Release notes 3.6.3 and prior

By Kristina posted 01-28-2015 19:27


3.6.3  Released May 9th, 2013

Bugs fixed:

    TT-RB-742: Contour becomes unresponsive after viewing the license page and changing the snapshot view period several times, or after switching to the 90 day license view. 

3.6.2  Released March 13, 2013
New Features:

    Test Management: Improvements to the Test Management capabilities in Contour helps QA Managers and Engineers manage what to test, confirm completed tests, as well as receive realtime visibility into product quality.
    Application Security: In Contour 3.6.2, organizations have even more control around how they want to protect sensitive data.

    Sync and Reuse: Enhancements to the sync and reuse functionality helps teams accelerate development efforts.
    Support for Java 7
    Support for Tomcat 7

Features added by request:

    JC-RQST-2501: Open item by searching for its ID (document key). Prior to 3.6.2 you could open a search grid with a single entry
    JC-RQST-699: Color is a big indicator of status messages. Dashboards that don’t match picklist values can be confusing for users. Dashboard colors now match picklist colors.
    JC-RQST-2297: A link to the item user in any ‘Item of Type’ field has been created so users can easily navigate back between two different items.
    JC-RQST-729: All Word and Excel exports can now include the location of the item where the report was run from as a general field.
    JC-RQST-301 & JC-RQST-302: Test step and versions tables have been added to the Word Template Export, similar to the relationships and synchronized items tables.
    JC-RQST-2448: Added “insert step after” action in Step field.
    JC-RQST-2500: Clicking on the “Downstream X’s” node in the tree when viewing relationships in the tree  will open a grid with those downstream items.
    JC-RQST-2510: Live searching in the “Add Tag to Item” window.
    JC-RQST-445: Users now have a ‘Save’ & ‘New’ button on the item edit/create window.
    JC-RQST-520: The administrator can now define templates for rich text fields on item types.
    JC-RQST-159: A widget has been added, allowing users to open the last item they used, without having to use the Explorer tree.
    JC-RQST-766: The administrator can now set the default session timeout
    JC-RQST-2504: When items are exported to Excel, any field with a pick list will be filled with valid options. This feature is especially useful for roundtrip reports.
    JC-RQST-2505: Contour now displays the system log from Contour Administration’s logging tab.
    Request-25, Request-26, and Request-27: When a session is about to expire, Contour now warns the user and gives them a chance to refresh their session. If the session does time out, they are prompted to log in again, and will be taken to the window in which they were working before their session timed out.
    Request-ISS-190: Contour now supports Apache Tomcat 7.
    Request-19, Request-21, Request-22, and Request-23: Administrators may now require password strength based on minimum length and special characters.

Bugs fixed:

    JC-BUG-6223: A user interface change was made to give the proper target container ID.
    JC-BUG-5980: There was a locking issue when both executing a report and loading a report. Reports processing has now been broken out into its own process.
    JC-BUG-4376: Large rich text field contents failed to run through patching. The patch was modified to better handle large rich text fields.
    JC-BUG-6224: Cache issues were causing the item to remain in the diff view. Changes were made to ensure cache validation.
    JC-BUG-5616: Review Center did not support multi-select fields with null values in the reading view. The user interface has been changed to handle multi-select fields
    JC-BUG-6214: Images were not being properly removed from the Contour home / temp folder after Word document import. In 3.6.2, the images in the temp folder are now removed. This in not retroactive. Users may want to clean up their temp folder.
    JC-REQUEST-16: Updates all inactive items from the database. This helps to improve speed across all databases.

Note: Version 3.6.1 was an internal-only release. All fixes and features were rolled into version 3.6.2, the release notes cover both versions.

3.6.0  Released December 12th, 2012
New Features:

    Enterprise Reuse
    Comparison Views
    Selective Synchronization
    Global ID
    Reuse Options
    Reuse Rules
    Multi-Item Compare
    Comparison Views
    Synchronized Items Widget
    Enhanced Activity Stream
    New Baseline Reports
    Home View Additions
    Cache Statistics (root login)
    Word Template Report Enhancements: Synchronized items tags for office templates.
    Filter Permission Enhancement: Org admins can now modify or delete any public filter.

