Review Center FAQ

By Knowledge Base posted 12-17-2018 17:04


Q: How Do I Keep Every Reply from Sending an Email Into My Inbox?

A: By default, when a user makes a comment on an item in a review, they are automatically subscribed to follow the item. This can be turned off in their profile menu under the Review Center tab. To keep from getting the notification emails, users can select the arrow next to the item's title and unfollow the items in the review, or change their preferences in their My Profile section, to not automatically be subscribed when they participate in a review. Users can also follow and unfollow all items in a review under the Actions menu. More information on how comments work in a review can be found in this article.

Q: How Do I Add/Delete Items from a Review?
A: You can go back to the home project of the set, filter, or release you sent to review to add and delete items. When the changes are made, you will see a pencil and paper icon indicating the Review Center has noticed a difference. When you publish a new revision, the changes will be reflected.

Q: What Time Increment Is the 'Time Spent' Measured In?
A: It shows hours: minutes.

Q: How Do I Add Moderators to a Review?
A: Depending on your role, there are criterion that needs to be met in order for this option to show in the Tools menu. If you meet those requirements, just select Update Moderators and choose your additional moderators. For additional information, you can consult this article on the Community.

Q: Why Does the Pie Chart On the Stats Page Show Different Information Than What I See Below It?
A: The pie chart defaults to show how users responded after finishing the review, whereas the information below that shows how they responded on the items themselves. For more information on the stats page, you can consult this article

Q: How Do I Filter Comments for a Single Revision?
A: As of now, there is no way to filter comments down to a single revision. There are, however, ideas being discussed on the Community if you would like to vote or provide feedback.

Q: How Can I Show Only Approved/Rejected Items?
A: There are prebuilt filters on the left column that will give you several options to filter the items in the review. 

Q: How Are Items Ordered in a Review?
A: They are organized by the Heading field. To check this field, you can select it from the Cog menu in List View of the Project section.  

Q: Can a Deleted Review Be Recovered?
A: A deleted review cannot be recovered. If this is an issue, we suggest archiving reviews rather than deleting them.

Q: How Do I Add Fields to a Review?
A: This will require Organizational Admin permissions. Navigate to Admin > Item Types > [item you wish to change] > Configure View > Review Center Reading View or Review Center Single Item View. You can then move field names to the Visible column. This topic is covered in more detail in this article on the Community

Q: Can I Send Mixed Items Into a Review?
A: You can send a Component, Filter, Release, or Baseline with many types to review. If items are added or deleted to the Component, Filter, Release, or Baseline, the review will change as well.

Q: What Does the Error Message "A Baseline or Review Created With This Criteria Would Be Empty" Mean? 
A: This error occurs when the user has read-only access to the items being sent to review. When a review is created, so is a baseline. Since the user does not create/edit permissions on the items being baselined, a review cannot be created.