Search for Items Within Jama

By Carmen Santos posted 06-16-2016 19:18


Jama Software offers a robust search feature that allows both regular and power users to find items across projects.

Search Basics
When you log into Jama Software, the search field is located in the top-right section of Jama Software.

All out-of-the-box fields such as Name and Description are indexed, allowing users to search by their content. Custom fields can be searched if they are Rich Text boxes or text fields.

By default, the Project scope is selected -- this means that, when you perform the search, Jama Software will return results for items within your current project only. You may expand the scope of the search to all projects within the organization by selecting “All” from the drop-down.

Note: Jama Software will return only items you have permission to see. Even if you select “All,” you will not get all the results in each project if your permissions are limited to a few projects or sets within a project.

Sometimes, when you search, you get too many results and will want to narrow the scope of those results. To do this, select Filter Items to add additional search facets. 

Depending on your version of Jama Software, you will see different facets available to filter. Each option in criteria will show a count in parentheses of how many items have that value.

Note: The filters described on this page cannot be saved. If you would like to reuse a specific filter, use the Advanced Filters. You can also create a new filter through the Advanced Search option.

Advanced Searching
Advanced searching within the Search Bar and legacy integration connectors will require a more in-depth understanding of how the search engine works. Jama Software 8.0 improvements have made it possible to get even more relevant results; you can also look into the Help Guide for more information on the supported search logic. 

The main areas where users will interact with search are filters, the search bar, legacy integration connector filters, and the API call, getItemsFromTextSearch().

Filters are a powerful, user-friendly tool that can be saved and accessed later on. In most cases, you will want to use a filter as opposed to the search bar, especially if the same data will be accessed frequently. Filters offer a UI with drop-down components that frees users from manually entering search logic. Certain rules, such as Keywords, within a filter, do allow for search syntax.