Migration Notes:

Item synchronization no longer leverage the ‘Synchronized with’ relationship to link synchronized items together. Due to this change there is no longer a master slave relationship between synchronized items. This relationship has been replaced with a Global ID. All items that share a single Global ID are synchronized.

As a result of the migration to the Global ID it should be noted that existing reports, filters, and traceability functionality (such as coverage explorer), which utilize relationships to gather synchronization information, will need to be adjusted to incorporate the Global ID instead. The Global is available for searching, in filters, and can be reported on.
Bugs fixed:

    JC-BUG-5440: Large Contour data sets typically utilizing the Oracle database are experiencing issues during item synchronization in some cases.
    JC-BUG-5712: The fields for ‘Created Date’, ‘Created By’, ‘Modified Date’, and ‘Modified By’ can be set by the end-user via importing. Now they can no longer be set during import.
    JC-BUG-1: Filters – Only authors of filters were able to modify or remove their filters. This is an issue for groups where users leave, aren’t available or for when project templates are created with a default set of filters. In the last case the user that created the filter might not even have permissions to access the project. In Contour 3.6, organization administrators now have the permissions to edit and delete all filters.
    JC-BUG-3266: Item synchronization – ‘Text’ items cannot be synchronized although Contour appears to the end user to support the functionality. This is resolved with the re-implementation of ‘Reuse and Synchronization’ in Contour 3.6. Text items can now be reused and synchronized. (Related bug: JCBUG-5466).
    JC-BUG-4412: Reuse – Importing an item may lead to empty field values. Reusing and synchronizing these items results in the empty fields having default values for the empty fields set which causes the new item to be out of sync upon creation.
    JC-BUG-4974: Diagramming – Adding certain shapes in the diagramming utility will throw an error: ‘java.lang.illegalargumentexception: dash lengths all zero’.
    JC-BUG-5325: Install – The windows evaluation is no longer available but the option to install it is still present. In Contour 3.6, the page in Contour configuration that required selection of the install type has been removed.
    JC-BUG-5561: New user notifications sending variable names instead of the user’s actual name. Following is a sample email where a variable name is provided instead of the user’s information. Note that the issue occurs for all cases where the notification template utilizes ‘receiver’ instead of ‘user’ in the variable name.
        Hello ${receiver,firstName},
        Welcome to Jama Contour Review Center. An account has just been created for you.
        Organization: ${}
        Your username: ${receiver,userName}
        To get started, login using this link...
    JC-BUG-4935: Project configuration – workflow picklist selection does not differentiate between item types. In Contour 3.6, an item type selection is now provided for workflow overrides in project configuration.
    JC-BUG-5510: List view – Users cannot inline edit release fields where a ‘Folder’ is the first item located directly underneath a ‘Set’ and both are displayed within the list view.
    JC-BUG-5893: Reuse – Workflow locks are not copied during item reuse. For example, if a user has a requirement that has been marked as ‘Approved’, is locked according to workflow, and then is reused; the workflow lock does not get copied to the new item.
    JC-BUG-5820: Converting a ‘Text’ item into a ‘Set’ does not change the isPermissionNode flag causing an error regarding a hierarchy constraint violation. Steps:

    Create a ‘Text’ item. 
    Convert the item to a ‘Set’ (of any type).
    Add an item into the ‘Set’.

