The Agile, Customer-focused Organization: How to Evolve (WEBINAR)

By Preston posted 04-22-2016 09:51

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many of you in this community and something I frequently hear from clients across many industries is that they would like their teams and organization to work better together. Sometimes this challenge can be daunting – organizational change is no small thing – but you’ve got to start somewhere.  

Next week I’ll be facilitating a webinar in partnership with Forrester that will discuss just how to do that. The Agile, Customer-focused Organization: How to Evolve will feature analyst Kurt Bittner discussing best practices around transforming to a lean organization. Kurt will cover ideation process, teaming structures, and skill alignment. He’s got some great ideas and perspectives that challenge the status quo of how organizations traditionally operate. I’ll follow up Kurt’s presentation with a client story about how one team was able to rethink their architecture and make changes to become a leaner organization.
I hope you can join us to learn how you can help your team become more customer focused and deliver better products faster. Register here:


04-29-2016 16:24

Hi George, we are working on getting the recording up now. I'll be sure to post it here when it is available. If you registered for the webinar you'll receive the link to teh recording automatically in a follow-up email. 

04-29-2016 15:32

Hey Geo—I'm checking in with Marketing to see if the recording is posted somewhere.

04-29-2016 12:04

I'm sorry I missed the presentation. Will it be posted to the Community?