How Review Center Comments Work

By Matthew Godfrey posted 11-25-2015 21:40


Comments provide a way for participants to collaborate on a Review. A Reviewer can comment on the overall Review, Items within a Review and text within an Item.   

Commenting On the Overall Review  
Select Feedback, add a comment on the Review and select Submit Feedback to complete.

This will generate an email notification to those users invited as reviewers, however, moderators will not receive notification.

Commenting on Items Within a Review 
Select Review and navigate to the Item under Review you would like to comment on, select the Give Feedback icon, add a comment and select Submit Feedback.

Commenting on Text Within an Item in Review  
Navigate to the Item under Review, highlight text and add feedback within the Add Highlight box. Select Submit Feedback to complete. 

Comments are categorized in four ways in order to help the Moderator and participants understand the type of feedback provided:  CommentQuestionProposed Change, and Issue. Details of the four different types of feedback and how to respond to them can be found in this article

Reviewers and Approvers can reply to or agree with any Comment within a Review. Moderators have those same options, with the addition of acknowledging Comments, accepting or rejecting Proposed Changes, answering Questions and resolving Issues. Only the author of a Comment can edit or delete Comments made within a Review. Moderators cannot edit or delete other participant Comments

*Although Moderators cannot edit or delete other participant comments, they will incorrectly see a Delete option. However, the system will prohibit deletions taking place. This is a defect (SOS-BUG-932) and has been logged in our system.   

Comment Email Notification
When a Comment is made on a Review, the Moderator will be notified via email, provided they have followed the items in the review. The email notification contains the details of the Comment along with a link to the Review or Item where the Comment was made. When a Comment receives a response, the author of the Comment will also receive an email notification as they are automatically set as following the Item where the comment was made. If a Reviewer is removed from a Review or they choose to unfollow the Review, they will no longer receive email notifications of replies to their comments within the Review.

By default, participants are not set to follow Items. They can choose to follow all Items within the Review or a specific Item within the Review. 

To follow all Items within a Review, select Actions > Follow all items on this page.

To follow a specific Item within a Review, select the Item drop-down menu and then select Follow Item.

NOTE: Review Center notification behavior can be managed globally via your user profile.


Comment From a Previous Revision With the Calendar Icon in the Bottom-Right Corner 
Comments will be associated with the Review for the duration of the Review. When a new revision is published, Comments from previous revisions will be denoted with a calendar icon. 

Feedback View 
The Feedback view provides Moderators and Participants visibility of all Comments made within the Review, detailing the type of Comment and where the Comment was made. Moderators and Participants can also respond to Comments here. Through the use of pre-defined filters, Moderators and Participants can filter for Comment type or the associated action of the Comment. You can also search for keywords using the Search function. Custom filters are not available in Review Center.

Final Comments 
Lastly, when a Review is completed, participants can add Final comments. They will appear as overall Review Comments.

We also have an article about how accepting feedback works.