    JC-BUG-5530: Subscription – Inline edit notifications do not populate subscribed users (project subscriptions) in the comment box.
    JC-BUG-5710: Synchronization – Users with read-only privileges do not see the ‘Sync Items’ option under the ‘Project’ dropdown. In Contour 3.6, users with read-only privileges will now see a greyed out option for ‘Sync Items’.
    JC-BUG-4976: Reuse – Reusing an item from filter or search results does not auto-select the item to be reused in the window.
    JC-BUG-4745: Synchronization – When synchronizing a downstream item into the parent the view does not refresh to indicate synchronization. Steps:
    Synchronize 2 items.
    Make change in the child item.
    From the parent project use the sync dialog.
    Select the item and opt to pull changes into the original (parent).
    Note that the dialog does not refresh.
    Click off item in explorer then back on item.
    Note that the dialog indicates synchronization properly.
    JC-BUG-5251: Reuse – Reusing an attachment item results in an error.
    JC-BUG-5478: Deletion – Recovering a deleted attachment does not update the attachment versions. Steps:
    Delete an attachement.
    Restore the attachment.
    Open the attachment item and check the Versions widget.
    Result: The latst version indicates the attachment item was deleted i.e. a new version of the attachment item was not created like other items do.
    JC-BUG-5481: LDAP – The ‘Default User Group for Self-registered User’ option displays a number instead of a user group. In Contour 3.6, deletion of a group will now update the LDAP self-registration group to be empty. 
    Note that a notification of this change is not available.
    JC-BUG-5660: Test Management – ‘NullPointerException’ error occurs while making a comment on defects, which were traversed to from a test run. Steps:
    Open a test plan and browse to and select a test run.
    In the test run widgets, select the test case tab and select a defect ID.
    Add a comment to the defect.
    JC-BUG-5698: Notifications – Review Center answered question notification is missing user information and formatting.
    JC-BUG-5307: List view – The ‘Legacy Key’ field sorts using ASCII and not lexicographically.
    JC-BUG-5391: User onboarding – The new user welcome window (appears during first login) does not appear for users that have been added and then edited and included in a group.
    JC-BUG-5427: User profile – Users are unable to unlock container items: ‘Folder’, ‘Set’, and ‘Component’.
    JC-BUG-5448: Batch update – Batch update of a ‘Set’ offers unmodifiable ‘Set Key’ field for update.
    JC-BUG-6058: Baselines –The ‘Replace Current Items with Baseline’ action confirmation message contains typos.
    JC-BUG-6146: Exports –Title typo in the ‘Word Template Reference Guide’ has been fixed.
    JC-BUG-5180: Activity stream –The activity message includes a null version reference when changing a change request starting version or adding a note.
    JC-BUG-5170: Adding and then removing the core fields (system fields) ‘Created Date’, ‘Modified Date’, ‘Created By’, or ‘Modified By’ results in the field value being cleared.
    JC-BUG-5232: Item of type field – setting a value in an item of type field followed by saving and then saving and closing results in an exception: this.el.dom is undefined. Steps:
    Edit an item with the item of type field.
    Set a value in the item of type field.
    Click ‘Save’.
    Click ‘Save and Close’.
    JC-PATCH-8: SMTP connections that timeout cause notifications to wait indefinitely.

3.5.2  Released August 30th, 2012
New Features:

    Compare Utility Improvements - highlighting and comparison more effective in Version Compare window.

Bugs fixed:

    JC-BUG-5260: Rally Connector: Upstream and downstream items being synced to Rally do not maintain their nested hierarchy when created in Rally.
    JC-BUG-5219: Velocity Reports:

tags and styles do not work for Velocity reports when exporting to Word.
    JC-BUG-3212:Compare Items Details option is not working correctly against rich text fields.
    JC-BUG-5045: Review Center: When looking at the Stats portion of the Review Center, the votes do not tabulate in the “Item Progress” section.
    JC-BUG-2521: Images resize on export to Microsoft Word.
    JC-BUG-5122: In-app “supported browsers” display does not match documentation.
    JC-BUG-5133: Locking: Cannot lock/unlock folders or sets.
    JC-BUG-5177: Workflow: Set up does not work on IE9 since the scroll bar does not work.
    JC-BUG-5237: Crowd: Automatic synchronization fails to recover deactivated Contour user that is active in Crowd.
    JC-BUG-4999: Review Center: Comment boxes highlight red and will not save comments even if there is content populated within the comment box
    ***JC-BUG-4999 has been reopened.
    JC-BUG-5271:Review Center: Highlighting text within a rich text box can sometimes cause a long running or infinite loop in the script and lock up the browser each time the review is accessed.

3.5.1  Released July 26th, 2012
New Features:

    Rally Connector: Enable item-level project override

Bugs fixed:

    JC-BUG-5022: Database patches are not applied when server cannot access external DTD files defined in XML scripts
    JC-BUG-4394: Rally Connector: Loading mapped projects is slow
    JC-BUG-3361: Rally Connector: Prefix disappears when items downstream to not have a prefix
    JC-BUG-4733: JIRA Connector: Contour freezes when getting the following warning: "A Type Mapping of this Item Type and Location already exists"
    JC-BUG-5085: JIRA Connector: For long-running JIRA syncs, item updates can be reverted to the values in the prior version of the item

