out, and new items are added. A gated review is a review of an entire section or component or full document and produces a baseline and sign-off of those items, typically done at a product milestone or release. A rolling review would be done on a continual basis and lead up to a gated review.

    Is There a Way to Set Up Project Workflows So That, When All Items in a Review Are Approved, It Will Automatically Transition to Another Workflow State?

    The two types of workflow in Jama (Project and Review Center Workflows) are incompatible. Review Center Workflow has the benefit of automatically changing a status once the review is “finalized.” However, this workflow feature is not as flexible or configurable as project workflow. You can select items on the Stats page of the review and use Batch Transition Workflow to manually transition approved items to another state. It’s not automatic, but at least it can be done from within Review Center.

    How Can We Include Relationships Within a Review So That Reviewers Can See How Items Relate to Other Items?

    Including relationships in review is not a feature Jama currently offers, but we’re working on it.

    With Archive, What Limitations Are There On Reviews That Have Been Archived?

    None. The reviews cease to be displayed on the Reviews page, so that page loads a little quicker. Users can change their view to Include Archived Reviews. They then have the same level of accessibility to the reviews as they did prior to the archival.

    Baselines - How Does It Help Manage a Project? Does Archiving a Review Lose the Baseline from the Project?

    Using baselines to manage a project is worthy of an Ask Jama session in itself! Do you have any questions about baselines specific to Reviews? Archiving will not remove the baseline from the project.

    Using Custom Templates for Word Document Export; Example Walk-Throughs Would Be Very Helpful. Attaching Mockups and Illustrations in Functional Spec and Designating Them as Visible or Hidden in Document Export.

    I recommend checking out the Ask Jama
    session “Getting Information In and Out of Jama”. If you have any remaining questions, feel free to create a new thread on the

    Can You Tell Me More About Baselines?

    Baselines are created with every revision of the review. When an item’s status is changed to Approved and it is removed from the review, then the item will not show up in the next review baseline. What particular concern do you have with rolling reviews and baselines? The behavior isn’t any different.

    How Do Rolling Reviews Impact Performance?

    Rolling reviews should not impact performance negatively. You may have more reviews open at a time, but they will contain fewer items.