Release Notes

By Kristina posted 01-30-2015 18:37


Here are links to different versions of Jama release notes. Note that in 2014 we began a continuous delivery process, in which the cadence of hosted (SaaS) updates became more frequent than the availability of on-premises downloads.

Jama Connect

Jama Connect Hosted 8.25+ release notes

Jama Connect Hosted and Express Channel 8.0-8.24.x release notes

Jama Connect On-premises Standard Channel and Airgap 8.x release notes

On-premises 4.0-2015.5 release notes

On-premises 3.6.3 and prior release notes

Hosted 2013-2015 release notes

Jama Analyze

Jama Analyze release notes 


For releases of Tasktop and Jama Integration Hub after 2018/02/01, please log in to Tasktop Support.

Tasktop Integration Hub (TIH) Release Notes

Jama Integration Hub (JIH) Release Notes