3.5.0  Released June 2nd, 2012
New Features:

    Custom workflow
    Test steps import through Excel
    Test steps export through Excel
    Restore deleted items
    Admin permission for deleted items
    In-app maintenance announcements (hosted only)


    Relationships modified in API

Bugs fixed:

    JC-BUG-2170: Reports: Users without project management permissions can see "upload template" button - removed
    JC-BUG-2435: Review Center: Compare versions shows all fields, not the fields configured to be shown
    JC-BUG-2641: Review Center: E-mail body is forgotten when clicking back on the "Create a review" wizard
    JC-BUG-2654: Hosted: Images not displaying in some exports
    JC-BUG-2688: Notifications: E-mail comment limit is 200 characters
    JC-BUG-3122: Notifications: Comment notifications do not work on subscribed users
    JC-BUG-3284: Notifications: Duplicate e-mail sent for 2 different items edited in a filter
    JC-BUG-3286: JIRA Connector: Syncing custom "Contour User" fields causes LazyInitializationException
    JC-BUG-3296: EA Connector: EA9 application crashes after project is sychronized
    JC-BUG-3303: Diagrams: The default color cannot be selected after it has been changed
    JC-BUG-3305: Diagrams: Font and font size changes are reset
    JC-BUG-3306: Diagrams: Cannot apply a color that was selected elsewhere
    JC-BUG-3354: Filters: Field specific searches in filters is also searching on other fields
    JC-BUG-4391: Diagrams: IE9 crashes while editing text
    JC-BUG-4409: Office Templates: Exporting to office template - Author name defaults to Dylan
    JC-BUG-4411: Test Management: Imported test cases can't be added to a test group, throw errors
    JC-BUG-4467: Indexing: Removing a flag field from an item type causes error while indexing
    JC-BUG-4503: Review Center: Filter counter returns incorrect results
    JC-BUG-4541: Test Management: Exporting the test results do not include the test group they belong to
    JC-BUG-4552: Attachments: Double-byte characters for foreign languages do not show up in filename
    JC-BUG-4572: License Usage: History of licenses only uses the current license, not past licenses
    JC-BUG-4582: Item Type Config: Fields are out of order and have duplicate ids, fields cannot be moved
    JC-BUG-4586: Diagrams: Changing the direction of a horizontal line to vertial line still shows a horizontal when it is saved
    JC-BUG-4587: Diagrams: Cannot select the same line color twice
    JC-BUG-4662: Excel Export: Items being duplicated on the excel export for over 500 items
    JC-BUG-4691: Diagrams: Running in compatibility mode in IE with internet option to open pop up in new tab creates double diagrams
    JC-BUG-4764: User sessions: Using "Remember Me" causes multiple sessions to be created which use up floating licenses
    JC-BUG-4795: User sessions: Opening Contour in more than one tab causes login issues
    JC-BUG-3345: Coverage Explorer: Cannot show the same item being related more than once.

3.4.2  Released March 10th, 2012
New features:

    Rally connector - Contour to Rally support

Bugs fixed:

    CONT34X-BUG-3: Rally prefix cleared when item type mapping edited
    CONT34X-BUG-4: Rally project list truncated in dropdown menu
    CONT34X-BUG-5: Rally: Get an incomplete list of projects from Rally
    CONT34X-BUG-6: Rally: Iteration field is not mappable
    CONT34X-BUG-10: Lose subscriptions on set when you delete an item within the set
    CONT34X-BUG-12: LDAP: Advanced view does not save settings
    CONT34X-BUG-13: LDAP: Losing full name mapping after upgrading to 3.4
    CONT34X-BUG-14: LDAP: Cannot search for full name, only e-mail
    CONT34X-BUG-57: MaxClauseCount runtime error prevents updates to items or filters from working
    CONT34X-BUG-20: Office templates: Inner templates are shown on the report when no data exists for a field
    CONT34X-BUG-60: JIRA Connector: Getting “store.getById is undefined” error popup when trying to edit field mappings

3.4.1  Released February 15th, 2012
Bugs fixed:

    CONT34X-BUG-1: Notifications: Comments are applied to the wrong item
    CONT34X-BUG-2: Floating collaborator and reviewer logins are leaking DB connections

