PDF user guides for on-premises versions of Jama

By Kristina posted 08-11-2015 21:03


Current PDF guides

8.10 Express and Airgap (Standard)
8.8 Express
8.7 Express
8.6 Express
8.4.1 Airgap (Standard)

Unsupported version guides
Jama's Supported Software list details the required browsers, servers, and OSs required for the most recent on-premises versions of Jama. If you are using an earlier version of Jama, see the "Installation" section in the User Guide for the supported software appropriate for that version.
2015.1 User Guide (installation section also applies to 2015.2-2015.5)



08-11-2016 19:42

Nick, it sounds like we have already updated the help guide branch to reflect 8.6 work, so we cannot cut an 8.4 guide sans airgap information, so I recommend using that one.

In the future we'll be sure to post a PDF of the Standard channel guides.

08-11-2016 17:40

Hi Nick,

I have heard of little demand for any of the current PDF help guides, so we have not been making them available. The way I saw it was help.jamasoftware.com contains all the installation information. We can certainly compile one, though. I'll get back to you on that.

08-11-2016 15:36

Is there an 8.4 pdf non airgap version yet that we could download?

07-31-2016 17:55

Hi Iris,

I found it. Thanks.

Cheers - Geert

07-29-2016 13:57

Hello Geert,

You can find an Airgap version of our 8.4 user guide here. This has the same content as the 8.4 user, but also includes our installation instructions for Airgap which can be ignored.


07-29-2016 13:02

Hi Geert,

We currently don't have an 8.4 user guide available in PDF form. I will look into making this available for you.


07-28-2016 23:42

Hi Kristina,

Is there a PDF for the 2016 User guide (Jama 8.4)?

Cheers - Geert