Release Notes

By Kristina posted 01-30-2015 15:37

In April 2018 it was announced that the Jama platform was renamed to Jama Connect. Below are links to different versions of Jama Connect release notes. Note that in 2014 we began a continuous delivery process, in which the cadence of cloud (SaaS) updates became more frequent than the availability of Self-Hosted downloads.

Jama Connect

Jama Connect Cloud Release Notes (from 8.49 to most recent)

Jama Connect Standard (Self-Hosted) Channel and Airgap 8.x Release Notes

Data Exchange

Jama Data Exchange Release Notes

Release Schedule

Release Schedule For Jama Connect


Jama Hosted (and Express Channel) Release Notes 8.0-8.48

On-premises 4.0-2015.5 release notes

On-premises 3.6.3 and prior release notes

Hosted 2013-2015 release notes

Integration Partners

Contact partners directly for current release notes.

Tasktop Integration Hub (TIH) Release Notes

Jama Integration Hub (JIH) Release Notes

OpsHub (OIM) Release Notes (customer-only; requires login)

Jama Analyze Release Notes (EOL 6/14/2019)

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