3.4.0  Released February 7th, 2012 
New features:

    Diagramming tool added to rich text editor
    Review center enhancements:
        Delegate approval
        Update moderators
        Review center administrator tools added
    User session monitoring
    Rally connector - Rally to Contour support
    LDAP/AD connection wizard


    Java JDK 1.6 required
    MySQL 5.5 supported
    Default session timeout changed to 2 hours from 8 hours

Bugs fixed:

    JC-BUG-1757: Review Center: when marked as “reviewed” votes are cleared
    JC-BUG-2186: JIRA Connector: Cannot update status field to Closed in Contour when JIRA status is Closed
    JC-BUG-2251: Review Center: Slow to load list of reviews under My Reviews
    JC-BUG-2431: JIRA Connector: Can’t sync one Contour project to multiple JIRA projects
    JC-BUG-2434: Project deletion fails when baselines are created underneath the project level
    JC-BUG-2438: Project deletion times out when deleting a project for longer than 8 hours
    JC-BUG-2525: Checking “Enable LDAP” and selecting “No” on prompt still leaves option checked
    JC-BUG-2627: Users cannot login while copying project is in progress
    JC-BUG-2644: Review Center: “Dismiss” button changed to “Close”
    JC-BUG-2645: Multi-select field can duplicate the same value
    JC-BUG-2657: Organization Admin: Deleting a pick list option twice locks out users
    JC-BUG-2646: Large projects take unusually long on the duplicate project process
    JC-BUG-2672: JIRA Connector: Using the “Do not synchronize items from Contour to JIRA” option will not create new items in Contour from JIRA
    JC-BUG-2682: Batch update for custom flag fields does not update
    JC-BUG-2744: Versions: when using “make current”, the item is no longer indexed
    JC-BUG-2748: Reuse: Using duplicate and sync between 2 projects causes the data to not export
    JC-BUG-2749: Edit (Locked) icon hover message always says “Locked by undefined”
    JC-BUG-2788: Saving pick list more than once causes field to be blank
    JC-BUG-2790: Pick list colors do not export to Excel on custom pick list field
    JC-BUG-2809: JIRA Connector: When “Minutes between synchronization” is longer than JIRA session timeout, automatic syncs do not work
    JC-BUG-2810: Cannot baseline or review a filter for test runs
    JC-BUG-2816: Related Item search does not always return same results found by main search
    JC-BUG-2832: Administration: Review Center settings are inaccessible when a referenced field is deleted
    JC-BUG-2835: Contour On-Demand throws error screen while logging in
    JC-BUG-2959: Project Configuration: Index button does not lock out when pressed
    JC-BUG-3157: Adding multiple reviewers to a review breaks

3.3.2  Released December 22nd, 2011
Bugs fixed:

    JC-BUG-2705: Test Case Status column does not populate
    JC-BUG-2706: Test steps do not show in Review Center
    JC-BUG-2713: Test Run list view does not show Steps.
    JC-BUG-2715: Sync from EA connector to Contour does not set values in mapped fields
    JC-BUG-2718: JIRA connector mappings do not appear in some cases
    JC-BUG-2839: When deleting an attachment from project configuration, error is thrown.
    JC-BUG-2795: Importing a round-trip report to update fields will wipe out pick list fields if they are not mapped.

3.3.1 Released November 21st, 2011
Bugs fixed:

    JC-BUG-2428: Duplicate Notification Issue
    JC-BUG-2529: Review Center includes reply to as user
    JC-BUG-2535: Read-only users can’t run BIRT reports
    JC-BUG-2537: Dashboards – chart widget on drill-down options for filters show “&rarr”
    JC-BUG-2548: User groups – number of users does not always refresh with updated count
    JC-BUG-2551: Notifications – Forgot password shows multiple tokens for a single account
    JC-BUG-2564: Coverage explorer – cannot use if user does not have admin or manager permissions
    JC-BUG-2565: Activity stream – comments duplicated to other items in stream
    JC-BUG-2591: Releases – date validation text uses programming format
    JC-BUG-2624: Review center – clicking ‘edit mode’ throws ‘this.fromDoc is null’
    JC-BUG-2628: Fail to duplicate component
    JC-BUG-2637: Import error - “id to load is required for loading”
    JC-BUG-2650: Review center – closing edit window leaves the edited item locked
    JC-BUG-2653: Marshaling exception when selecting items

