Adding a user via LDAP

By Gustavo posted 06-03-2015 07:43

How to add the user

Please check the user guide section on LDAP if you have any question on how to configure it.

If your LDAP is properly configured all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Users > Add User from LDAP. (Note that if you don't see this button, LDAP is not properly configured.)

  2. Now search for the user you want to add. You can use the first name of the user, username, and email in the search.

  3. When you find your user, select Add and fill in the create user dialog.

    Please note that if you didn't configure an admin user the first time you configured the LDAP authentication, you will need to add it in the Users tab of the System Administration view.

If you have any issues while searching for your users and you are sure that they were properly added to your directory, you should make sure that your LDAP authentication in JAMA is correct. There are five fields that are necessary for the LDAP authentication. Those fields are UserID, mail, full name, given name and surname. You can check if the fields are correct in the provider advanced configuration.



09-07-2016 17:22

Hi Kyoko, the application is not able to assign a user to a specific LDAP server. My advice as workaround would be to create differentiation based on which server they are syncing from and match that with Jama.

08-30-2016 23:29

I have a question for this functionality (I am using 2015.1 on premise).

 I have 2 LDAPs defined in the system.  Some users have accounts on both LDAP.  I added an user via one LDAP, but when the user logs in to Jama, the account is authenticated by the other LDAP.

Is this a known issue?