3.3.0  Released October 13th, 2011
New features:

    Subscribe others to items
    Link to other items in the rich text editor
    Onboard users
    Enhanced image security
    Add users from Review Center
    Reset password e-mail from login page
    Manually modify test duration
    Clean-up reference URLs from the root user
    See recently deleted items in the activity stream
    Deactivate non-LDAP or AD users when LDAP is enabled
    New options and tags for custom office templates

Bugs fixed:

    JC-BUG-1390: User’s session reports show a user is still logged in for multiple occasions
    JC-BUG-1753: Importing Excel file and setting a folder color does not create folders.
    JC-BUG-2233: Test Case status roll-up after Test Cycle deletion
    JC-BUG-2163: Test Case gets new version each time a Test Run is created or executed.
    JC-BUG-1755: Item with same document key created twice for the same “Create Item” action.
    JC-BUG-1988: Review Center comment email is giving the wrong attribution of who created the email.
    JC-BUG-2000: Exporting to Word in list view does not include document key.
    JC-BUG-2113: Roundtrip import deletes legacyKey.
    JC-BUG-2148: Import reduces image resolutions.
    JC-BUG-2174: Uploading file for attachments or inline images uses the browser’s URL instead of the Base URL.
    JC-BUG-1986: When creating a review, due date in Preview email step is not getting updated when Due Date is changed.

3.1.4  Released September 8th, 2011
Bugs fixed:

    JC-BUG-1846: Activity Stream: Showing items that users don’t have permission to.
    JC-BUG-1976: Test Management: Adding Test Cases to a group from search gives error.
    JC-BUG-2033: Comments: The link controls in the comment edit popup are broken.
    JC-BUG-2039: Round-trip report does not work with custom pick lists.
    JC-BUG-2046: Filter: Altering filter to be public and specify “Current Project” makes it disappear
    JC-BUG-2128: Web Services: createBaselineFromFilter not working with existing filters.
    JC-BUG-2155: Review Center: creating highlight comments in a region with a span tag causes long-running script error for all users in the review.
    JC-BUG-1851: Tags: Removing tag from item does not report on counter until re-index
    JC-BUG-1860: EA Connector for EA 9.x does not work properly.
    JC-BUG-1861: Change Request: “Inside Change Request” missing from items
    JC-BUG-1862: Project Configuration: “Add Permissions” for group does not show
    JC-BUG-1883: Pick List: duplication of order IDs when moving items around
    JC-BUG-1968: Locking test runs does not prevent other users from editing or executing the item.
    JC-BUG-2003: Re-allow multi-select in the Relate panel
    JC-BUG-2011: Test Management: Populate test group from a filter doesn’t work
    JC-BUG-2181: Tags: In the Tags widget, added tags that never appeared in the popup
    JC-BUG-2179: Coverage Explorer: Configure coverage explorer to display fields for JIRA-synced downstream items gives error popup
    JC-BUG-2185: EA9 is duplicating items on import/sync from Contour.
    JC-BUG-2200: Import: Can’t import csv or xml excel files
    JC-BUG-1975: Test Management: drag & drop of Test Cases with sub-items only adds the top level
    JC-BUG-2126: Item Types Administration: Can add but can’t remove the “documenttype” predefined field.
    JC-BUG-2184: Review Center: Comment totals when finishing a review don’t add up.
    JC-BUG-2180: Review Center: Go to “Filters” tab in the Create Review wizard & get error.
    JC-BUG-2137: Release Configuration: Filtering on relationships in release tree ignored.
    JC-BUG-2183: Organization Administration: The configuration window of an item type only allows the width to adjust in one direction

3.1.3  Released July 6th, 2011
Bugs fixed:

    JC-BUG-1902: Can’t add groups to notify when Crowd is enabled.
    JC-BUG-1903: NullPointerException when adding filters.
    JC-BUG-1943: “HTML Editor not found” popup when Edit Item window is opened.
    JC-BUG-1958: Filters receive query parse error when creating relationship sub-filters that match over 2,000 items.

3.1.2  Released June 20th, 2011
Bugs fixed:

    JCONT-5616: Filter displays error when sorting by a non-core field.
    JCONT-5787: Modifying a user in the root administrator gives errors.
    JCONT-5779: Cross project filters and charts are slow.
    JCONT-5694: When crow